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Chapter 1474: Heartbroken

As he looked at the torrential waters, Yu the Great’s gaze turned cold. He said, “For your own selfishness, you did not hesitate to gather the rivers and lakes within thousands of miles to create another great flood. Are you trying to leave the entire world underwater?”

“Shut up!” Gonggong exclaimed, seemingly agitated. He continued, “You still have not abandoned that false righteousness of yours. Once I kill you, of course I will make all the waters return!”

Yu the Great coldly remarked, “Who knows how many innocent beings will lose their lives that way?”

Zu An also nodded. This Gonggong really was a cla.s.sic villain! He willfully slaughtered the innocent. On the contrary, Yu the Great’s att.i.tude could truly convince the

Gonggong laughed sinisterly, retorting, “Innocent beings? If you want what is best for the people, you should just let me kill you quickly. That way, the common people will be saved sooner.”

Yu the Great was speechless.

“What, are you not willing to?” Gonggong harrumphed. “In the end, compared to your own life, what does the world matter? Those are nothing more than pretenses to appeal to the will of the people. Ultimately, we are not so different. It is just that I do not feel like putting on an act.”

Zu An was speechless. This guy’s logic was so well-thought-out that he didn’t even know how to argue against it.

Yun Jianyue nodded, suddenly feeling as if Gonggong understood her. In all her years of fighting against Yan Xuehen, that was how she had felt. The other woman had always claimed the moral high ground and the entire world thought of her as a G.o.ddess, while she had become known as a witch.

Yu the Great looked coldly at Gonggong and remarked, “So after being sealed for all this time, the only thing you know how to do is talk big?” It was clear that he wasn’t affected by Gonggong’s taunts at all.

Gonggong spat furiously, “As expected of a hypocrite through and through. I will kill you today!”

As if sensing his anger, the floodwaters around him surged. Soon afterward, however, the water level descended rapidly.

Yu Yanluo couldn’t help but marvel, asking, “Did Yu the Great use some kind of magic ability to disperse the waters?”

“I cannot tell. However, I can feel a world-destroying pressure,” Yan Xuehen said, shaking her head.

Yun Jianyue expressed her agreement. She had also sensed that Gonggong was preparing for his ultimate move.

As the water level had quickly retreated, the water bubble created by Blue Mallard couldn't be maintained. As such, Zu An boarded the Wind Fire Wheels and took the three women to a distant mountain peak.

However, he didn’t have the time to enjoy the amazing feeling of being surrounded by ladies. Instead, he quickly said, “The water is withdrawing quickly. I suspect there might be a monstrous tsunami coming.”

He had the Blue Mallard ability, so he was relatively close to the water element. Previously, he had keenly sensed that the water had all begun gathering in one direction. He had suddenly recalled his experiences in the Weak Water as a result.

Sure enough, as soon as he spoke, a white line appeared on the horizon. However, all those present were extremely strong. They quickly saw that it wasn’t a white line, but clearly a giant wave. As it got closer and closer, it grew taller and taller, as if it would even reach the heavens. Zu An felt that even the huge wave in the movie Interstellar seemed like nothing in comparison.

Zu An and the others sensed its terrifying pressure even from far away. All of their expressions changed. If the huge wave crashed down, forget about them, even the great mountain they were standing on would end up being pulverized.

Zu An had experienced something similar before with the Weak Water. However, back then, it had been nothing more than an illusion the Weak Water created, and not truly a huge and terrifying wave.

Gonggong’s skill had summoned water from all of the rivers and lakes within a thousand miles, so the wave contained vastly more water than the Weak Water.

Zu An’s group felt they had really screwed up this time! They wanted to avoid it, but with such a huge wave approaching them, they wouldn’t have any place to hide even if they wanted to!

Just then, Yu the Great made his move. He scattered some earth all around him. Yun Jianyue’s eyes widened when she saw him. She exclaimed, “That’s it? He doesn’t think a bit of dirt can stop this crazy heaven-reaching tsunami, does he?”

Forget about the huge ocean wave, even a cup of water seemed as if it could wash the dirt away.

However, to their surprise, the handful of earth grew into a gigantic dam as soon as it struck the earth. It kept growing to match the height of the wave.

Gonggong’s eyes narrowed. He cried, “Breath Soil? You actually had that with you?!”

Yu the Great said indifferently, “Normally, I could control the water without it, but you always break the rules and cause chaos with your divine strength, so of course I needed something appropriate to restrict you.”

“Hmph, you really are something!” Gonggong spat through gritted teeth. With a wave of his hand, the huge tsunami collapsed back into floodwater.

“What is Breath Soil? Why did Gonggong give up as soon as he heard its name?” Yan Xuehen asked in confusion.

Zu An explained, “Breath Soil is said to be a treasure from heaven’s imperial court. It’s soil that can grow limitlessly. There was a rumor that back then, Gun was killed not because he failed to control the water, but rather because he stole the Breath Soil. Yu the Great is Gun’s son, so the fact that he has the Breath Soil proves that the rumor was probably true.”

The three women were all amazed when they heard that. There was actually something that amazing? Judging from its description, it completely countered Gonggong’s flood! No wonder he had given up and stopped trying.

Yun Jianyue couldn't help but look at Zu An, asking, “Little An, why do you know so much about ancient times? These are things even we’ve never heard of before.”

Yan Xuehen and Yu Yanluo nodded in agreement. That had become especially evident after they entered the secret dungeon they knew nothing about. It was almost as if Zu An came from this world.

Zu An chuckled and said, “I know many things. We can spend some time together under the candlelight, and I’ll slowly tell you everything then.”

“Alright,” Yu Yanluo said.

Her agreement was one thing, but Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen both subconsciously agreed too! Only then did they feel that it was a bit inappropriate, and they pinched him on the waist, exclaiming, “d.a.m.n kid, you even have the guts to take advantage of us?”

After some time, things began to change on the battlefield. Gonggong stepped onto a pillar of water, muttering to himself as if he were summoning something. Soon afterward, one after another, whirlpools appeared on the water's surface. Then, countless giant waterspouts began to form. Wherever the waterspouts pa.s.sed, they destroyed entire mountain peaks.

Zu An inwardly cried out when he saw what was happening. This was a battle between freaking immortals! Just getting caught up in the aftershocks even slightly would be enough to completely wipe out n.o.bodies like them.

“You said you had that power of faith to rely on, right? Then, I will end your faith right here!” Gonggong harrumphed. He intended to destroy all of the ordinary creatures of the world, to sever the source of Yu the Great’s faith and weaken his power.

Yu the Great raised his hand. A huge cauldron floated up in front of him, then it divided into nine slightly smaller cauldrons. However, even though they were ‘smaller’, they were still ma.s.sive.

Yu the Great then slowly intoned, “Yu forged nine cauldrons. Five went to the yang positions, four to yin. The world shall be subdued!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the nine cauldrons flew off in nine directions. They all fell at the same time like shooting stars. With a loud rumble, the entire world began to feel heavier, and earth elemental energy was stirred up all across the terrain.

The results were nearly instantaneous. The rampant waterspouts seemed to have lost their support and disappeared one by one. The heaven-reaching flood also gradually receded, revealing the earth once more.

The three women all cried out in surprise. “Yu the Great’s move was truly formidable!”

Meanwhile, Zu An felt heartbroken. He grumbled, “The Nine Cauldrons he’s using seem to be mine!”

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