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Chapter 1646: Driven Insane

He Yuan was about to say something else when Wan Tongtian suddenly stood up and said, “Brother He, these kinds of things can happen in a compet.i.tion. It isn’t too appropriate to trouble the juniors, is it?”

He still remembered how all of them had been praising Qiu Chanzi’s behavior earlier, so now that the tides had turned, there was naturally no need to give them any face.

He Yuan’s expression changed several times. He didn’t actually fear Wan Tongtian, but this was w.a.n.g Wuxie’s territory. There was no way he could just let something happen without doing anything, but…

He gave the nearby Zu An a look, and didn’t say anything in the end. Instead, he left with a grave expression to check Qiu Chanzi’s injuries. Zu An had helped Jadefall Palace last time. Mount Luofu’s Elder Xu had been unconvinced, and that had led to their sect absolutely humiliating themselves. He didn’t want to repeat that disaster.

Soon after, w.a.n.g Wuxie declared Wan Guiyi’s victory. The next round was going to be between the White Jade Sect’s Lou Wucheng and Supreme Mystery Cave’s s.h.i.+ Dingtian.

When Wan Guiyi returned to Jadefall Palace’s camp, the disciples all enthusiastically congratulated him on his victory.

“Is there even anything to be happy about?” Wan Guiyi muttered, his expression unpleasant.

The others were stunned. Why do you look as if you lost or something? In that instant, they didn’t even know what to say.

Wan Guiyi was extremely unhappy, because Wu Xiaofan had won so easily and defeated his opponent in just two moves. Meanwhile, his body was in tatters and he had been left in such a sorry state. Compared to Wu Xiaofan, the difference was too clear.

His junior brother Yu Cai was the one who understood his temperament the best, remarking, “Senior brother shouldn’t feel too discouraged. That Purity Temple’s Qiu Chanzi was clearly much stronger than Mount Luofu’s Luo Dongjiang. He was naturally a bit trickier to deal with.”

Wan Guiyi harrumphed. “The truly strong don’t need any excuses. Even if he is stronger, I should have been able to easily take him down.”

Yu Cai was speechless. Sigh, senior brother’s overflowing confidence… What can we even say?

Meanwhile, Lou Wucheng and s.h.i.+ Dingtian were already standing on the stage.

Lou Wucheng was the inheritor of the Immortal Sword. Apart from his exceptional talent, his appearance was also top-tier. Even though the White Jade Sect didn’t really have it explicitly written anywhere that that was a requirement, their disciples were practically all handsome and beautiful. Even just standing there casually with his white clothes fluttering in the wind made him look impressive and courageous.

Quite a few female disciples cried out.

“Ah, senior brother Lou, my idol!”

“Wasn’t your idol senior brother Zhi Yin?”

“Hey, stop getting all hung up on the details. Today, my idol is senior brother Lou!”

Unlike Wan Guiyi, Lou Wucheng nodded toward the disciples around him in a good-natured manner. His bearing was outstanding and handsome, with no flaws to be picked out. He even gave his martial aunt, Yan Xuehen, a look. He felt a bit of regret that junior sister Chuyan wasn’t here; otherwise, he would have made sure to show her a good performance.

Unlike the confident and heroic-looking Lou Wucheng, s.h.i.+ Dingtian looked around with a rather uneasy expression. He looked just like a country b.u.mpkin who had entered a city for the first time. However, after what had just happened with Qiu Chanzi earlier, no one dared to look down on him just in case he was another tiger disguised as a pig.

Lou Wucheng cupped his hands and greeted s.h.i.+ Dingtian. “Greetings, brother s.h.i.+!”

“h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo.” s.h.i.+ Dingtian hurriedly returned the greeting.

Lou Wucheng wasn’t in a rush to attack. He planned to test out his opponent first.

After Qiu Chanzi’s fight, the spectators all knew that these representative disciples really hadn’t brought out everything they had during the group compet.i.tion. Almost all of them had been hiding their real strength… apart from that trash Zhi Yin, of course.

He even took out everything and still lost. I wonder just where he got the confidence to chase after my junior sister Chu.

Lou Wucheng slowly raised his sword and said, “This sword is three feet seven inches in length, eight pounds in weight. He is my best friend, and I am always extremely happy whenever I am with him.”

He took the initiative to introduce his weapon. In truth, however, it didn’t really matter whether he introduced his weapon or not, seeing as everyone knew that his ultimate skill was the Immortal Sword. That meant his weapon was naturally a sword too.

He actually wanted to take the chance to test out his opponent. After all, s.h.i.+ Dingtian didn’t have a great reputation, and Lou Wucheng had only learned that he was Supreme Mystery Cave’s representative disciple after arriving at Violet Mountain. s.h.i.+ Dingtian hadn’t used any weapons in the group stage.

s.h.i.+ Dingtian was stunned. He clearly didn’t know that there could be such exchanges on the stage, so he instinctively replied, “My best friend is Blacky the Second.”

Now, it was Lou Wucheng’s turn to be stunned. He had been waiting for his opponent to continue, but s.h.i.+ Dingtian had just stopped there! Helpless to do anything else, he could only take the initiative to ask, “What kind of weapon is Blacky the Second?”

Is Blacky the Second the second sword he uses? Is he a dual wielder? I’ll have to be careful of his other hand later.

“Blacky the Second isn’t a weapon; he’s a dog,” s.h.i.+ Dingtian replied in a deadly earnest manner.

Lou Wucheng was speechless.

As if he were worried that Lou Wucheng wouldn’t understand, s.h.i.+ Dingtian continued to explain, “Didn’t you introduce your best friend? Blacky the Second is my best friend. I’m always happy when I’m with him. But Cave Master didn’t let me bring him with me this time.

“Still, I met many people this time at Violet Mountain, like the ones in the group compet.i.tion and now you. I don’t feel lonely anymore with all of you here with me. Besides that, there is one way in which you’re better than Blacky the Second; it can only bark while you guys can talk.”


The disciples watching couldn't hold it in anymore. All of them roared with laughter. Meanwhile, the disciples who had fought with s.h.i.+ Dingtian during the group stage all had unhappy expressions. They hadn’t expected to be compared to a dog. Even w.a.n.g Wuxie gave Supreme Mystery Cave’s Cave Master Mu a strange look.

Cave Master Mu’s face was completely red. The reason why he hadn’t let s.h.i.+ Dingtian bring the dog was because he was scared of being embarra.s.sed. In the end, however, it had still happened.

This d.a.m.n Lou Wucheng, just fight if you’re going to fight! What are you talking about these things for?!

Yun Jianyue remarked in amus.e.m.e.nt, “I wonder if this kid really is stupid, or if he’s just pretending. You’ll definitely have to be careful if you end up facing him after.”

Qiu Honglei rolled her eyes and replied, “I haven’t even fought in this round, and yet you’re already telling me to think about the next round?”

“With your current ability, winning this round shouldn’t be an issue, no?”

“Weren’t you just saying that I couldn’t underestimate any of my opponents?”

“Hm? Did I say that?”

Lou Wucheng’s face twitched. He took a deep breath, seemingly trying to calm himself down before saying, “I was asking about your weapon.”

“Weapon?” s.h.i.+ Dingtian replied, stunned. “Oh, I used to use a blade, but the two Cave Masters said that this was just a tournament and that we had to be careful. I was scared that I would accidentally kill someone, so I didn’t bring it.”

With that, Wu Xiaofan, Wan Guiyi, and Kunlun Void’s Liang Ling all suddenly opened their eyes. This kid spoke quite the bold words! Even the other sect masters looked toward Cave Master Mu with displeased expressions.

Cave Master Mu wiped away some cold sweat while explaining in embarra.s.sment, “Kids do not really know what they are saying. Please do not take it to heart, everyone.”

Zu An looked at s.h.i.+ Dingtian with an amused expression. This kid probably has a bit of a reputation… I hope you give that Lou b.a.s.t.a.r.d a good beating. He actually has those intentions toward my Chuyan? If I weren’t a judge right now, I would consider just doing it myself.

Lou Wucheng’s eyes twitched. He now felt that trying to start a conversation before the match was a mistake. He said, “You can use a blade, it’s fine.”

Seeing as s.h.i.+ Dingtian clearly had a weapon, and yet had chosen to use his fists, wouldn’t Lou Wucheng be bullying his opponent by using a sword? He’d become a laughingstock if news of that got out.

“No no no no,” s.h.i.+ Dingtian said, quickly waving his hands. “I’m not good at holding myself back and I don’t know when to stop. This is pretty good. I don’t have to worry about beating you to death if I only use my hands.”

Now, even Yan Xuehen couldn't help but give him a second look. This kid really was a bit strange.

Next to her, Li Changsheng frowned slightly. He carefully examined s.h.i.+ Dingtian to determine whether what he said was serious, or if he was just trying to anger his opponent.

“Amitabha buddha,” Master Jian Huang said with a worried sigh. “This benefactor also has a pure and innocent heart. If he joined my Tranquility Temple, he would be able to reach great heights.”

The little monk Jie Se muttered in dissatisfaction, “Master, are you saying I don’t have a pure and innocent heart?”

Master Jian Huang gave him a glance and replied, “Why don’t you take a look at your own name first?”

Jie Se was speechless.

Lou Wucheng was finally angered. He said coldly, “In that case, I’ll have to experience your respected self’s almighty skills for myself.”

His longsword left its sheath as soon as he spoke. Sword shadows appeared all around him. However, in the next instant, all of his sword shadows vanished and moved unpredictably. Only a few geniuses could vaguely keep up with his sword’s profound trajectory.

Zu An was quite surprised. Is this the glorious Immortal Sword?

To a certain extent, it carried some resemblance to the Snowflake Sword. However, the Snowflake Sword carried more of the poignant and ice-cold characteristics of snow, while the Immortal Sword had the profound feeling of a majestic peak, as if there really were an immortal from the heavens above who was bestowing immortality.

s.h.i.+ Dingtian brandished his fists in alarm, and just happened to strike the tip of the sword. Both of their bodies trembled, and a wind blew around them. However, compared to Wan Guiyi and Qiu Changzi’s ferocity, this battle clearly seemed smaller in scale.

Lou Wucheng wasn’t surprised that his opponent could receive his attack at all. After all, s.h.i.+ Dingtian was also a representative disciple himself. He said indifferently, “Even though I only used forty percent of my ki, the fact that you could stop it already makes you quite good among our peers. No wonder you had that level of arrogance. But if you don’t use your weapon, don’t blame me for being too harsh.”

He paused for a moment after saying that. For some reason, he felt a strange urge to ask, “How much of your ki did you use just now?”

s.h.i.+ Dingtian was stunned. After hesitating for a moment, he replied, “I think thirty percent.”

Lou Wucheng roared furiously, “I’ll kill you!”

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