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Chapter 1941 Cortney's Impossible Demand

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 08:51

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City

The Circle had messed up Clown Mask's life in ways unimaginable to many. Clown Mask had not only seen what the Circle was going to do to her in her future vision but had to live all again since she was powerless.

It was like your killer showing you the video of them torturing you and killing you before proceeding to do exactly that in that exact order. You know what is going to happen but you can only helplessly let it happen. That kind of despair takes a huge toll on one's mind.

One such thing in Clown Mask's life was Cortney herself. Clown Mask knew of Cortney's birth from her future vision, she struggled for years before deciding to let it happen, to give birth to Cortney, despite knowing that she could not be there for her during her childhood and that just like her Cortney too would become a p.a.w.n of the Circle.

But not if she can help it, the moment she decided to give birth to Cortney was when Clown Mask no longer planned to escape the Circle and go into hiding but to fight it from within. Weaken the Supreme leader slowly by destroying his fortune which made him a G.o.d-like being in her future vision. The taintless physique of Chief Denise's daughter, Wyatt's soul pupils, and many more.

Clown Mask's life was super messed up, she had her issues. But one thing was sure she would do anything for Cortney. She believed having willingly abandoned Cortney she had lost the right to be a mother to Cortney. So, she never tried to be a mother to Cortney. Instead, she became her master and demanded Cortney to call her as such, teaching her and training her to survive the cruel world.

Regardless of what Cortney thought of her mother, Clown Mask did her best to make the world a better place, but no one was aware of or acknowledged her actions. The Southern royal family, who knew everything, never praised her for sacrifice but chose to lock her up. Even Wyatt who knew everything silently watched as it happened. Back then he was still insignificant but now things have changed.

"..." Diana's feelings were complicated listening to Cortney recount her time with her mother. She hated Cortney for being the child of the person who tortured her most in her life, her master Clown Mask. She envied Cortney for having a mother.

Diana soon learned that Cortney was being trained to be her replacement, after she had betrayed decided to distance herself from the Circle and subtly rebel against them. Diana could not believe Clown Mask would be so cruel to her flesh and blood, her only daughter. She began to pity Cortney. She no longer envied her for having a mother.

Then during the rebuilding of the city's orphanage, she had come to know of Cortney not just as a file her subordinates complied for her but as a person, a fellow being. All her complex feelings towards Cortney resolved and then she began to see Cortney as her sibling similar to how she saw Jaya. This was mostly because they both had similar tragedies in their life the Circle and Clown Mask.

"What do you mean?" Cortney asked Wyatt in confusion not understanding what he was asking her.

"I mean when you were little before you grew up and became strong. If you faced a problem who would go to? There must have been an adult that you felt comfortable around, sharing your worries and secrets with them," Wyatt elaborated in a way that Cortney could grasp what he was asking her.

"Umm, let me think. Most adults who approached me or I approached either tried to sell me, molest me, or take advantage of me. But I understand what you are saying.

There was this old wh.o.r.e from the Redlight district that saved me and brought me to the orphanage.

Then there is the orphanage headmaster. She was the kindest person I know. Growing up, she would never get angry with me or lose patience with me. Even now she treats me like one of her kids— Oh, now I get what you meant.

The way to improve the orphanage system was to find more people like the orphanage headmaster. If there was more of her then she could take care of more kids.

Holy s.h.i.+t, the answer was right in front of me. How come I never saw it until now? Wyatt, you are a freaking genius. Now think of a way to find more people like the headmaster," Cortney was excited, finally understanding what Wyatt was getting at.

Cortney could not believe that the answer to improving the orphanage system was so simple. Once again Cortney was motivated and hyped. Going as far as to ask Wyatt to do the impossible, to find selfless, patient, and good-hearted people like her orphanage's headmaster.

"Cortney that is not possible—," Diana spoke seeing that Cortney did not understand fully what she was asking Wyatt to do. But before she could explain it to her, she was interrupted by a furious Cortney, "Why not?"

Cortney was angry with Diana and Cindy for saying that they would stick to donating money when they knew that the answer to improving the orphanage system was finding more people like the current headmaster of the city's orphanage. But then thinking of something, she gently knocked herself and the head said, "Sorry, I got ahead of myself. Wyatt has never met the headmaster so it will be hard for him to think of a way to find more people like her."

"Girl, are you hearing yourself?" Cindy asked Cortney in disbelief. She knew Cortney was air-head but this was just too much. That was considering that as an orphan, Cortney should know better than anyone that people like the orphanage headmaster were very rare. Almost non-existent.

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