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Chapter 1473: A Ten Thousand-Year Score to Settle

Yu the Great replied with a cold look, “What are you saying? I do not understand.”

“Ah yes, you do not understand, even though you should understand better than anyone else,” Gonggong remarked sarcastically. He continued in a profound tone, “And here I thought you had already transcended and obtained eternal life. It seems you are nothing more than a remnant soul. Did you really believe just this soul fragment alone would be enough to defeat me?”

Before Yu the Great could reply, someone sighed and said, “That’s what Xiang Liu said earlier too, and yet in the end…”

Gonggong suddenly turned around. He stared at Zu An and asked, “In the end… What?”??ℯe????????.co?

“He was defeated with a single move,” Zu An replied.

He was still unsure what was going on with Yu the Great. All sorts of scenarios ran through his mind. He was scared that Gonggong would end up acting carelessly, instantly getting defeated by Yu the Great. It would be really bad if he had to face Yu the Great alone afterward.

He sighed inwardly. Not long before, he had been hoping for Gonggong to be vanquished as soon as possible; now, however, he was actually worried about that guy. The world really was unpredictable like that.

“Did you kill him?” Gonggong asked, staring at Yu the Great. Xiang Liu was his most reliable subordinate, and thus very important to him.

Yu the Great didn’t answer, instead saying, “Gonggong, it has been such a long time. It is time to settle things between us.”

He slowly walked forward while speaking. An extremely pure imperial aura emanated from his entire body. There wasn’t a single speck of worldly desire in his eyes. Instead, they seemed to be open to the vast universe, looking as if there were a galaxy swirling within them. Endless currents of dao laws flowed through them.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue had been trapped at their respective cultivation ranks for a long time already. And yet, from a single look at the soul fragment’s eyes, they felt something tremble deep within them. The cultivation issues that had trapped them for many years immediately loosened. Endless inspiration rushed into their minds. They had a feeling that as long as they took some time to focus on that state, they would gain enlightenment soon afterward.

Yu Yanluo’s cultivation wasn’t as high as theirs, but her method of growing stronger was also different from that of an ordinary person. The Holy Pearl within her shook strangely. She sensed that the Medusa bloodline seemed to be showing signs of further awakening.

Zu An was thinking about something else, however. Previously, because of Shun’s influence, he had ended up subconsciously thinking of Yu the Great as a villain. However, Yu the Great’s every movement was natural and harmonious, to the extent that Zu An didn’t feel any fear or pressure. Instead, it gave him a sense of intimacy, as well as a feeling of respect and cheerful submission.

Such an aura was far more comfortable than the sinister aura coming from Gonggong. Could such a person really be the final boss he had been imagining?

No, I can’t judge him by his outward appearance. Did you forget what happened with those guys, Yue Buqun and Divine Lord Zhuge? It was incredible just how deep their schemes ran![1]

Gonggong let out a cold snort. The soul fragment’s imposing manner clearly made him very uncomfortable. He waved his hands, and seemingly endless streams of black energy condensed into sinister evil spirits and monsters, rus.h.i.+ng toward his opponent.

Even though the creatures were only made of black energy, all of them gave off pressure even more terrifying than that of a great dragon. Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue both believed that if they were in Yu the Great’s place, they couldn't take on even a single one of the monsters.

However, right when the terrifying spirits were about to reach Yu the Great, they melted away like ice before a blazing sun.

“Yu the Great, your cultivation seems to have improved,” Gonggong said, his expression changing.

Zu An rolled his eyes. This guy was clearly just a skeleton, and yet he could produce such rich expressions. Who else could do such a thing?

A hint of disappointment appeared on Yu the Great’s face as he said, “When I became the ruler of the country in the past, I received the respect of countless people. With the power of faith, I was indeed able to reach a new level.”

“Power of faith?” Gonggong cried. “That power of faith should have all been mine! You stole what was mine!”

Yu the Great’s gaze carried a hint of pity when he looked at Gonggong. He said, “I know that your Flame Emperor faction has never been able to accept your defeat against the Yellow Emperor in the pursuit of the throne. From Shennong to Chiyou, to the first Gonggong, and then to you… You all resisted generation after generation, and yet were defeated again and again. Could it be that you still have not woken up and realized it yet?”

“You have no right to preach to me!” Gonggong roared furiously. “I admit that with the power of faith, I would never be a match for you at your strongest. Right now, however, you are nothing more than a soul fragment. What are you acting all smug for?!”

“Why do you think I left behind this soul fragment?” Yu the Great asked, looking at him with a mysterious expression.

Gonggong replied coldly, “Was it so you could speak to me when my seal was undone?”

“Who would have thought that after being sealed for tens of thousands of years, you learned how to make a joke,” Yu the Great said with a chuckle “The reason why I left behind this soul fragment back then was to prevent you from bringing ruin to the world if your seal was undone.”

“Hahahah!” Gonggong roared toward the sky, causing the entire tomb to tremble. Only afterward did his smile fade, and he exclaimed, “Once I destroy your remnant soul, you will understand just who here is joking!”

Afterward, he raised his hands. The entire tomb began to shake violently, as if an earthquake had begun.

Yan Xuehen quickly warned the others, “Everyone, be careful! If the shaking is this bad even with the tomb’s formations, it means that something major is about to happen!”

The surrounding walls suddenly broke apart as soon as she finished speaking, and bursts of water rushed in. Gradually, more and more cracks formed in the walls, and a deluge of water rushed forth!

Only then did Zu An remember that Gonggong was known as a deity of water! He quickly used his Blue Mallard ability to create a bubble around the three women and himself.

Gonggong looked at him in confusion, clearly surprised as to why Zu An had such a high affinity with water. However, his target this time was Yu the Great, so he didn’t want to waste time on such trifles.

The torrential waters quickly filled the tomb. The formations surrounding the tomb could no longer hold on, breaking apart inch by inch. Eventually, the entire tomb came cras.h.i.+ng down!

That wasn’t all, though. Following the tomb’s collapse, the entire mountain also rumbled and began to fall apart!

Zu An was shocked, quickly fleeing with the three women. Fortunately, Yu Yanluo excelled in controlling the earth element. By working together, they managed to escape the cave before it collapsed.

Yun Jianyue was a bit confused, saying,“Gonggong’s power is indeed great, but this kind of skill is more suited to dealing with a large number of enemies, right? How could it hurt Yu the Great?”

Zu An replied, “Did you forget that Yu the Great was an earth element cultivator? The mountain and tomb are actually his home territory. Gonggong flooded the place to destroy that environment and create his own home turf advantage.”

“Not bad, Little An. Your knowledge really isn’t something one would expect from someone who has only recently entered the master rank at all,” Yun Jianyue remarked, her eyes s.h.i.+ning.

Even Yan Xuehen gave him a look of surprise, clearly sharing the same sentiment.

Zu An sighed. The reason why he had realized that was because he had discovered that following the mountains’ collapse, he could no longer summon dragon energy. An earth element cultivator like Yu the Great would no doubt have experienced an even greater impact.

Just then, a cloud of black energy appeared on the water's surface, staring at the mountains in the distance that had sunk beneath the water.

Suddenly, a streak of green light flickered through the air, and Yu the Great suddenly appeared from within. There was something surrounding him that resembled a translucent s.h.i.+eld.

Zu An’s eyes narrowed. Wasn’t that his Nine Cauldron?

However, the cauldron had become several times larger, becoming a translucent bubble that protected Yu the Great. The surging waters couldn't harm him in the slightest.

1. These are characters from other novels. ☜

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