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Chapter 2062: Undefeatable

Meanwhile, In the Eastern Palace, the very person Eunuch Lu had been talking about was removing her makeup in front of a copper mirror. Her maid Rong Mo stood behind her and carefully removed the precious hair ornaments from her head one after another, and she stored them away in their respective cases.

Bi Linglong tilted her head to one side to remove an earring. She murmured with a worried expression, “I wonder just how he's doing now.”

Behind her, Rong Mo asked as if she didn’t know what Bi Linglong was talking about, “He? Which he is the young miss talking about?”

Bi Linglong rolled her eyes at her and retorted, “Do you want to die?”

Rong Mo giggled and said, “Don’t worry, young miss. The regent is so strong, he'll definitely succeed no matter what he does.”

“Even so, this time, he's facing those unknown alien monsters,” Bi Linglong said; her expression revealed a hint of concern.

“The regent’s cultivation is actually secondary to his ability. His greatest a.s.set is his resourcefulness. I really can't think of how he would lose out in any situation,” Rong Mo said, recalling just how badly she had suffered because of him in the past. She couldn't help but pout.

Bi Linglong smiled and said, “I remember that you used to call him reprehensible, saying that he was the most annoying person in the world. Why does it now seem as if you're using some words of praise? Could it be that you’ve also begun to like and admire him?”

“No way!” Rong Mo protested. Her face immediately reddened. “Isn’t it because even you already became his? How can I talk badly about the young master?”

When she heard her call Zu An 'young master', Bi Linglong blushed too. It took her a moment to snap out of her embarra.s.sment. With a light cough, she changed the subject and said, “I heard that father has been inviting King Wu into the manor as a guest quite frequently.”

“That’s right. That Madam Wu is really pretty, you know? Many of the Bi clan’s younger disciples went to see her when they heard about that, and there were even rumors that she was prettier than you! Hmph, did those people become blind?” Rong Mo answered. Her voice was clear and fast, and she immediately spouted a bunch of drama in one go. She knew that the young miss was embarra.s.sed, so she naturally didn’t keep talking about the regent.

“We’ve met a few times. Madam Wu is indeed pretty, so it isn’t all that surprising for there to be such a rumor,” Bi Linglong said, although she didn’t seem to care that much. “Compared to Madam Wu’s beauty, I'm more worried about King Wu’s ambition. When you have a chance, pa.s.s on a message to my father for me, to remind him of King Wu’s hidden motives. He's definitely not someone who would be content to serve under another, so my father needs to remain vigilant.”

“Understood. I'll pa.s.s on the message tomorrow.” Rong Mo paused for a moment, but then she couldn't help but say, “Even so, everyone says King Wu came to help you face the empress dowager. If we end up creating any tension between us now, what if he goes over to the empress dowager’s side?”

She was Bi Linglong’s personal maid, after all, so she knew about many things. Bi Linglong didn’t hide many secrets from her either, so she naturally knew more secrets than normal maids.

Bi Linglong harrumphed. “Wasn’t that all because of father’s decision to invite King Wu into the capital using my name? I couldn't just refuse it either. That’s the only reason why the outside world has had such thoughts.

"This King Wu has some influence and can help keep the empress dowager in check to a certain degree, but his ambitions are too great. He could be going after the emperor’s throne, so it might just end up hurting me instead.”

“He dares?!” Rong Mo raised her brows and her voice grew louder. “Who does he think he is? With the regent and young miss still here, does he really think he could have any chance at the imperial throne?”

Bi Linglong also chuckled and said, “With King Dai and the Meng clan being examples to learn from, if he dared to have any such thoughts, his actions would be nothing but courting death.”

Rong Mo moved over to her shoulder and said with a big smile, “I finally know why the young miss isn’t in a rush at all. With the regent on your side, why would you still need any other support?”

Bi Linglong immediately became a bit shy. She retorted, “d.a.m.n la.s.s, I’m going to rip that mouth off your face!”

“My mouth can’t be ripped off, but as for...” Rong Mo laughed, then began to imitate what she had heard before. “Ah, I’m going to break...”

When she heard Rong Mo mimic her, Bi Linglong finally couldn't take it anymore. She got up and pounced on Rong Mo, and the two of them began to noisily fight against each other.


Meanwhile, in the sealed land, Zu An and the Snow Lady were traveling through the snowstorm. Along the way, there were several times when Zu An wanted to say something to her, but the Snow Lady was too cold. Not only was she cold temperature-wise, she carried an air of indifference that pushed everyone far away. He couldn't help but click his tongue and mutter, “You’re even colder than Chuyan...”

When he first met Chu Chuyan, she had been famous for being an ice-cold beauty. And yet, this woman in front of him was the very embodiment of an icy mountain.

“Why do you keep staring at me?” The Snow Lady suddenly turned around and looked at him with a frown. His behavior along the way clearly hadn’t escaped her notice.

“I wasn’t staring at you, I was just wondering how to talk to you,” Zu An said, feeling a bit embarra.s.sed. He really felt wronged, because it would be really bad if he was mistaken by Snow Lady as a pervert.

“Can’t you just talk to me if you have something to say? Why do you still have to think so hard about it? You humans really are a bit strange,” the Snow Lady said, seemingly unable to understand his behavior.

Zu An was stunned, but a smile immediately appeared on his face.

I guess that’s right. Interaction between people was just this simple to begin with. It was all those who came after that made it so complicated.

“I wanted to ask you about your cultivation and abilities. That way, it’ll be easier for us to coordinate when we fight together," he said.

“I heard the other leaders of the Great Snowy Mountain mention that humans are the most cunning beings, so I can't tell you my exact cultivation and abilities. Otherwise, it’ll be dangerous for me if you prepare to fight against me,” the Snow Lady immediately replied.

Zu An was speechless. For the sake of cooperation, he could only show her a smile he believed carried the most sincerity possible and explain, “Just like the inhabitants of the Great Snowy Mountain, there are good and bad people among humans. You can't just throw them all in the same box and condemn them like that.”

“But I think you're a bad person just from your smile,” the Snow Lady said bluntly.

Zu An was stunned, asking, “Didn’t you say that I looked pretty good?”

“Someone in the past told me that the better someone looks, the better they are at lying," the Snow Lady retorted.

“Wasn’t the one who told you that also a human? You were willing to trust them, so doesn’t that further prove what I'm saying?” Zu An replied.

The Snow Lady was stunned, as if her brain had short-circuited. After some time, she said, “You saw my abilities last time. They're mainly related to ice and snow. I can do practically anything you can think of.”

Zu An blinked, dazed.

You can do anything I can think of? What kind of a reply is that?

The Snow Lady continued, “Instead of focusing on me, you should be more concerned with the enemy’s abilities. That bone dragon’s other abilities are one thing, but it has one that's especially tricky. It can reflect the injuries you inflict on it back to you threefold. The reason I was injured was because I didn’t expect it to be capable of that. The attack I thought would deliver a fatal blow and grant victory was sent right back by the dragon. I was caught off guard and was seriously injured.”

Zu An was stunned. Previously, she had only told him that the bone dragon didn’t really fear cold. She hadn't offered this much detail. Naturally, she'd be able to deduce how strong her own attack was, as well as how much it had been multiplied after being reflected. That really made things tricky. If the bone dragon had such an ability, wouldn’t that make it undefeatable?

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