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Chapter 1970

This was 100 billion star essence! It formed mountains and rivers on the ground! This was an absurd amount of wealth, and Lu Yin instantly understood why Balsam had been so relaxed about her fate. If she had been in any danger of being killed by Lu Yin, all she needed to do was simply mention the 100 billion star essence. Then, it would have been impossible for Lu Yin to still kill her.

Balsam had been utterly confident that she could buy her own life with 100 billion star essence.

How could Leaf King have left behind so much star essence? Lu Yin was quite curious about this. While it was true that Shamrock Enterprise conducted business across the entire Ffith Mainland and was a monstrous corporation, their liquid a.s.sets should not have exceeded the wealth of the forces that ruled the Innerverse’s eight great flowzones. There was simply too much money in the treasury for Lu Yin to accept.

The Blaze Realm had only possessed 500 million star essence while even the Daynight clan had only possessed 1.7 billion. Even the wealthiest, the sylvan dragon clan, had only possessed 3.5 billion star essence. So how had Shamrock Enterprise acc.u.mulated so much?

It was important to remember that when the Sixth Mainland had invaded the Fifth Mainland, they had pillaged the Innerverse, and all eight great flowzones had been evacuated. The loss of resources that they had suffered back then could not be calculated. The star essence that Lu Yin had seen on the transport mainland heading to the Sixth Mainland had all been stolen from the Innerverse, and a considerable percentage of it had belonged to the eight great flowzones. In fact, Lu Yin had been told by an elder from the Blaze Realm that if not for the Sixth Mainland’s invasion, the Blaze Realm’s treasury would not have been so pathetic.

The Innerverse had suffered terribly during that invasion, but Shamrock Enterprise had not. Their hidden world had always been safe in the Honor Zone in the Neoverse, far from the Sixth Mainland’s reach.

More importantly, Shamrock Enterprise's accounting records showed that they were constantly investing into stellular energy pill research, much like how Aurora Enterprises had been researching microarray technology. However, the stellular energy pills had never required any research at all, as they had been produced by Leaf King's own strength.

This meant that all the resources that had been earmarked for the stellular energy pills had been sent directly into Leaf King’s pockets, and over time, it was inevitable for a monstrous amount to acc.u.mulate.

If all the resources that had been used for Aurora Enterprises' microarray research were brought out at the same time, it would definitely far surpa.s.s the amount that Leaf King had gathered here. Even Director Zhi’s first offer to buy out Lu Yin had been 80 billion star essence.

Each of these Neoverse behemoths were wealthier than anyone could imagine, and all of it only made Lu Yin increasingly eager to find out just how much money the Mavis family possessed.

It was possible that they counted their star essence in units of trillions! After all, they owned the bank that oversaw the economy of the entire Fifth Mainland.

Lu Yin swallowed and shook his head. He could not afford to think about the Mavis family. He could not rob them, so it was better to simply focus on collecting the resources in front of him.

In addition to the tremendous amount of star essence, the treasury also held countless pills, natural treasures, power vessels, and much more.

Lu Yin’s next stop would be to head to the Cosmic Sea to oversee the construction of the Tower of the Fifth. After arriving, he would be able to train in peace, and he could take his time rolling his die. This should be enough to Possess someone from the Perennial World.

The amount of wealth that Lu Yin had just picked up would be enough for him to spend without worries for quite some time.

After the establishment of the Tower of the Fifth had been announced and the Great Eastern Alliance had released further information on the design and contents of the tower, countless cultivators had started making their way to the Cosmic Sea. They all hoped to be being the first to challenge the tower and gain the inheritances within, even though construction had not even started yet.

No one had even considered for a moment that the whole thing might be a sham created by the Great Eastern Alliance, as the Hall of Honor was also backing the construction.

At this moment, the Cosmic Sea was exploding.

The Cosmic Sea had never been a peaceful place, but with countless people flooding in, the Cosmic Sea had become the busiest and bloodiest proving ground in the entire Fifth Mainland.

Even countless people from the Sixth Mainland tried to sneak in.

The Tower of the Fifth was going to be built between the territories controlled by Leon’s Armada and the Soldier Crew, which was essentially the center of the Cosmic Sea. Specifically, it was to be built in a place known as the Abyss of the Sea.

The Abyss of the Sea, which was also known as the Eye of the Sea, was the Cosmic Sea’s largest whirlpool. The ma.s.sive region was filled with various whirlpools, but at the center of it all was a huge black vortex that swallowed the seawater. Despite the pa.s.sage of countless years, there was still no sign of the Abyss of the Sea filling up, and no one could say where the seawater went.

It was considered common knowledge in the Cosmic Sea that the Abyss of the Sea was a mystery, but no one cared because nothing valuable that could be found in that place. On top of that, if anyone fell in, they would not even leave a corpse behind, so there was only risk without any rewards to be found.

The Abyss of the Sea had been a part of the Ignition Crew’s territory, but the pirate crew had never visited the place.

When the Arcadian Arrow Crew had taken Lu Yin across the Cosmic Sea to reunite with Leon’s Armada, they had made it a point to avoid going anywhere close to the Abyss of the Sea.

But now, people were making their way towards the Abyss of the Sea from every direction imaginable. Many of the vessels belonged to pirates, who were actually responsible for delivering the construction materials.

The Great Eastern Alliance was responsible for part of the construction of the Tower of the Fifth while the Hall of Honor was responsible for another. As for Leon’s Armada, they were responsible for most of the transportation and deliveries.

A few regions away from the Abyss of the Sea in the Cosmic Sea, the Arcadian Arrow Crew was resting on a deserted island. The ground was damp and covered with seaweed, as it was a newly risen island.

"Captain, the Great Eastern Alliance’s announcement has caused everyone in the entire universe to start gathering here, and we can’t act as freely as we did in the past. The chances of running into a powerhouse make things too dangerous," someone worriedly complained.

"That's right, Captain. I think that we should lay low for a bit," someone else agreed.

Someone at the side jumped in as well. "It doesn’t matter how powerful the outsiders might be, as they still have to listen to us here in the Cosmic Sea. Without us, they can't even find the Abyss of the Sea. The weather here in the Cosmic Sea is unpredictable, and even the Hall of Honor has to ask us for help."

"Come on, that only means that, if they don’t have the help of a powerhouse like an Envoy, they’ll need our help crossing the sea."

"What? Do you think Envoys are as common as Explorers to run errands like that?"

"That all depends on the situation. That Tower of the Fifth’s going to have way too many inheritances. Aside from Lu Yin's inheritance, there’s also going to be inheritances from the Hall of Honor, the Sword Sect, and even the Neoverse’s Cosmic Sect, Seven Courts, and more. Who doesn’t want to go check it out?"

"That's true. It’s easy enough to threaten ordinary cultivators, but anyone who’s confident in their ability to obtain one of those inheritances could be a disciple of some powerful organization, and we can’t afford to offend those people. Should we just keep an eye on the tower for now and wait until it opens up, Captain? Maybe try to be among the first to get in?" Another crew member was feeling greedy.

It was not just the crew members who were considering entering the tower, as even their captain was considering it.

While no information concerning the rules of entry for the Tower of the Fifth had been released, everyone a.s.sumed that Enlighters would be allowed in. No one knew what would be decided concerning Envoys, and such matters did not even concern the vast majority of the universe. As long as an Enlighter could get into the tower, they would have a chance of receiving Lu Yin’s inheritance.

Many people still remembered watching the last battle of ZENITH when Lu Yin had faced off against all the other finalists on his own. At that time, he had been invincible and had stood far above all the other partic.i.p.ants. His strange transformation had been unforgettable, and many people dreamed of obtaining that inheritance.

Each person was thinking about how they had to get Lu Yin’s inheritance.

The captain’s eyes lit up as he stared in the direction of the Abyss of the Sea. "Everyone, you don't need to worry about anything. The Tower of the Fifth hasn't even been built yet, but once it's up, we'll find out what the rules to get in are."

"That’s right, Captain! Not to mention all the techniques, the Mavis Bank’s also putting up a bunch of money, and getting that alone would make a trip into the tower worthwhile."

"Captain, we’ll get an inheritance!"

"You’re going to get an inheritance, Captain!"

Hai Dalu, the first mate of the Sky Arrow Squad, was lost in thought. He had spent some time with Lu Yin and gotten to know him a bit. While Hai Dalu certainly felt that Lu Yin was not a bad or evil person, he also had not given off the impression of being a selfless person. So why was he building the Tower of the Fifth?

The man could not understand the motive behind this, and he was far from the only one feeling such confusion. Even Arch-Elder Zen was curious about this. The more the old man learned about what Lu Yin was doing, the less the Semi-Progenitor felt like he could see through Lu Yin’s motivations.

What could Lu Yin possibly gain from the Tower of the Fifth? Was it really as simple as he had said? That the Fifth Mainland needed more strength to face off against the corpse kings? Was Lu Yin really just trying to raise the power of humanity?

There were many smaller crews in the Cosmic Sea in addition to the Four Pirate Crews, and one of the most famous of the smaller crews was the Unyielding Corps.

Ye Xingchen was sitting cross-legged at the bottom of the sea, staring towards the Abyss of the Sea.

He absolutely had to go to the Tower of the Fifth. While it was impossible for him to actually compete with Lu Yin, if Ye Xingchen could obtain an inheritance, then it would absolutely improve his situation in the Cosmic Sea and prevent his crew from being subjugated by another crew.

"You’ve already arrived at an unreachable height." Ye Xingchen sighed. He was not even referring to Lu Yin's strength, but rather his ambition and goals. There were not many people who were altruistic enough to sacrifice their own improvements in order to benefit the entire human race.

Just how many people had acquired some sort of great power and kept it secret? Humans were innately selfish.

Ye Xingchen quite admired Lu Yin’s selflessness and his dedication to the big picture.

Lu Yin had visited the Unyielding Corpse after exiting one of Burial Garden’s gates, and before returning, Lu Yin had advised Ye Xingchen to either destroy the gate or move away from it.

Ye Xingchen had listened to the advice, and his crew had moved away from the gate. Only a short while later, the gate had been destroyed, and the crew that had moved to take over the gate had been completely wiped out.

"Lu Yin, I owe you my life and the lives of my entire crew," Ye Xingchen muttered to himself, "I hope to one day be able to repay your kindness."


It was impossible to see the other side of the vortex at the center of the Abyss of the Sea. This place was the center of the Cosmic Sea, and endless amounts of seawater drained into the hole every second.

The closer one moved to the Abyss of the Sea, the stronger they would feel the sensation of being swallowed.

There were numerous wars.h.i.+ps anch.o.r.ed to the west of the Abyss of the Sea, led by a ma.s.sive wars.h.i.+p from Leon’s Armada that was poised like a giant looking down at the Abyss of the Sea. All of these vessels belonged to Leon’s Armada.

On the deck of one s.h.i.+p, Sister Fei and Kidney were both looking at the Abyss of the Sea. "What do you think Little Seven wants to get from this?"

Kidney just rolled his eyes. "I don't know, but it's definitely not something as charitable as he’s saying."

"You’re that certain?" Sister Fei was surprised.

Kidney flashed her a bright smile and winked at her. "Because he’s part of Leon’s Armada!"

Sister Fei felt grossed out. "Don't wink at me."

"What? Are you being affected by my handsomeness?" Kidney asked in an exaggerated fas.h.i.+on.

Sister Fei was left speechless.

“Ahem.” Ghost Doc walked up behind the two. The man was so hunched over that he looked like he was about to collapse at any moment.

Both people’s expressions changed when they saw Ghost Doc. They not only respected the man, but they were also scared of him. This old man’s strength was second only to Liu Feng, but his techniques were much more vicious than anything Liu Feng used. This old man was incredibly tricky.

"Little Seven’s purposes in building this Tower of the Fifth are his own. He is different from the rest of us, and you need to learn from him." Ghost Doc spoke slowly, his voice hoa.r.s.e and odd.

Kidney twitched. "I know. I was just cracking a joke."

There was a splash, and the Merman Regiment started leaping into the water some distance away before making their way towards the Abyss of the Sea.

While the vortex looked absolutely terrifying, as long as a person had just a bit of strength, it was possible to swim out of the vortex, so it was not an absolute death trap.

"Ghost Doc, what are we waiting for? Has the captain said anything?" Sister Fei asked.

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Ghost Doc walked over to the railing of the wars.h.i.+p and stared at the distant Abyss. "We’re waiting for someone."

"Who?" The other two were both curious.

Ghost Doc grew increasingly solemn. "Someone who can change the Abyss of the Sea and place the foundation for the Tower of the Fifth."

"The captain’s not going to do that?" Sister Fei was caught off guard.

Ghost Doc shook his head. "While our captain can do it, his status isn’t enough for this task. The Tower of the Fifth will represent the entire Fifth Mainland."

"You’re not saying a Semi-Progenitor’s coming, right?" Kidney shouted.

Ghost Doc glanced over at the man. “You got it."

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