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Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228: She looks like a mortal woman, so doesn’t the Moon King have the intention of asking for help?

Gu Changge spoke with a light tone, merely providing a concise explanation, but it sent s.h.i.+vers down the Moon King’s spine.

After two weeks, summon all the immortal kings from across the immortal domain to a.s.semble before him. This entails spreading the word throughout the Immortal Domain about Gu Changge’s presence in the Southern Immortal Domain and urging all immortal kings to come and pay homage.

The Immortal Domain had evolved; each realm had its distinct boundaries, and they no longer meddled in each other’s affairs. Even if a foreign force attacked the Western Immortal Domain and all territories fell, it was met with indifference.

Even now, no one would bat an eye if she announced to the rest of the Immortal Domain that the Southern Immortal Domain had been seized.

Moon King foresaw something ominous unfolding in half a month. Despite feeling uneasy, the Moon King restrained his emotions and respectfully replied, “I’ll do my best to convey this news to all current immortal kings in the Immortal Domain.”

Gu Changge said little more. After leaving this star field, she returned to Yue Mansion. The Moon King now resided alone in the grand palace.

Typically, he would sit in her lofty position, immersed in studying the Dao-building expert. Hewould only communicate orders to the Moon Palace servants through his spiritual thoughts when necessary.

However, with Gu Changge’s arrival, the Moon Palace had been directly occupied. Not a single cultivator remained in a vast radius, and Moon King even instructed his confidantes to stay away from the vicinity.

Feeling the pressure, Moon King diligently drafted decrees following Gu Changge’s instructions. He dispatched his subordinates to disseminate these decrees across the immortal domains, ensuring everyone received the message.

Apart from Moon King, no one was aware of Gu Changge’s presence in the Southern Immortal Domain. Despite his subordinates’ confusion over Yue King’s actions, they hurriedly complied with the orders.

Gu Changge, stationed in the Moon King Palace, made no demands, seemingly awaiting something. Moon King struggled with restlessness, uncertain about Gu Changge’s motives, and his heart pounded with worry.

Who would have imagined that the esteemed Moon King, the undisputed ruler of the Southern Immortal Domain, would one day exhibit vulnerability like an ordinary mortal woman, trembling in fear that a misstep could lead to her demise?

Did you not order tea in your vast Moon Palace to entertain me as a guest?

Gu Changge sat casually in the courtyard, surrounded by outer walls crafted from various types of immortal jade. The pond, filled with boundless immortal water, hosted an array of ancient and peculiar flora, creating a breathtakingly beautiful scene.

“Apologies for amusing your lords.h.i.+p,” Moon King responded with surprise, a smile gracing his face.

He elegantly raised his hand, producing a set of immortal jade tea cups, and began preparing tea. The tea and its water were rare treasures unseen by ordinary cultivators in their entire lives.

Despite his seemingly calm demeanour, Moon King’s heart was far from tranquil. He carefully observed Gu Changge’s every move and expression, anxious not to make a mistake that could lead to trouble. Humiliating an Immortal King should be avoided at all costs, as it incurs severe consequences.

However, in Gu Changge’s presence, the distinction between the Immortal King and ordinary individuals blurred.

“The tea is a bit too hot.” Gu Changge remarked as he received the tea from Moon King. He took a breath, sipped it, and then frowned slightly. “I didn’t antic.i.p.ate that as an Immortal King, you struggle to brew a proper cup of tea.”

Upon hearing this, Moon King, while pouring more tea, froze. Nervousness crept onto her face, aware of his inability to brew tea despite countless years of Dao cultivation. Others had always served her tea, and the thought of making tea for someone else never crossed her mind.

“Well, let me… not cause your lords.h.i.+p further amus.e.m.e.nt.”

With a hint of fragrant sweat on his forehead, Moon King attempted to steady his voice.

“I’ll handle it myself,” Gu Changge interjected casually. Taking the tea set from the slightly bewildered Moon King, he made it quickly, treating the situation as if he were one of their own.

Conversely, Moon King appeared transparent and uncertain in front of him.

Moon King found himself almost stunned by the scene unfolding before him. In his perception, Gu Changge was the culprit behind the taboo era. The destruction of the once magnificent and prosperous immortal palace was a terror etched into countless spirits’ memories.

In the Western Immortal Domain, Gu Changge had killed four Immortal Kings from different regions, treating them as sustenance. In his eyes, everything in the world, even an Immortal King atop the Immortal Dao-building expert, was mere nourishment.

Yet, here was this formidable being, calmly preparing tea before her. If Moon King hadn’t known Gu Changge’s true ident.i.ty, he might have found the scene peaceful, natural, and beautiful. However, the knowledge intensified the chill within his, and his fear deepened.

This indifference reflected a genuine disregard for all spirits, viewing the immortal king before him as nothing more than an ant or mundane existence.

“What transpired? Why did his Majesty, the Moon King, issue an order forbidding anyone from approaching the Moon King’s Mansion and clearing the star fields around the area?”

In the borderland of the Southern Immortal Domain, the Starfield quivered as teams of people and horses arrived from afar, riding on fairy beasts and bathed in immortal light. These were the personal guards of Moon King City, armed with powerful auras and immortal armor, wielding heavenly swords, spears, and other celestial weapons. Moon King had directed them to deliver orders to other immortal domains.

“If it’s His Majesty, the Moon King’s decree, then I’ll comply without question. Why inquire about such matters?”

An exceptionally handsome man among the immortal guards spoke, his expression indifferent, devoid of emotional fluctuations.

Draped in silver immortal armor and surrounded by immortal energy, he resembled an immortal general from myths and legends, striking an imposing figure.

Upon hearing the inquiry, the expressions of all the immortal guards underwent a subtle change, a clear sign of fear towards the handsome man.

This man was Bai Chuan, the commander of the Moon King’s guards. With one foot firmly in the realm of the Immortal King, he could be deemed a Quasi-Immortal King. His strength surpa.s.sed that of a half-step Immortal King, making him the individual closest to the Immortal King herself.

Blessed with exceptional talent, Bai Chuan was destined for greatness as a Dao.

Achieving his current state after practicing the Dao for millions of years, he was antic.i.p.ated to ascend to the status of an immortal king within tens of millions of years. He outpaced cultivation records set by many old immortal kings in the current immortal domain.

Despite tempting offers from immortal kings in other domains, Bai Chuan rejected them all, choosing to remain in the Southern Immortal Domain as a personal guard to Moon King.

His contributions were indispensable for the Moon King Mansion to maintain its position as the foremost power in the Southern Immortal Domain. Bai Chuan claimed it was to repay Moon King’s kindness, emphasizing their long standing connection. Whether this was true or not remained known only to him.

The immortal guards harbored a significant apprehension of Bai Chuan, given his long standing power acc.u.mulation and icy temperament. Few could effectively deal with him.

“If I catch wind of any derogatory remarks about His Majesty Moon King, don’t blame me for enforcing the rules,” Bai Chuan coldly warned the group of immortal guards, urging them to continue their journey as time was of the essence.

In truth, Bai Chuan understood Moon King well. Having known each other for millions of years, Moon King was akin to his master in certain respects.

Thus, Bai Chuan comprehended that Moon King’s sudden order, declaring the Moon King’s Mansion off-limits and marking a vast area as forbidden, was unexpected, catching everyone off guard without prior notification.

Considering the situation’s urgency, Moon King refrained from divulging more information. The recent events in the Western Immortal Domain played on Bai Chuan’s mind, intensifying his ominous premonitions.

Seeking insight, he approached Jin Yuan, the half-step immortal king dispatched to the Western Immortal Domain and gathered crucial information.

“If Jin Yuan’s account holds, Moon King might be facing a life-threatening peril. He may have been held hostage, compelling him to issue orders evacuating the Moon Palace. There might be hidden motives behind these directives,” Bai Chuan contemplated heavily.

As a quasi-immortal king, he was discerning enough to infer from subtle details that a formidable existence might threaten Moon King.

Although it’s decreed, it might not convey Moon King’s true plea for help.

Bai Chuan sighed. Wary of missing the opportunity to rescue Moon King, he acknowledged the urgency. Despite claiming that staying with Moon King was to repay her for his kindness and guidance, Bai Chuan understood that Moon King likely perceived his intentions, even though their unspoken bond remained unacknowledged.

This peril Moon King faces may be the key to drawing us closer.

Bai Chuan mused, eyeing the ancient altar in the distance. Through this ancient altar, one could directly access the border of the Central Immortal Domain, where crossing barriers and chaotic storms would lead to the Central Immortal Domain.

As a quasi-immortal king, Bai Chuan commanded respect even from the immortal king’s families in the Central Immortal Domain. No one dared to impede him outside the gates of the Central Immortal Domain.

Despite its considerable distance, the Central Immortal Domain, once at the center of the original Immortal Realm, now stood far removed in the distant depths of the universe. Bai Chuan and others could traverse it directly through the ancient altar, crossing vast star fields of millions of miles.

Approaching the boundary barrier outside the Central Immortal Domain, an imposing ancient city emerged. Its blue walls exuded a desolate air adorned with flas.h.i.+ng runes.

Within, Central Immortal Realm experts vigilantly guarded against intrusion from other Immortal Domains or Great Realms. The city was surrounded by an immortal aura, dense rays, and distant fog, creating an illusionary paradise.

Atop the structures, several cross-legged figures surrounded by chaotic energy emitted astonis.h.i.+ng energy and auras. Their eyes displayed terrifying visions. A vast, messy storm enveloped both locations millions of miles away, with ancient stars falling to the ground in the middle of the turmoil.

On an ancient star, the ground crumbled, giving way to a majestic and ancient altar. Teams of people and horses, composed of men and women, ascended from the altar. The leader, a tall silver-haired woman with an icy complexion, led the group. Beside her, a strikingly handsome black man exuding an almost sinister aura expressed his discomfort with the oppressive Dao in the Immortal Domain.

“The current environment of the immortal domain is like this, and it has a suppressive effect on us,” explained an old man accompanying them. These were individuals from King Ming’s Mansion, following the orders of King Ming. The woman in charge was Ming Yi.

“Ahead is the ancient town boundary city of the Central Immortal Domain. Only through the ancient town boundary city can we enter the scope of the Central Immortal Domain,” Ming Yi informed the group, gesturing towards the distant majestic ancient city standing amidst the chaotic storm.

Continuing their journey, the chaotic storm posed no obstacle, thanks to three actual immortal ancestors accompanying them, who used their unique treasures to part the storm and create a clear path.

Meanwhile, on their way to Zhenjie’s ancient city, a powerful individual among them opened his eyes, emitting a dazzling light resembling a sharp sword attempting to pierce the distant void.

“Someone is rus.h.i.+ng into the chaotic storm and is about to cross the border,” the powerhouse declared, rising from his cross-legged position with a cold tone.

His declaration stirred many powerhouses in the ancient city, prompting them to transform into divine lights and appear outside the city. Frowning, they observed the chaotic storm covering the sky in the distance.

From that distant place, a voice echoed, “We are coming from a foreign land, and according to the order of King Ming of our family, we are here to visit King Luo, and we have important matters to discuss.”

An ancient true immortal from Ming Palace appeared at the world’s edge, traversing the chaotic storm and swiftly contacting the ancient city of Zhenjie.

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