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Chapter 580 Dennis In Trouble

"...mother and father are waiting."

"Coming!" Dennis's shout echoed in the castle.

"How long does it even take for him to get ready?" Duke Reynolds Dracula, a middle-aged man in a black suit, said.

d.u.c.h.ess Fiora Dracula, turning to look at her husband, said calmly, "How would I know?"

Duke Reynolds shook his head and said with a smile, "He's definitely your son. He inherited the traits of getting late to events from you."

d.u.c.h.ess Fiora, hearing that, flashed a smile and said with a vein popping on her head, "Duke Reynolds, what did you say?" 

Duke Reynolds, not noticing his wife's expression, said while taking out a cigar from his pocket, "like mother like son is—"



d.u.c.h.ess Fiora kicked her husband in the back and sent him flying away.

Both the husband and wife were Emperor Ranks and it wasn't a surprise for the Duke to get beaten up like this by his wife.

d.u.c.h.ess Fiora, not in a good mood, said, "What does he even think of me!? And also, what's taking Dennis so long?"

d.u.c.h.ess Fiora wasn't in a good mood. After kicking her husband away, she flew to Dennis's room and wanted to see for herself what was taking so long.

Standing in front of Dennis's room, Fiora heard some strange noises.

"Dumb cow! Wear this or I'll make a steak out of you!" 


"Stop running!" 

"Moomph! Moomph!" 

"What is going on…" Fiora was genuinely confused hearing all of that.

She didn't want to invade her son's privacy by getting into his room but the strange noises kept getting louder and this only made Fiora wonder what was going on.

Not being able to contain her curiosity, she opened Dennis's door and…

"Dennis!?" Fiora was surprised.



Dennis was currently on the ground, above whom was his cow companion Mu Mu, trying to strangle Dennis with a piece of cloth.

"Dennis, what is happening!? And you Mu Mu, what are you doing to him?" Fiora exclaimed.

"Moo…" Mu Mu looked at Fiora, then at Dennis, then back at Fiora, and then at Dennis, and repeated this for quite a few times as he was confused and wondered how to explain this situation to Fiora.

Dennis, noticing what Mu Mu was doing, couldn't help but shout, "Stupid cow, get off me first! And why are you so confused? Can you even speak to explain yourself?"

"Mooh." The cow was. .h.i.t with enlightenment that it was an animal and couldn't speak to explain himself.

Fiora, knitting her brows and looking at the two, said with annoyance, "You two, get up quickly and explain yourself or I'll swat both your b.u.t.ts at this very instant.

"Hiiiii!" Dennis and Mu Mu both felt a chill as they heard that.

They immediately dropped whatever they were doing and stood beside each other and bowed their heads as they were guilty of being mischievous.

They knew that Fiora would very well do as she had said as this wasn't the first time she had given such a threat and acted on it.

Mu Mu and Dennis were together at all times in the academy and even after graduating from the academy. Their strength too wasn't too far off and they shared a close bond together.

Fiora was well versed with this and she considered Mu Mu to be Dennis's beast companion. She was also really tired of the mischief they caused day and night in the castle and it wasn't a surprise that they got their a.s.s whooped by her.

Fiora, looking at the two, could tell that they were definitely doing something stupid. But what it was, she didn't know.

"Dennis, care to explain?" She asked.

"Umm… well…" Dennis had a cold sweat on his back.

"Mu Mu, you, do you care to explain as well what you were trying to achieve by strangling Dennis?" 


"Moo…" Mu Mu lowered his head in shame and didn't say anything.

Looking at both of them not answer, Fiora said, "If I don't get an explanation on the count of five, be prepared to go to the banquet with a swollen b.u.t.t. I am sure Cecilia would be very happy to see you in such a state." 

"Mom, wait! I'll explain!" Dennis knew this wasn't a threat but a gentle warning from his mother.

If Cecilia got to know Dennis had a swollen b.u.t.t, she would definitely try to hit as many times as she could in the banquet.

"So what happened is…" Dennis began with his explanation.

As Fiora heard the explanation, her lips twitched as she realized how stupid the things the two were doing were.

Basically, Dennis was trying to put a suit on Mu Mu and Mu Mu didn't like it and eventually, the two had a brawl and when Fiora entered the room, Mu Mu was on the winning side of it by strangling Dennis with the red tie of the suit that Dennis had bought.

Fiora didn't know what to do with these two. She rubbed her temples and said, "Forget it. Get ready quickly, we are getting late."

"Okay…" Dennis said and Mu Mu nodded as well.

Looking at Mu Mu nod, Fiora said with an apologetic smile, "I am sorry Mu Mu, but you can't come today." 

"What, why?"


The two couldn't help but ask.

Fiora looked at Dennis and said, "think about it Dennis, what will Mu Mu do there? There won't be anyone he can hang out with and will be left alone. Instead of that happening, he could laze around in the castle and eat as many treats as he wants."

"Oh." It made sense to Dennis.

Fiora couldn't say that Mu Mu was a cow and cows weren't allowed in the banquet. Because firstly, there weren't any such restrictions present and secondly, she knew Dennis wouldn't stop insisting on bringing him along if she said something like that.

Dennis felt what his mother had said was correct and looking at Mu Mu, he said, "Stupid cow, I'll definitely make you wear that suit later. Just you wait."

"Moomph!" The cow harrumphed. It wasn't afraid of Dennis.

"Okay, okay, stop you two. Get ready in five minutes, Dennis. I am waiting in the courtyard. If you are late, then be prepared for the consequences." Fiora left after saying so.

Dennis felt a chill again and immediately stopped bickering with Mu Mu. He went to change and Mu Mu went to the garden of the castle to munch on some fine gra.s.s.



In the Castle of the Sin of l.u.s.t.



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