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Chapter 1940 Parents

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 08:47

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City

"I am sorry, Master Wyatt," Cindy hurriedly apologized, realizing that in the heat of the moment, she had taken it too far. She was used to taking liberties with Diana but Wyatt was clearly not Diana. Hopefully, he would forgive her with an apology.

"See to it that it doesn't happen again," Wyatt did not want to be tight a.s.s around his employees but he also did not want to be taken lightly or lose their respect. This was a very thin line to walk on.

The atmosphere in the SUV had turned awkward. However, it was perfect for Cortney to calm herself and focus on the matter at hand. As for Bloodette, she got locked in Cortney's innate rune just when she was about to ask Wyatt to give Cortney his vitamin D. Cortney hates locking Bloodette in her innate rune but times like this call for it.

Taking control of her mind and body, she said, "So, as I was saying. Wyatt, please help us. We are stuck."

"I have been trying to help you from the start," Wyatt retorted.

"Just give us the answer stop trying to make it some complicated teachable moment," Cortney snapped back at Wyatt. She went out of her way to properly ask him for his help but he continued with his self-enlightenment bulls.h.i.+t.

"..." Wyatt really wanted to wack Cortney on her forehead but considering the rage he had built up, if he were unable to control his energy he might end up blowing her head.

Calming himself, Wyatt looked at Diana and Cindy and said, "The reason you guys are feeling terrible is because you have already understood that the orphans are missing parents, not money or opportunities. A kid from a poor household can become a world leader or billionaire while a kid from a rich household can become a criminal or beggar.

No amount of money and opportunity will guarantee the future of the kids. Since they lack the most fundamental thing, parents.

By parents, I do not mean the ones that gave birth to them and abandoned them. I mean guardians who will care for them, patiently explain good from bad, a role model to show them how to live life, such things."

Listening to Wyatt say those words, both Diana and Cindy froze. What Wyatt had said was exactly the conclusion they had reached long ago but they still ignored this fact and continued on their quest to improve the orphanage system.

Both of them had long realized that the current orphanage was not able to give optimal results not because it was lacking proper resources or management, but people who would give a d.a.m.n about those orphan kids. People who will teach them good from bad. Someone to teach them their hunger does not give them the right to steal from others but at the same time how not to let pain and fear hold them back.

An orphanage could manage without enough resources and money but it would not manage without a proper adult looking after the kids. The current orphanage system lacked people who would genuinely care about the kids and guide them without any malice.

That meant the orphanage did not need Cindy and Diana's money or resources, the orphanage needed them. The orphanage needed Cindy and Diana, people who would care for kids and guide them without any discrimination or hate. People who will be patient with kids. People who would be forgiving and give the kids another chance, just like how a loving parent would.

Having realized this Diana and Cindy knew why the orphanage system was the same when the world kept developing. They understood why no one tried to change it.

Because n.o.body, even those who wanted to help, was not ready to give up their life for the orphaned kids' lives. Only a parent could do that. No matter how much sympathy they had for these kids, they could not bring themselves to abandon their dreams and goals just to live solely for the orphaned kids. Only a parent could do that.

Because Diana and Cindy had realized this, they felt terrible. More importantly, they both were orphans. They knew what these orphan kids were going through yet they could not bring themselves to abandon everything and live solely for the orphaned kids.

This was why they said that they were considering giving up on improving the orphanage system and sticking to their old method, donating money and resources.

It became clear to Wyatt that Diana and Cindy had realized this when they persuaded Cortney to forget about improving the orphanage system and just try to properly manage the city's orphanage. They did not know if Cortney was ready to give up on her life and just live for the orphaned kids but they hoped focusing on managing the city's orphanage would help her get there sooner and help decide what was best for her.

Cortney was young, she had not experienced life enough like them. She was still naive and ignorant, one day she too will also realize what they had realized, and then a time will come when she will have to face the cruel reality of making the choice. Just like how they chose what's best for them, they hoped Cortney too would choose what's best for her and not based on what's best for the orphan kids because then she would not be doing the kids any favor. Worse comes to worse she might even end up resenting them for it.

"What the f.u.c.k are you saying? I had a mother for a few months and believe me, she was no help. At first, I cozied up to her for her money but then instead of using that opportunity to form an actual and real mother-and-daughter bond with me, she used her money to control me. If not for my plan to give her money to the orphanage I would not have succ.u.mbed to her tricks," Cortney strongly disagreed with Wyatt.

"Cortney, forget your mother. There must have been some adult figure in your life that had left a strong impression on you."

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