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Chapter 2079: Follow in Death

Qiu Honglei blushed. She pushed Zu An away and gave the Snow Lady a curious look. At the same time, she was shocked by the Snow Lady's beautiful appearance. She had never expected a person made of snow to be this beautiful.

But why had the Snow Lady sounded a bit jealous just then? Could it be that there was something between her and Ah Zu? Qiu Honglei’s expression became extremely strange.

There’s no way, right? Just how long has it been since Zu An and I separated, and yet he's already become close with another woman? And can she even be considered a person?

Ah Zu’s tastes are always so weird. He’s a hundred percent tras.h.!.+

You have successfully trolled Qiu Honglei for +311 +311 +311...


Zu An, who was fighting earnestly on the front lines, couldn't help but feel baffled.

Why is she angry? Is it because of the affairs involving her master or because I'm fighting together with the Snow Lady?

However, when faced with the Lord of Slaughter’s attacks, he didn’t have a chance to think carefully. As he grabbed the Snow Lady and avoided an attack that would have definitely killed him, he took out a drop of murky liquid from the Brilliant Gla.s.s Bead with a grave expression. It was the spoils of war he had obtained from the War Priest, the Naihe Oblivion Water! It could completely erase the memories and will of any creature it touched, almost like reformatting a hard drive. It would turn someone into an idiot who knew absolutely nothing.

Even though he hadn’t completely refined it for himself yet, he could now use Blue Mallard’s ability to just barely control it. Thus, the murky yellow droplet in the air began to squirm. As it flew into the air, it slowly elongated into a strand. The higher it flew, the larger that strand became. Eventually, it turned into a river that swept at the Lord of Slaughter.

Zu An’s timing was excellent; he unleashed it at the perfect time as it charged over, making it impossible for the Lord of Slaughter to dodge. Soon after, the monster was completely submerged.

“Naihe Oblivion Water?” the Lord of Slaughter exclaimed in surprise. It clearly recognized the origins of this water.


In the distance, Qiu Honglei was a bit worried. It didn’t look as if the Lord of Slaughter was affected much by the Naihe Oblivion Water.

As expected, half of its body emerged from the water. It roared with laughter and exclaimed, “How can you be so stupid? I already told you that these kinds of laws couldn't affect me!”

The Naihe Oblivion Water’s effects belonged to a certain high-level magical law.

However, the Lord of Slaughter’s laughter suddenly came to a halt, and it let out a bitter scream. In that moment, Zu An had leaped out from the Naihe Oblivion Water while surrounded by a bubble. In his hand was a hook weapon that stabbed into its mouth. The Lord of Slaughter rolled back and forth on the ground as if it had gone mad, leaving behind a huge mess. A nearby mountain was even smashed in half by its swinging tail.

“What the h.e.l.l did you p.r.i.c.k me with?! It hurts like h.e.l.l!” it screamed as it clutched its mouth, seeming about to break out into tears. Its entire mouth was swollen like Crayon s.h.i.+n-chan's face.

Zu An dangled a scorpion tail in his hands. A smile finally appeared on his face. Naturally, he'd known that the Naihe Oblivion Water’s magical laws wouldn’t be able to take down the Lord of Slaughter. His grandiose attack was just a smokescreen, all to catch it off guard when it was feeling overconfident.

The Scorpion King’s tail contained an extreme toxin that wasn’t derived from the power of magical laws. Sure enough, it was effective! Back then, even he had felt a bit of fear toward this scorpion tail despite his poison immunity. Its poison was clearly top-notch across the various worlds. He just didn’t know if it could poison the Lord of Slaughter to death.

Just then, the Lord of Slaughter suddenly grabbed its mouth, then clawed out a deep wound on the surface. Green blood flowed out, mixed with a significant amount of black that clearly indicated poisoned blood. When the blood landed on the snowy ground, a large amount of snow quickly turned black. The ground was also corroded by the black blood, creating large holes.

“So it was the Scorpion King’s poison,” the Lord of Slaughter said as it looked at the hook in Zu An’s hand. “That poison might be effective against other powerful beings, but my blood also carries powerful corrosive properties, so poisons aren’t too effective against me.”

As it spoke, the wound around its mouth stopped swelling, and completely green blood came out from the injury with no sign of poisoning left. Still, the pain it had felt in the beginning was still real. It had actually suffered this much because of a weak human! That was absolutely intolerable!

You have successfully trolled the Lord of Slaughter for +998 +998 +998...

Zu An felt a chill run through his entire body. He hadn’t expected even that to fail. To be honest, this Lord of Slaughter hadn’t given him as much pressure as the earlier Shadow Monster King at first, seeming a bit easier to defeat. But when they really fought, he'd found out that between its immunities to magical laws, and now its blood's ability to neutralize even such an extreme poison, it really had no weaknesses! No wonder it was called the perfect machine of slaughter.

The Lord of Slaughter didn't give him any time to think. It was already furious from falling for Zu An’s tricks. At that moment, it frantically charged at them. It only had a single thought, which was that only by ripping these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds into pieces would it be able to vent out its resentment!

In Zu An’s hand, the Tai’e Sword shone brilliantly. He was about to clash with the Lord of Slaughter directly when he found that the enemy suddenly disappeared. The next second, it appeared in front of Qiu Honglei. Under her shocked expression, it bit down.

The monster had an innate heart of slaughter, after all. Even though it was furious, it still understood who the weak link was here. That was why it went straight after Qiu Honglei. Even though Qiu Honglei did her best to defend and retaliate, the difference between their strength was too much. There was only death waiting for her.

It was already too late for Zu An to head over. He quickly used the position exchange skill to swap positions with Qiu Honglei. Thus, he faced the Lord of Slaughter’s full-powered attack himself.

“I already expected that you would come back!” the Lord of Slaughter remarked, smiling nastily.

This human really is hard to catch, darting about like a pest. But if he has to save someone, he can only defend himself pa.s.sively!


The clash from the two sides made everything within a thousand miles tremble. Snow scattered all throughout the air. Amid the expanse of snow, there was a huge explosion of blood!

“Ah Zu!” Qiu Honglei cried, panicking. The monster’s blood wasn’t red, so the one who had been hurt was clearly Zu An. She could no longer think of her jealousy over the previous affair. She only had one thought in her head. As long as Ah Zu was safe, nothing else mattered.

The wind and snow gradually scattered. Zu An’s sword was stabbed into the snow. His body was covered in horrifying wounds, and he was tottering. He had clearly suffered bitterly from that attack.

The Lord of Slaughter slowly walked out from the wind and snow, pressing closer and closer to him. It said tauntingly, “Keep running! Why aren’t you running anymore?”

Zu An had a grave expression. Even if he used his instant movement skill, he probably wouldn’t last much longer. On top of that, if it attacked Qiu Honglei again, he would have to save her again, so his mobility advantage was already meaningless.

“Ah Zu, it’s all my fault for being a burden,” Qiu Honglei said; she could naturally tell what was going on. A hint of decisiveness appeared on her face. Her curved blade moved over to her neck as she decided to end her own life to get rid of her lover’s burden.

When he saw that, Zu An was horrified. In his current condition, he couldn't stop her at all.

Fortunately, an icicle knocked Qiu Honglei’s curved blade away. The Snow Lady quickly arrived at her side and looked at her coldly, saying, “Don’t do something so stupid.”

“But I...” Qiu Honglei murmured as her eyes turned red. She hadn't been any help right now, and had only put her lover in more danger.

“Who says you weren't of any help? If you hadn’t come in time, I might have already died. You already saved my life, and yet you’re still saying you haven't helped,” Zu An said with a smile.

Qiu Honglei bit her lip tightly.

Ah Zu is still so kind. He’s still comforting me even now.

If she had known it was going to be like this, she wouldn’t have left out of anger. She could have just spent this time together with him happily, unlike right now, where this meeting could be the last one they ever had. Her expression suddenly became resolute. She wouldn’t leave him anymore. If he died, she would just end her own life to follow after him. She couldn't let him pa.s.s on into the afterlife alone.

“Tsk tsk, look at these two stupid lovers. It’s such a pity that I love shattering these beautiful scenes the most,” the Lord of Slaughter said with a proud expression. It clearly found ruining these kinds of things really enjoyable.

Zu An’s expression became serious. He raised his sword again. There was nothing else he could do right now...

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