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Chapter 1869 World Calamity Tree

?Date- -/-

Time- -/-

Location- Unknown, Blood Rule Source

"No, you are not a human," the Elder Anesthesia Dragon rebuffed Wyatt. "That feeble thing you just threw is a human. Whereas, you remind me of a frightening memory I chose to forget. Give me a minute; I will remember." The dragon spun around Wyatt, scrutinizing him from head to toe, front and back, as if attempting to recall when and where it had encountered something resembling him.

While the dragon wrestled with its memories, Wyatt attempted to reach out to the devil merchant code, hoping to access its inter-realm teleportation function within the blood rule source. Unfortunately, his fears were realized as he found he could contact the devil merchant code but couldn't access any of its functions. It appeared even the formidable devil merchant code was powerless within the rule source. However, just as he started to feel disheartened, Wyatt was astonished to discover that he could still utilize the privilege granted to him by the devil merchant code. This meant that the code could teleport his soul to any location across myriad realms, outside the confines of the rule source.

Learning this, Wyatt's concerns about being stranded in the Blood Rule Source began to ease. Now, he too started to scrutinize the blood fog vessel of the Elder Anesthesia dragon, much like it had a.s.sessed him. The concept of a soul inhabiting a vessel crafted purely from rules energy wasn't entirely unfamiliar to Wyatt; it brought to mind Rune Spirits.

"World Calamity Tree," the Elder Anesthesia dragon suddenly exclaimed. "I remember now. You are the human incarnation of the World Calamity Tree. No wonder you are immune to my ability. But I thought the Librarian destroyed the last seeds of the World Calamity Trees while tricking the pixie race into enslavement. I suppose even the Librarian is not as thorough as everyone thinks."

"World calamity tree?" Wyatt muttered in confusion. It sounded somewhat like the dungeon calamity seed, but he refrained from jumping to conclusions hastily. He couldn't recall reading about such a species of tree in any book. However, he mulled over the dragon's mention of the Librarian and the Pixies, realizing that the Elder Anesthesia Dragon before him was as ancient as the Librarian, knowledgeable about the atrocities committed against the Pixie race.

Aware that the Elder Anesthesia Dragon was not someone to be trifled with, Wyatt ceased all his subtle probing and patiently awaited an opportunity to escape using his devil merchant code privilege. He didn't dare to underestimate the Elder Anesthesia Dragon, recognizing it as among the elite, even within the ruler cla.s.s. Who knew what formidable abilities it possessed? Wyatt refused to gamble with his life by relying solely on the sh.e.l.l of the dungeon calamity seed or the devil merchant code privilege. He knew he had only one chance at escape, and he was determined to make it count.

"A world calamity tree, that's what you are. Did you forget your true self? Judging by your strength, you seem too young to succ.u.mb to the curse of immortality and lose your memories. Are you injured? Furthermore, how did you gain entry into the Blood Rule Source? This is not a place for your kind," the Elder Anesthesia Dragon remarked, surprisingly talkative for someone of its age and strength. Wyatt attributed its enthusiasm to its curiosity about the world calamity tree.

"Esteemed Elder Anesthesia Dragon, I must clarify that I am not a world calamity tree. I am a mere human who utilized the dungeon calamity seed as an ingredient to forge my demon core," Wyatt revealed his secret to the dragon, sensing it was in his best interest to dispel the misunderstanding and diminish its curiosity about him.

"Are you absolutely certain? Apart from your humanoid appearance, your spiritual energy bears a striking resemblance to the world calamity tree, and what exactly is a dungeon calamity seed?" The Elder Anesthesia Dragon appeared disappointed as it listened to Wyatt's explanation and attempted to negotiate with Wyatt regarding his ident.i.ty, a notion that seemed utterly absurd to Wyatt.

"I am completely certain that I am a human, and this is a dungeon calamity seed," Wyatt affirmed, using his spiritual power to project the image of the dungeon calamity seed from his memories for the dragon to see.

"That's a world calamity tree seed. You are indeed a human incarnation of the world calamity tree," the dragon exclaimed upon seeing the image of the dungeon calamity seed, growing more convinced of Wyatt's ident.i.ty as a world calamity tree who had taken on the guise of a human.

Wyatt was now certain that the dungeon calamity seed was indeed the seed of the world calamity tree the Elder Anesthesia Dragon spoke of. However, he chose to clarify the truth to the dragon, unwilling to exacerbate its misunderstanding.

"Sir, I am a human who unwittingly utilized a seed of the world calamity tree to forge my demon core," Wyatt explained to the Elder Anesthesia Dragon earnestly, revealing his deepest secrets.

"Why do you persist in denying your true ident.i.ty? Aside from the unmistakable spiritual sh.e.l.l of a world calamity tree's seed, which is impervious to all spiritual attacks, a human does not possess a spiritual body as robust as yours, capable of withstanding the boundless mysteries of the Blood Rule Source at the demon master realm, nor do they possess celestial force. How do you account for these attributes?" The Elder Anesthesia Dragon's tone suddenly s.h.i.+fted, causing Wyatt to feel a surge of fear.

"Do you take me for a fool? Or are you concerned that I might betray you to the Librarian?" the dragon added, sensing Wyatt's apprehension. Upon hearing this, Wyatt's nerves gradually calmed.

"Your Highness, then how do you explain a world calamity tree entering the rule source?" Wyatt pointed out respectfully. He feared angering the dragon yet, he persisted in trying to dispel its misunderstanding, realizing he did not know its intentions regarding him or a world calamity tree.

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