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Chapter 2197: Meeting the Victim’s Family

“Old friends?” Zu An repeated, stunned.

“Of course, I am not talking about 'friends' like us, but rather those who share great karma with you in this world. You will know soon enough.” The Necropolis Emperor chuckled and didn’t talk about it in more detail. Instead, he focused on pouring the wine. There was a wistful look on his face. “This really is a nostalgic taste...”

As he spoke those words, his figure gradually disappeared. For some reason, even though Zu An had clearly only known him for a short time, he felt really sad inside, as if an intimate friend had just left him.

As the Necropolis Emperor completely disappeared, the surrounding s.p.a.ce suddenly distorted. Zu An discovered that he was in a s.p.a.cious martial arena that also resembled a large military drill ground. The majestic Yin Mountains in the distance, as well as the surging Naihe Oblivion River, were faintly visible.

“This should be a valley near the Yin Mountains,” Zu An muttered, then realized something. He felt as if he was looking at the scene before him through countless pairs of eyes in the underworld.

There were still three departed spirits in the arena. When he saw who they were, Zu An had a strange expression. He finally understood why the Necropolis Emperor had called them his old friends. One was the Skin-Flaying King, another was the late Fiend Emperor, and the last was actually the Dragon King!

The Skin-Flaying King was also extremely shocked to see him. This underworld was a place that only the deceased could go to.

Don’t tell me he killed himself just so he could chase after me?

That’s just going too far, right?

“I didn’t expect that someone else would pa.s.s the trial and come here,” the late Fiend Emperor remarked, but then he suddenly saw Zu An. He immediately gritted his teeth and hissed, “It’s you!”

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Zu An was also a bit surprised. He hadn’t expected to meet the three here. They had come to the underworld after they died and even become the kings of certain regions. They had even pa.s.sed the various tests to arrive at this place. They were heroes in life, and heroes even as ghosts!

Wait, since they're all here, where is that other one?

Zu An looked all around him. He didn’t see that person, nor did he see the late libationer and the others. He thought to himself, Don’t tell me that they aren’t in the underworld, and went to heaven instead? The late libationer was one thing, but how could someone like Zhao Han with all of his wrongdoings go there?

The Dragon King had been staring straight at the Skin-Flaying King, but when he heard the activity, he also looked in Zu An’s direction. When he saw him, he was stunned, exclaiming, “Regent, you also died?”

“Uh... In a sense, I guess.” Zu An had a bit of an awkward expression. He had never expected to encounter the Dragon King’s vengeful spirit here! After all, all this time, he had been pretending to be the Dragon King and spent a great deal of time around Shang Hongyu. Even though he was helping the Dragon Palace fight against the alien monsters, he had just felt that he was letting the Dragon King down somehow.

Just then, the Dragon King sighed and said, “If even you've died, it seems there’s no one left in that world of ours to stop those alien monsters.”

The Skin-Flaying King said with a big smile, “You’re actually still worrying about him? That guy was playing with your wife day after day in the Dragon Palace; who knows just how much fun he was having!”

Zu An was speechless.

The Dragon King was dumbfounded. He looked at Zu An in confusion.

Zu An naturally wouldn’t let things go the way the Skin-Flaying King wanted it to. He said, “Dragon King, please don’t listen to his provocations. Everything I did was to fight against the alien invaders and the h.e.l.l spirits.”

The late Fiend Emperor now had a pensive expression. At first, he had been planning to properly settle things with Zu An, but now that there was this new drama, he naturally had to grab some popcorn first. Even though the Dragon King was considered a fiend in name and was his subordinate, both of them knew that arrangement was only in name. Whether it was the Dragon King’s cultivation or the Ocean races' power, neither was inferior to those of the human or Fiend Emperors.

He had naturally met the Ocean races' queen before too. That mermaid was indeed remarkably stunning. Even he had started to feel a bit tempted. Of course, out of fear toward the Dragon King’s strength, he had never dared to have such thoughts. He hadn’t expected Zu An to actually end up having a taste...

The Skin-Flaying King added fuel to the flames, saying, “Tsk tsk tsk, you’re putting it all nicely, but feeding the Mermaid Queen Unleashed Dew and toying with her everyday, was that also to fend off the alien monsters?”

Even though the Dragon King knew the Skin-Flaying King was trying to provoke him, this kind of description was a bit too vivid! He immediately felt a surge of anger when he looked at Zu An. “Regent, is what he said true?”

The dragons were lewd by nature. It had always been him who made others wear green hats. How could he have known that he would be the one experiencing such treatment one day?[1]

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He still retained a bit of rationality. The Skin-Flaying King was the biggest scoundrel, so what he said wasn't necessarily true.

Yeah, it must be false!

Before Zu An could reply, the Skin-Flaying King suggested mockingly, “Whether or not it’s true, why don’t you just make him swear to the underworld’s Yin Mountain and Naihe Oblivion River? No one dares to lie before the divine mountain and river. Right, I recall that there was one time when he even humiliated the Mermaid Queen in his study right in front of my face. At the time, the Mermaid Queen was kneeling under the table and helping him... Heh, I don’t think I need to explain anymore, do I?”

The Dragon King was speechless. When he heard those words and saw the look of hesitation on Zu An’s face, realizing that he hadn’t immediately retorted, the Dragon King was completely stunned.

Shang Hongyu and I always treated each other with mutual respect. Out of respect for the Mermaid Queen’s power and the fact that the queen was always dignified and reserved, even I didn’t touch her, but someone else did?

Absolutely ridiculous!

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“It’s absolutely ridiculous!” The Dragon King roared and ran straight at Zu An. His attacks were aimed straight at his vitals.

Zu An could only evade helplessly while replying, “Dragon King, please don’t fall for his provocations! I...”

Before he could even explain, the Dragon King interrupted him. “Of course I know that he’s provoking me, but all you need to do is tell me if what he's saying is true or not! Do you dare to vow before the Yin Mountain and Naihe Oblivion River?”

Zu An was speechless. This place was special. He really didn’t wouldn’t dare to lie. He could only explain, “Those things were all because of special circ.u.mstances. You were replaced by the Lord of Myriad Transformations, so in order to fool the alien monsters and h.e.l.l creatures, I could only secretly kill the Lord of Myriad Transformations and impersonate the Dragon King. Shang Hongyu knew about all of these things from start to finish, and she only cooperated in fooling the other forces for the sake of getting revenge for you and saving the entire world!”

Zu An’s movements were extremely ingenious, and he was fast to begin with. He thus quickly explained the situation. But even after laying it all out on the table, he didn’t have much confidence in himself, because the explanation really was a bit sketchy.

Sure enough, the Dragon King was furious. So it was true after all! As such, he transformed into an enormous dragon that was over a thousand meters long and rushed ferociously at Zu An. ??eewe???ve?.c??

Even with Zu An’s cultivation, he felt a bit of pressure when faced with the Dragon King’s full-force attacks. More importantly, there were two others eyeing him right now.

He quickly asked, “Don’t you have a lot of women? You know that everything I did was to protect the world, and in a sense, I was getting revenge for you. It’s one thing for you to not thank me, but why are you repaying favors with enmity?”

The Dragon King gritted his teeth. “If you had played with my other concubines, I wouldn’t have said a thing, and I’d even have thanked you for getting revenge for me. But Hongyu is different!”

“How?” Zu An asked in annoyance.

This guy really can’t distinguish between what’s important and what isn’t. No wonder he was replaced by the monsters so easily!

The Dragon King was momentarily stumped. He couldn't really explain why he was so angry either. He could only brace himself and say, “Either way, Hongyu is different from the other women, and you actually humiliated her like that!”

He remembered the eagerness he had felt when he first saw her. Back then, the previous Mermaid Queen had been alive, and Hongyu was his younger sister-in-law. Perhaps it was because he still had a strong impression of that kind of forbidden feeling, but even though he went around skirt-chasing normally, he was always extremely respectful to Shang Hongyu. He hadn’t dared to, nor was he willing to use those kinds of methods on her.

And yet the white moonlight[2] in his heart had actually been used and abused like that? This guy didn’t cherish her at all!

When he thought about those things, he felt even more angry.

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1. Green hat = cuckolded. ☜

2. Unrequited love from the past that one is never able to get over. ☜

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