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Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240: No one in the world dares to disobey remnants of the old era

One after another, commanding figures emerged in the universe, their indifferent eyes overseeing the ages as if they had existed since the dawn of time. The world appeared incapable of containing their auras, and their eyes alone hung in the sky like a terrifying blood moon devoid of emotion.


The entire universe trembled, sweeping across the whole Southern Immortal Realm. This was the unmatched power of the Immortal Kings, capable of effortlessly subduing the world. Such a profound disturbance was extraordinary, as the recovery of any Immortal King would typically resonate throughout the entire universe.

Yet, on this day, more than one Immortal King’s aura surpa.s.sed many statues, erupting in a spectacular display.

Even ordinary cultivators instinctively grasped that something significant was unfolding. The guests in the Moon Palace gazed in shock towards the end of the universe, where the majesty of the Immortal Kings erupted, threatening to engulf the world.

Successive figures of Immortal King’s covered heaven and earth, appearing as if not their actual bodies but descending in a particular manner, yet retaining overwhelming power. Even the Immortal Kings within the Moon King Palace couldn’t discern the ident.i.ties of those figures at the end of the universe.

They’re acting recklessly.

Aren’t they afraid of the consequences?

In the immortal bamboo forest, the voice of an ancient true immortal trembled with fear. The appearance of an Immortal King’s aura at today’s banquet raised questions—was there an intention to attack someone in the Moon Palace? Such audacity seemed to pull everyone in the immortal realm into uncertain waters.

Old Immortal King Gu Xuan and Immortal King Ao Di of the Eastern Immortal Realm grew serious, silently staring at the unfolding spectacle. Since arriving in the Southern Immortal Domain, they had immediately restrained their aura fluctuations, preventing anyone from approaching except those of equal standing.

This gesture expressed their respectful att.i.tude, a boundary they dared not surpa.s.s. However, the unveiled auras of the Immortal Kings were undeniably terrible as they revealed their Dao Bodies upon entering the Southern Immortal Realm. This act hinted at provocation – were they planning something against a particular individual?

“Even if these aren’t their real bodies, the aftermath of this confrontation will undoubtedly stir great turbulence in the Immortal Domain,” mused Immortal King Ao Di, aware of the reality behind these Dao Bodies through Ao Ling’s explanation. These were bodies of faith, condensed through some forbidden treasure, possessing strength comparable to an Immortal King’s. Yet, reducing such a Dao Body came at a significant cost.

The chaotic atmosphere made it challenging to identify which Immortal King or Kings these faith Dao Bodies belonged to. Immortal King Ao Di couldn’t help but narrow his eyes, questioning the boldness of those who dared such a move.

“Is the Central Immortal Realm really not afraid of facing the consequences afterwards?” Ao Di pondered aloud, his skepticism evident.

The Immortal King from the restricted life area, emanating a decadent aura, couldn’t help but grin, almost gloating. He played into the narrative that these Dao Bodies were the work of the Central Immortal Realm, sowing doubt and intrigue among the gathered Immortal Kings.

While the Moon Palace guests were far from the Immortal Kings, they caught snippets of the conversations. Suspicion regarding the intentions of the Central Immortal Realm spread among the crowd, questioning whether they sought to embroil the entire Immortal Realm in trouble. The looming question remained: were they unafraid of the potential consequences, or did they genuinely believe they could handle the situation?

“The current state of affairs in the Immortal Realm is becoming increasingly intriguing,” remarked Ao Ling with a grin, seemingly unfazed and finding amus.e.m.e.nt in the unfolding events.

Ao Ling seemed to comprehend the motives behind the unfolding events, her eyes filled with genuine interest.

They truly don’t seem to value their lives.

At that moment, the Moon King, who had been absent until now, made her appearance. She stood amidst the void, her gown dancing in the immortal winds and her gaze exuding a cold intensity. She expressed disbelief that, amidst such a significant event, there were still individuals who seemed unaware of the consequences, willingly placing themselves in harm’s way. It wasn’t just a matter of foolishness but a voluntary march towards death.

In the heart of the immortal bamboo forest, Gu Changge, who had been seated in meditation, rose slowly. The fragments of the Dao dissipated around him, and he adopted the appearance of an ordinary mortal.

Even when faced with an Immortal King at this moment, one might instinctively regard him as a mere mortal. There was no discernible aura or fluctuations in the laws emanating from him. However, a profound abyss lurked beneath the surface, capable of devouring everything at any moment.

“I truly didn’t antic.i.p.ate that, even at this juncture, there are those unafraid of death,” remarked Gu Changge as he gazed towards the end of the universe, maintaining his composed stance.

At that moment, five figures of Immortal Kings appeared. Although they were not genuine bodies, their auras indicated strength that was not inferior to regular Immortal Kings. They stood united at the end of the universe, as if reshaping the cosmos, and the world seemed insufficient to contain their presence.

Gu Changge recognized them as Dao Bodies rather than their proper forms, leading to a mild surprise.

Heavenly Maiden Tianlu, standing beside Gu Changge, couldn’t help but express her astonishment. “Husband, who are these Immortal Kings?”

“A remnant of an old era,” Gu Changge replied with a gentle smile, leaving Heavenly Maiden Tianlu even more perplexed.

As Gu Changge’s words echoed, it appeared like a monstrous storm erupted at the end of the universe in the Southern Immortal Realm. An ancient and weathered banner unfurled, and immense chaos surrounded it like a tidal wave, shrouding the sky and the earth.

Five terrible figures stood there, evenly s.p.a.ced apart, gazing indifferently toward the Moon Palace, appearing to be the only beings in ancient times.


The ancient banner was ceremoniously offered by someone, waving at the end of the world as a torrent of endless blood and rain rushed toward it. An echoing sound of iron horses clas.h.i.+ng reverberated, resembling the heavens trembling in response to the unfolding spectacle.

In the dark void, an immortal king’s voice resonated, echoing the voice of the Dao but possessing an air of supreme decree, commanding the world and compelling unquestioning obedience.

Amidst the whisper, all the creatures that had vanished from heaven and earth were resurrected from the void. They transformed into blood, morphed into bones, and were systematically rea.s.sembled and reborn.

A vast and terrifying army, virtually countless, a.s.sembled under the watchful eyes of all, seated on the back of ancient beasts and overlooking the world.

“Is this the ancient heroic spirit that once disappeared from heaven and earth? Or the army that once fell here?” gasped the inhabitants of the Moon Palace, their collective shock palpable. Even the Immortal Kings contracted their pupils, fixating on the grandiose banner.

What kind of astonis.h.i.+ng power was at play here? A mere banner had summoned creatures that had long vanished from the world, an act seemingly against the natural order!

At that moment, Old Immortal King Gu Xuan’s eyes widened even further, his expression tinged with disbelief.

He uttered, “Could it be… before the Taboo Era, the Immortal Palace commanded the heavens using the Eight Directions Banner of the Immortal Realm?”

With its eight poles, the Eight Directions Banner of the Immortal Realm was shrouded in mystery and possessed unpredictable power. It was said to have the ability to command the heavens and all races under the rule of the eight-star kings of the Immortal Palace. Countless immortal soldiers and generals were said to be under its command. However, these banners had long vanished into the river of history, becoming legends with no confirmed sightings or existence.

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