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Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152: The road reaches the limit; this life will rejoin the immortal road

After the immortal gate, what lies beyond?

Just a glimpse through the revealed crack reveals a vast and expansive world, aglow with the radiance of vital biomatter that can delay their decay and aging, even reshaping their soul’s brilliance, making their spiritual power unprecedentedly vigorous.

The Lord of the Divine Crucible has tragically perished under the immortal tribulation; his aura vanished into thin air…

The chance to become immortal in this universe belongs to us.

All the background figures were filled with excitement, rus.h.i.+ng towards it. For countless ages, their antic.i.p.ation had been building up for this very moment.

Everyone was eager to break open that gateway and rush inside.

In particular, the “One-Eyed” Daoist burned with intense fervor, sparing no effort in unleas.h.i.+ng the most potent prohibitive tools. His surging aura resembled immortal swords, cras.h.i.+ng towards the gateway, causing the entire universe to tremble.

The thunderous sea subsided as the immortal tribulation dispersed, and the radiant glow that shrouded everything faded. It was as if the thunder tribulation that belonged to the Lord of the Divine Ruins was also dissipating and wouldn’t endure.

All the background figures watched as the immortal gate, once vivid, became hazy after the dispersal of the tribulation, seemingly drifting away. Their cultivation wasn’t sufficient to trigger their own immortal tribulations here.

However, how could they give up with the immortal gate right in front of them and the path to immortality within?


Endless attacks once again surged as if everything had been evolving since dawn. The overwhelming force shook everyone; nothing of this terror had been witnessed throughout history.

The Kun Ji Universe was continually collapsing, star fields had long crumbled, and devastation was everywhere.

Ripples spread everywhere; even the chaotic qi was scattered, pervading the broken universe.

Outside the Kun Ji Universe, the vast armies witnessed this awe-inspiring scene filled with excitement and astonishment.

Even some cultivators with lower realms felt like they were following these background figures, carving out their own path to immortality.

This was an unprecedented grand occasion, witnessing the revival of the background figures of the current era, ascending and stepping into the legendary world.

Waited for countless ages, finally seeing this day, no regrets in this lifetime…

They revealed in shared glory, moved to tears of joy.


Even if there’s no way ahead and the immortal gate hasn’t fully opened, we will carve out a path. No one can stop us from ascending to immortality.

All the background figures, at this moment, exuded an overwhelming aura, almost suppressing the ancient times, encompa.s.sing both the past and the present.

Their gazes were like immortal blades and swords, resounding sharply as they cleaved through the air.

It was an unprecedented and terrifying willpower gathering ahead, causing all the cultivators to shudder. It was enough to astonish the ancient and shake the present.

The once blurry immortal gateway was now becoming faint as if it would soon dissipate and not endure. However, within it, a captivating radiance attracted all the background figures, exuding an aura of immortality that beckoned them forward, expanding their pores and brightening their spirits, urging them towards a transcendent ascent.

The immortal gate is about to vanish. Today, we shall reconnect with the immortal path using our origins…

Someone shouted, and above their heads, five colorful sword auras appeared, overflowing with heavenly energy, incredibly astonis.h.i.+ng.

As some background figures sacrificed their own origins, their entire bodies gleamed, elevating their cultivations to unprecedented heights, approaching a terrifying level akin to the so-called “immortal.

They were attempting to beckon the gateway, not letting it drift away. Everyone joined in, and as the immortal gate solidified again, various methods were unleashed to blast it open.

A horrifying crack appeared, revealing the grand and ancient walls, heavenly soldiers and generals within, all solidified by the rules yet appearing very real.

They even saw heavenly phoenixes, white tigers, true dragons soaring, ancient peaks towering, and the entire world glowing, even revealing the legendary Southern Heaven Gate.


Ultimately, the radiance became too dazzling, as if the sun exploded there.

Finally, the immortal gate was blasted open, and the magnificent walls emerged before all the background figures, accompanied by an endless cloud of dust.

However, the opened immortal gate didn’t last long, showing signs of closing. At this point, the background figures couldn’t hold back any longer. They rushed towards it, even fighting each other to secure a place on the immortal path.

Initially, their common goal was to open the immortal gate, but once it opened, the remaining background figures became their greatest enemies.

Rainbow-coloured light danced in the air, filling the sky. The large crack and the path to immortality were all aglow, brilliant and crystal clear.

Yet, it was also terrifying – each point of light was enough to pierce through sovereigns and quasi-emperors, leaving little room for survival.

As they reached this point, it could be said that everyone’s eyes were bloodshot. They wanted to continuously approach that gateway, enter the path of immortality, and achieve an immortal position.

This was the greatest desire in countless ages, and no one could stop it.

The road lies ahead…

One profound being, enveloped in a multicolored glow, rushed to the front of the immortal gate, witnessing the scene within and couldn’t help but roar.

However, as he rushed inside, he witnessed the things condensed by the laws shattering, the walls collapsing, and the immortal path fracturing.

The immortal path is disappearing. Something’s not right. There’s a profound mystery here. The immortal path is separated by a world-spanning sea…

The background figures shouted, incredibly excited. His figure swiftly entered the immortal gate, instantly disappearing within.

Following him, numerous other background figures also rushed over. The speed was astonis.h.i.+ng; in the blink of an eye, they arrived, racing against time, fearing they might fall behind.

Brilliant dawn hues rose, and sudden brightness appeared at the vast end of emptiness. The grand world that had previously varnished seemed to reappear faintly, and a force of longevity attracted everyone. However, it felt like there was a world-spanning sea in between.

It truly is the aura of immortality. We are going to ascend to immortality in this lifetime…

The eyes of all the background figures who entered the immortal path lit up like a dazzling flame illuminating the ages. They hurriedly rushed towards that place.


Just a bit more, and we could have entered.

Outside the immortal gate, those background figures who hadn’t made it inside could only watch with immense unwillingness. Their eyes turned red as the immortal gate slowly closed, seemingly forever isolating them.

The “One-Eyed” Daoist from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain felt highly unwilling. His speed was already fast, but he still couldn’t catch up with the others.

Some specialized in the rate of Dao-building expert, even touching upon the realm of time, and others were exceptionally proficient in this art, achieving unparalleled swiftness. He simply couldn’t catch up.

Even if the immortal gate is closed, so what? Since it opened once, it can open again now…

However, some profound beings were not disheartened. They quickly recovered, their eyes blazing like flames as they focused on the ancient gateway, determined to reopen the immortal gate.

The background figures who had just entered numbered less than twenty. Now, there were still over a dozen outside. Hearing these words, they regained their confidence, again attacking the immortal gate and becoming the second batch to enter.

However, the scene inside was different when the gateway was blasted open again. There was blood splattering, and even some blood flowed out through the door crack.


A sorrowful roar echoed, and one figure within howled, terrifying and shaking the vast Kun Ji Universe, evoking a sense of despair.

From outside the immortal gate, his aura dissipated, and the entire person seemed to dissolve into light as if unable to withstand the aura of immortality.

This horrifying scene changed the expressions of these background figures, but the opportunity to ascend to immortality was right before them. They couldn’t afford to be overly concerned and hurriedly rushed into the immortal gate, unwilling to fall behind.

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