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Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241: Lamenting for the ancient era, disintegrated in one blow

A resounding blast emanated from the end of the universe, akin to blowing an immortal horn, awakening all the generals and soldiers engaged in heavenly battles from the cycle of reincarnation. As monstrous as the vast abyss, this tremendous power brought the mighty army forth from nothingness, transcending time and s.p.a.ce.

Kill, kill, kill.

A monstrous, murderous aura swept across like the collapse of mountains and rivers, obliterating everything in its path. The immense army surged forward, and the star fields in its wake trembled and succ.u.mbed to the overwhelming aura.

If these are truly immortal heroic souls, could our ancestors be among them?

Trembling voices echoed among the inhabitants of the Southern Immortal Realm, their shock rendering them speechless.

Some say that the Banner of the Eight Directions Towns.h.i.+p of the Immortal Palace is an innate ent.i.ty. It emerged eons ago and was once wielded by the Star King of the Immortal Palace. It commanded the world, and none dared to disobey.

Old Immortal King Gu Xuan, well-versed in ancient texts, solemnly explained, having risen from his futon.

Though the flag appeared broken and incomplete, its momentary revelation exuded a formidable force capable of eternal suppression.

The other Immortal Kings gasped, fixated on the unfolding scene.

“It’s the battle flag, but unfortunately, it’s been broken…” Ao Ling remarked, her expression now grave, the carefree smile replaced by a thoughtful expression. Immortal King Ao Di, beside her, remained unaware of the more profound implications.

This revelation left Immortal King Bai Chuan visibly shocked. The unexpected event unfolding at this moment was beyond his antic.i.p.ation.

Someone has truly taken action at this moment; it seems I won’t need to make an attempt.

He couldn’t help but murmur to himself.

Just as the guests in the Moon Palace, including the Immortal Kings, were still in shock, another astonis.h.i.+ng scene unfolded at the end of the universe. An ancient and weathered melody emerged seemingly from nowhere, with profound sorrow and grief. The standing Immortal King Dao Bodies made minimal movements but blew some horns.

In the darkness, melancholic ballads resonated, their mellifluous tones deeply moving yet sorrowful, akin to the lament of a peerless woman mourning for an era long buried in ancient times. In the depths of the universe, a radiance appeared, incredibly formidable, resembling two scorching blood suns spanning the sky and transcending the ages. Though it gazed at the Southern Immortal Realm, it didn’t reveal its proper form. Nevertheless, the radiance in its eyes sent s.h.i.+vers through many real immortals, imagining the colossal creature that the entire universe could not contain.

“What kind of creature is this?” questioned all the Immortal Kings in the Moon Palace, feeling palpitations under the intensity of that scrutinizing gaze. It was as if this being had seen through every secret from top to bottom, leaving no room for concealment, freezing the blood of those it observed.


At that moment, a formidable momentum surged from the depths of the Moon King’s Mansion, and the immortal mist wafted through the immortal bamboo forest. The star field, spanning hundreds of millions of miles, trembled. Virtually all Immortal Kings felt a tremor in their hearts, their expressions changing dramatically as they turned their attention in that direction.

Even those not Immortal Kings found their legs trembling, their bodies on the verge of collapse, unable to withstand even a trace of the aura.

My Lord!

The Moon King, standing loftily in the sky, also changed expression. He hastily saluted respectfully, causing the immortal mist to disperse.

Everyone observed a figure at the depths of the Dao platform; its back turned to the crowd. It appeared extraordinarily tall and upright, draped in immaculate white attire that surpa.s.sed the purity of snow, with robes billowing in the ethereal breeze.

Which forbidden existence is this?

Old Immortal King Gu Xuan, Immortal King Ao Di, and Immortal King Ku Yin fixated in that direction, finally catching a glimpse of the figure’s true face. Their astonishment grew as they found the figure remarkably young, lacking the feared three-headed and six-armed ferocity rumored in legends.

It’s him.

Ao Ling, beside Immortal King Ao Di, stared unwaveringly, her emotions far from calm. It was the first time she had displayed such an expression, tightly gripping her sleeves.

Gu Changge stood on the platform, observing the vast army advancing toward the Southern Immortal Realm. With a simple lift of a finger, crystal clear yet possessing the authority of heaven and earth, he radiated an ancient brilliance, intercepting the universe and descending with a gentle tap.

All the Immortal Kings felt a chill, sensing that their very souls were on the verge of being erased by this singular finger.


A boundless light erupted ahead, threatening to tear the fabric of heaven and earth. The vast army summoned by the tattered flag disintegrated like ashes scattered in the wind at the mere proximity of this finger, exploding before any contact was made.

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, dissolving into the void.

This spectacle instilled fear and trembling in all the creatures of the Southern Immortal Realm. The sheer might suggested that wiping out the entire Southern Immortal Realm could be achieved with just one finger.

The younger generation, accompanying a group of Immortal Kings to the Moon Palace, stood shocked. Finally, they comprehended why their ancestors had been so frightened and uneasy, even attempting to relocate to preserve a semblance of existence.

Under this overwhelming power capable of world destruction, true immortals and ordinary creatures appeared as mere cannon fodder, unable to withstand even a single finger.

Old Immortal King Gu Xuan expressed more profound shock, stating, “Rumors spoke of this lord annihilating the Three Thousand States with a single hand, causing the entire Immortal Realm to collapse. Seeing it now, it’s not just a rumor…”

Other Immortal Kings were equally terrified, realizing they could hardly resist this finger. Even attempting to resist would likely result in severe injuries. What made it more unsettling was that this was merely Gu Changge’s casual display of power.

It seemed effortlessly achievable if he genuinely intended to obliterate the entire Immortal Realm, even without him returning to his peak strength.

“What’s the point of hiding? Do you really think you can conceal yourself from me?” Gu Changge spoke calmly, remaining stationary on the Dao platform. He gazed toward the end of the universe.

The Immortal Kings of the Five Paths figures stood firm, raising the tattered flag to summon heroic spirits once again. In the void, the ashes seemed to reform, and the corrupt figures returned, flesh, mounts, and weapons materializing as if they were immortal.

Although such a formidable army posed an overwhelming threat to ordinary cultivators, it proved futile against Gu Changge. They couldn’t even approach him.

With a casual wave of his sleeves, a terrifying Dao sound echoed throughout heaven and earth, as if an ancient immortal sat cross-legged, reciting ancient scriptures of reincarnation for all living beings. The sound swept the oncoming troops away, swiftly transforming into flying ash as if they had been dissolved.

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