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Chapter 1608  Encounter With The Second Prince

The morale of the generals and Elders in the Fifth Prince's camp started to increase. If the Fifth Prince wins, his status will increase in the Empire, and with the increase in his status, they too will also get benefits from it.

The Fourth Prince looked at the Fifth Prince, before looking to the cloaked figure behind him, "This is the reason for your confidence?"

"Kill him." He turned to Klaus.

"With pleasure." Klaus nodded and stepped forward, he looked at Reynolds's cloak, not too impressed with it, "Why don't we do this somewhere else?"

Reynolds took a step forward and the duo flew into the sky, before disappearing from the view of the others. One of the generals from the Fifth Prince's camp wanted to watch the battle, but he was stopped by the Fifth Prince.

The Fourth Prince took a glance at his younger brother, with a short, he turned around and walked away.

A few minutes later.

Reynolds came back and went to the Fifth Prince's side, standing there without saying a word.

The generals didn't know if he defeated Klaus or not, they didn't sense the ripples from the battle, but since Klaus and Reynolds were stronger than them, they felt they could've hidden the battle from their senses.


On the Fourth Prince's camp.

The Fourth Prince took a glance at Klaus, and continued telling the others of the information of Old Kerr's death as well as the two other Elders. He didn't forget to add the part where the Fifth Prince was the one responsible for it. These Elders didn't want the war, so he wanted to use something to rope them in. Hearing that the Fifth Prince was the one responsible, they felt anger, as well as danger.

The Fourth Prince took a glance at Klaus, and continued telling the others of the information of Old Kerr's death as well as the two other Elders. He didn't forget to add the part where the Fifth Prince was the one responsible for it. These Elders didn't want the war, so he wanted to use something to rope them in. Hearing that the Fifth Prince was the one responsible, they felt anger, as well as danger.

If the Fifth Prince could target Old Kerr, then the chances of him doing that to them were high. However, they were enraged with him, and the Fourth Prince used that against them so they will be in support of the battle.

Although a few didn't want the battle to go on, in the end, they agreed to take revenge on what the Fifth Prince did. They couldn't kill him, but it didn't mean they couldn't make him suffer under the guise of following the Fourth Prince's orders.

The Elders and generals left, leaving Klaus and the Fourth Prince alone.

"You do have a way with words." Klaus was impressed at how Grey is able to convince them.

The Fourth Prince shrugged.

Klaus looked at the Fourth Prince and asked, "When will the real battle start?"

"Alice will get to the Sixth Prince's kingdom in a day or two at most, so we'll start tomorrow." The Fourth Prince replied.

"What's she going to do there?" Klaus raised a brow, he wasn't there when Grey told Alice to the Sixth Prince while the war was taking place.

" the Sixth Prince while the battle is taking place here." the Fourth Prince replied.

Klaus nodded and didn't ask any more questions.


While Reynolds and Klaus were getting prepared for war, Alice was on her way to the Sixth Prince's kingdom.

On a busy street in a city.

"It's small compared to the others." A figure covered in cloak muttered.

The cloaked figure was Alice who just got to the Sixth Prince's kingdom, she was on her way to the castle in the middle of the city.

She moved swiftly, with her strength, there was no way they could sense her presence in the city. There was no Sovereign present here, so she didn't have any fears, she just walked straight to the castle and sneaked in with ease. She didn't see the need to wait till it got dark before she killed the Prince, after watching him for a while, she got the opportunity of him being in a place alone and killed him.

She had heard of the war which has already begun between the Fourth and Fifth Prince.

She left the city, but was stopped a few kilometers away from the city.

"Who sent you to kill the Prince?" The figure who stopped her had a calm expression.

Alice sensed the cultivation of the man and he was in the First stage of the Sovereign Plane just like her.

'I was a little careless.' She didn't try to hide her presence too well, since there was no way the Sixth Prince's people would be able to sense her while in the Venerable Plane.

She raised a brow and looked at the man, the man clearly sensed her while she wanted to kill the Sixth Prince, as long as he didn't stop her, it meant the Prince's death didn't have any effect on him.

"You don't seem to have a good relations.h.i.+p with him." Alice replied, standing on the same spot.

The man didn't reply to her, he prepared to fight.

Alice looked at him and chuckled, she erupted with lightning and shot straight for the man.

The man didn't try to dodge, a puppet appeared in front of him and the puppet attacked, trying to stop Alice.

Alice, however shattered the attack of the puppet, and didn't stop, she continued forward, striking the puppet with a lightning bolt.

The man used this opportunity to dodge, making sure Alice's attack didn't land on him.

His impression of Alice changed instantly, he underestimated her, and his puppet was almost destroyed from the start of the battle.

"You're one of the Seventh Prince's new recruits?" The man asked with a slightly stunned voice.

Only the Seventh Prince is known for the three young genius Necromancers he newly recruited. The reason Reynolds and Klaus were known by the other Princes was because the duo only recently started following the Fourth and Fifth Prince.

Alice was a little taken aback, but she didn't stop her attacks, she took a step forward and a lightning strike fell from the sky.

The man used the s.p.a.ce element to dodge Alice's attacks. His puppet attacked Alice while he dodged the attack.

Alice was fast, dodging the puppet's attack, before countering.

She and the puppet got entangled in a battle, and her aura spiked, taking it above the First stage. She didn't want the man to escape, so she merged with the Seelie immediately.

With the increase in her strength, she unleashed her domain, using it to overpower the puppet.

Before the man could retreat from her range, Alice had already gotten close.

The man caused the s.p.a.ce in front of him to explode, trying to use it to stop Alice from getting to her.

Alice was forced to dodge the attack, which slowed her down, the man used that opportunity to use his s.p.a.ce element to create the distance between him and her.

Alice continued going after the man, but knowing that there's no hope for him, the man didn't try to fight and focused mainly on escaping.

Alice gave chase, forcing the man to stop.

The man tried to explode the s.p.a.ce in front of Alice to stop her again, but she was already prepared for this.

In a split second, she didn't only close down the gap, she killed the man.

'Only the Third Prince's Sovereign will be around this place.'

This was the thought in her head, as she returned to Grey.


On Klaus and Reynolds's end, the war quickly got its peak.

Klaus and Reynolds were the commanding generals of their respective armies, and they occasionally engaged in tough battles against each other, at least that was what they made them believe.

In a void above the battlefield.

Klaus and Reynolds could be seen sitting opposite each, having a nice conversation. The bunny leader was there with them.

"Alice has killed the Sixth Prince."

"Nice, she took long enough."

"It's been a day or so."

"I want to deal with that guy you cut off his arm, and also kill a few more."


Klaus when Reynolds stayed in the void speaking to each other for almost an hour before coming out. They made sure the war didn't stop or take pause, even though they went on to rest.

The next day, the Second Prince came over to mediate in the battle. He knew if this continued, the Gnomes would lose a lot of warriors, and since the day they would invade the Aurora Continent was getting close, they needed to have as many people as they could.

When Grey found out the Second Prince rushed there, and told Klaus and Reynolds to hide. The Second Prince had seen them, so there's a chance he could recognize them.

Klaus and Reynolds hid the second the Second Prince arrived.

When the Second Prince and the generals were speaking, he was amazed when he found out about Klaus and Reynolds. He didn't expect the Fourth and Fifth Prince to also recruit such figures. He was a little suspicious about the whole thing, first it was the Seventh Prince, and now the Fourth and Fifth Prince.

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