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Chapter 1939 Distracted Cortney

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 08:43

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City

"..." Cortney was mum when Diana and Cindy teased Wyatt about this b.o.n.e.r. As someone who had felt it rubbing against her crotch she did not think Wyatt's thing was a teasing matter, it was very serious—ly hard.

Shaking her head, Cortney awakened from her recollection of the feelings of Wyatt's manhood pressed against her crotch, and demanded, "Please stop talking about irrelevant things. We have something important to discuss. Wyatt, you said you would help. Now help."

Listening to Cortney, Wyatt looked at Cindy and Diana before saying, "They don't need my help. They have already figured out how to improve their orphanage development program."

"We did?" Cindy and Diana asked simultaneously in disbelief. Then, they looked at each other in confusion, because they did not understand what Wyatt was talking about as they had not figured out how to improve their orphanage development program. From the looks of it, the other also seemed to be clueless about what Wyatt was talking about.

"They did?" Cortney exclaimed glaring at Cindy and Diana. She blamed them for not sharing the solution, they thought of, with her. If they had said they already knew how to improve the orphanage development problem, then she would not have stuck to Wyatt while he took full advantage of her body. Honestly, it wasn't all that bad. Though shameful, she took full advantage of Wyatt. Cortney could not help but feel a bit proud of her action, and thought, 'It was worth it. His body is too perfect. Especially his body's scent. It is intoxicating.'

*Sniff* then she subtly sniffed Wyatt from behind, both Bloodette and Vivian looked at her in shock. Cortney squeezed out an awkward smile and?looked away.

"Master Wyatt, what are you talking about? We are at our wit's end. Honestly, I am even thinking of giving up on this idea and just sticking to donating money to orphanages like we used to do in the past," Diana responded, she indeed felt that way.

"I too feel the same way," Cindy replied, agreeing with Diana.

"What? I don't believe it. You guys don't really feel that way, right? It is just Wyatt's rude words that have gotten you guys down on your motivation. Let us brainstorm, I am sure you guys will be motivated once again," Cortney was shocked to hear Cindy and Diana say they would rather stick to donating money than try to improve the current orphanage system.

"..." Both Diana and Cindy avoided responding to Cortney. Because they knew how they felt about the situation and it was terrible.

"See, what you have done, Wyatt? Fix them already or I will stick to you for the rest of your life," Cortney kicked Wyatt's seat from behind and threatened him.

Diana and Cindy were so motivated about the orphanage development project, that even she who preferred to ride on her hoverbike, chose to sit in the back of a car just to listen to them and hear their big plans. However, then Wyatt happened. With a few words, he sucked the motivation right out of them. He was like a motivation-sucking vampire with a great body—

*Slap* *Slap*

"Cortney, concentrate!" Cortney, all of sudden, without any warning, slapped her cheeks mercilessly. Shocking Diana and Cindy the most. As they believe she was doing that for them. However, they still did not dare to meet eyes with her. Because they really were planning to stick to donating money rather then trying to improve the orphanage system.

"Wyatt, look what you are doing to our Cortney," Bloodette yelled at Wyatt, blaming him for Cortney's odd behavior.

"What the heck did I do to her? She was born that way, psycho," Wyatt yelled back, he was freaking annoyed by Cortney kicking the back of his seat every time she felt like it. It took a lot of restraint on his part not to throw her out of the car. And now this. Wyatt did not want to think this about a friend but, 'This b.i.t.c.h is a freaking psycho.' He even felt he would prefer Corey over Cortney.

"What did you do to her? She keeps staring at you with drool dripping off her mouth, she keeps sniffing your scent, and now she is slapping herself because—"

"Bloodette shut up," awakening from her astonished state, Cortney closed Bloodette's mouth trying to stop her from revealing her secret to Wyatt of all people but Bloodette's body was made of blood-rule she could make any number of mouths. Seeing Bloodette form another mouth to continue, Cortney pleaded with her, "Bloodette, I am begging you, please shut up."

Blacklines formed on Wyatt's forehead listening to Bloodette, he was not surprised by her revelation. With his acute senses, how could he miss Cortney's actions behind him. Especially when she almost brought her face next to his seat and sniffed his body scent. He ignored them all because he had enough drama for one day but who would have thought that Cortney would have a pig teammate like Bloodette, who aired her dirty laundry for all to see.

"Oh my, our little Cortney is growing up I see," Diana said, teasing Cortney. She and Cortney had gotten close on the project to rebuild and expand the city's orphanage.

"Cortney, you liked what you felt," Cindy chimed in, hoping to change the topic. She really did not want to talk about the orphanage development project because if they continued on that topic she would not come out in good light.

"..." Cortney's face was beet red out of embarra.s.sment. She was not this ashamed when Wyatt's manhood was poking her privates with them watching. Back then she was in the right, she was doing it for something she believed in. But right now her actions were akin to a nymphomaniac. She never felt like that before. However, today she did not know why— was Wyatt a special case? She wondered.

"So, you guys know what is happening to her?" Bloodette asked Diana and Cindy in concern for her only friend.

"Yes, she is just h.o.r.n.y. A little vitamin D should fix her right up." Cindy answered.

"Where do I find that?"

"Master Wyatt has it—-"

"Cindy, you are pus.h.i.+ng your luck," Wyatt warned Cindy. He did not mind her teasing Cortney but she shouldn't drag him in it.

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