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Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148 Why are you the mastermind behind the scenes? Decided to refine and get promoted

The terrifying gray mist, sweeping from an unknown origin, instantly shrouded the entire Kun Ji Universe.

All-star domains dimmed, devoid of any glimmer. It felt as if this place had plunged into immortal cold and silence.

The mult.i.tude of cultivators and beings on the ancient wars.h.i.+ps left outside the Kun Ji Universe was filled with horror.

Unbeknownst to them, those background figures had all been engulfed by the Kun Ji Universe, disappearing without a trace, like mud oxen sinking into the sea.

This was too horrifying. In their eyes, it seemed this place concealed unspeakable monstrous demons. It was not merely an opportunity to become immortal; it was something much more profound.

Such an event had never been recorded in ancient history. Even if the Kun Ji Universe was mysterious, how could it withstand the combined power of so many background figures without being destroyed?

All the armies halted outside the Kun Ji Universe, not daring to approach even a step further.

Even the Immortal Realm cultivators felt their bodies chill with fear. The rest of the cultivators and beings were even more horrified.

We paid such a heavy price for the chance to become immortal, using our entire clan’s foundation. In the end, we’re stopped here.

“How tragic. Inside the Kun Ji Universe, there is undoubtedly a chance for immortality right in front of us, but why is it like this? What happened?

Our ancestral true G.o.ds have waited for countless ages, all for this moment…

Many cultivators and beings wailed. They hoped their ancestors would achieve immortality in this universe, leading them to glory and brilliance.

However, they never expected even their ancestors to be engulfed, swallowed by the dark-shrouded universe, sending s.h.i.+vers down their spines.

For them, this moment was one of despair. All the radiance before their eyes, like the universe ahead, had fallen into absolute darkness, devoid of color.

Gu Changge sat in the Divine Ruins, observing everything from a distance, shaking his head gently.

He felt no compa.s.sion for these beings. In their pursuit of immortality, entire clans were willing to sacrifice everything, even preparing to bloodily conquer this universe.

No living beings or cultivators were innocent in this grand event of achieving immortality. To become immortal, one had to be prepared to pay the price.

The fluctuations of the Epoch Dao Fruits are becoming more a.s.sertive. The rules of heaven and earth are gradually becoming complete. The world will return to its former prosperity in a few hundred years.

Tao Yao gazed at the sky, calmly closing her eyes and sensing the fluctuations of the rules of heaven and earth. It was as if the incomplete parts were gradually filling and complementing a certain aura.

She even felt her cultivation slowly recovering—or rather, not healing — but the amount of aura she could wield increased, strengthening her strength. This wasn’t a recovery; it was an enhancement.

Because her own realm surpa.s.sed the ordinary Immortal Realm, her original strength couldn’t be fully exerted due to the limitations of the heavenly environment. Now that these restrictions were lifted, the power she could employ naturally became more terrible.

Yes, because the heavenly environment is changing, the Great Era of Immortality is approaching. That’s why they’re all so anxious, eager to seize the opportunity for immortality, willing to risk everything, even disregarding their clans.

Gu Changge gave a faint smile. His own cultivation was undergoing slow changes as well.

His current stage was only at the late stage of a Dao-building expert, equivalent to the late stage of the emperor’s realm. It was far from the so-called background figures who were at the pinnacle of Emperor Realm and on the verge of stepping into the realm of Immortality.

However, for him, his cultivation level only represented a little. His combat power had already reached the peak limit that this universe could accommodate.

Just as the power this universe could contain was at the Emperor Realm, the power Gu Changge could currently exert was the power of a Dao-building expert or a remnant immortal.

As the rules of this universe became complete, expanding its capacity, his ability to exert power naturally grew stronger.

When he faced the Reincarnated Heaven Lord before, Gu Changge used the Eight Desolate Demon Halberd to shatter the Reincarnated Heaven Lord’s divine soul with a single strike, reaching the extreme limit of this universe.

These so-called background figures thought they stood at the pinnacle of this universe, but in reality, even Tao Yao, with ease, could suppress them, let alone Gu Changge.

The true Immortal Domain is about to descend. I also need to seize the time. These background figures have become clever; they are all hiding in distant universes and haven’t approached yet…

Gu Changge gazed into the distance, observing the scene beyond the Kun Ji Universe.

Many arriving background figures stood at a distance, their expressions uncertain. They didn’t follow the reckless actions of those before and chose to wait and see.

After all, having lived for so long, they wouldn’t act recklessly when they sensed danger.

Just a while ago, eight background figures appeared and entered the universe. However, like mud oxen sinking into the sea, they disappeared without a trace, swallowed by the darkness.

They are not foolish; even if they crave ascension, they understand the immense dangers within the Kun Ji Universe. Naturally, I don’t expect them to be as reckless as those background figures who rushed in, ignorant of their impending doom.

With the essence of a dozen background figures, it should be enough for me to break through the pinnacle of the Emperor Realm.

Gu Changge with a slight shake of his head. His figure disappeared from the original spot and reappeared in the star field shrouded by the gray mist.

Four towering pillars seemed to connect heaven and earth, stretching into the vast distance, ancient and full of vicissitudes. They emitted a terrifying aura that sent s.h.i.+vers down one’s spine.

Countless chains extended from these four pillars, connecting to the ends of the dark cage where the background figures were now confined.

Some tried to break free by attacking the chains, attempting to escape. Others sat cross-legged, radiating a luminous glow, with signs of transcending into immortality appearing on their cheekbones as they sought to burn their souls and communicate with the immortal Qi of the heavens and the earth.

Having sensed the aura of ascension in this place, thick and rich, they wanted to take a desperate gamble.

Yet, some roared in madness, their eyes turned crimson, seemingly ensnared by inner demons. This wasn’t due to their mental instability but the influence of the aura of the Divine Ruins, penetrating their very souls.

Even the background figures of the Absolute Heavenly Extinction Ancient Ancestors were helpless against this influence.

Although these background figures possessed profound cultivation, their expertise in the emperor realm needed to be improved even to be considered on par with the Absolute Heavenly Extinction Ancient Ancestors.

Who are you, really?

Why do this? What is your ultimate goal?

As Gu Changge appeared in this place, many among them immediately erupted in angry shouts, fixing their gaze on him as the mastermind behind the scenes. They wanted to uncover his ident.i.ty and unravel his intentions.

After seizing the Epoch Tree post-Forbidden Epoch and framing and blaming the Eight Desolation and Ten Regions, which led to countless years of strife between the upper realms.

In this current era, he enticed them to this place, with the Epoch Tree manifesting itself as a significant medicine for him. Describing his schemes as malicious and ruthless would be an understatement.

This plot was against the entire upper realm, a calculated move against all the immortal forces. What made it even more terrifying was that for countless years, no one had any inkling of this person’s existence.

He was like a shadow blended into the darkness, always hidden behind the Era, observing the world indifferently. He witnessed the s.h.i.+fts of the Era, the chaos that ensued in the upper realm due to the search for the Epoch Tree, and the entire universe plunged into turmoil.

Such a mastermind was definitely only an ordinary individual with a name. He must have been terrible before the Forbidden Epoch, perhaps even more ancient than the Reincarnated Heaven Lord.

Who am I?

Gu Changge shook his head, giving a light chuckle. He made no effort to conceal his appearance as he walked from the void’s darkness. His handsome face remained cold and indifferent, devoid of any emotional fluctuations.

Is… is it you?

This… this… how is this possible?

Suddenly, like a bucket of cold water poured from an overturned heavenly lid, those background figures who recognized Gu Changge stared wide-eyed, terrified, and trembling, their voices incomplete.

Before this revelation, they had speculated and deduced many possibilities, with the high likelihood of the Reincarnated Heaven Lord. However, never in their wildest dreams did they imagine Gu Changge, the invincible junior of the current era, to be the mastermind.

It was as unbelievable as a fairy tale, utterly inconceivable. Upon awakening earlier, many of them had learned about Gu Changge from the mouths of their juniors, understanding his terrifying talents and remarkable nature. However, they never regarded him equally, considering him a child.

Only during Gu Changge’s marriage, when the Red-Clothed Demoness mentioned his ident.i.ty as the reincarnation of a supreme being from the Forbidden Epoch, did some among them pay closer attention.

Some even discussed with the “One-Eyed” Daoist from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain the possibility of preemptively dealing with Gu Changge to prevent him from becoming uncontrollable.

However, with the appearance of the Epoch Tree and the opportunity for ascension, they had to set this matter aside, focusing on the journey to the Kun Ji Universe. Little did they expect that the mastermind behind the scenes in the Kun Ji Universe would turn out to be Gu Changge.

At this moment, their minds were buzzing, their scalps tingling. Even as background figures who had reached a state of emotional tranquility, they felt profound fear.

How could it be you? How did you achieve this? Or is Gu Changge just your incarnation, and you’re the true mastermind…

One of the background figures trembled as he spoke, not realizing the deep fear within himself. Everything felt like a surreal nightmare.

Gu Changge’s expression remained unchanged as dark runes emerged behind him. An abyssal radiance descended as if a black hole suddenly condensed within the darkness, enveloping the few individuals, ready to refine them.

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