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Chapter 1609  The Death Of A Prince

The Second Prince just finished handling the issue of the Fourth and Fifth Prince, before he could leave the area, he heard the news of the Sixth Prince's death. It was said that he was while he was inside the castle.

The Fourth Prince looked in the direction of the Seventh Prince's kingdom. There was only one person who would want to kill the Sixth Prince amongst the Princes, and it was the Seventh Prince. He had his eyes on Grey and his friends, so he didn't want them to be in any trouble, he wanted them without the others being wary of them and wanting to kill them.

'He's making the wrong moves. I better speak to him, and see to it that another Prince is killed while all these are taking place.'

The Second Prince wanted to speak to the Seventh Prince about this matter, but in truth, his true aim was Grey. He wanted to remind Grey of what he requested, he wanted the Third Prince killed, and the only person he was confident that could do it without being caught even by the Elders standing guard was Grey. He has witnessed Grey's abilities, although not personally, but he could guess that he was capable of doing such.

The Fourth and Fifth Princes stopped fighting while the Second Prince was present, but the moment he left, the battle erupted once again. This time, Klaus didn't take the chance of biding his time, he targeted the man whom Reynolds cut off his arm and killed him from the start of the battle. The others hadn't even gotten into the fight when they saw the body of the man, the top general under the Fifth Prince, falling to the ground, and shattering into bits of ice. He was frozen solid by a rapid attack from Klaus.

"How did such people get to our stage?" Klaus asked sarcastically, clearly unimpressed at the fact that the man died from just one attack, and he couldn't even defend against it.

The man was not on the same level as Klaus and Reynolds, even a regular human genius would defeat this man. It was clear that he got his cultivation stage to grow with the aid of just treasures. Since he didn't have the chance to bring out his puppet, he was like a sitting duck.

After killing the man, Klaus didn't bother with those below the Sovereign Plane, he didn't want to start killing wantonly, but then Reynolds charged at him the moment he saw the shattered body of the man.

To outsiders, Reynolds reacted in this manner because one of his companions was killed under his watch, however, the reason for this was due to the fact that Klaus was standing in the middle of a large army, and all of them were in the Venerable Plane, he didn't have to worry about anything since only the ripples from his battle with Klaus will kill most of them.

Reynolds attacked, but Klaus blocked it. The duo didn't move an inch, and it was evident that they were equals.

The scene however, was vastly different around them. The impact of their battle spread out, and all the warriors standing close to Reynolds and Klaus were turned to mincemeat just from the impact. In the blink of an eye, over thirty warriors died from the first impact.

Klaus looked at Reynolds coldly and cussed, "Shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You're killing my warriors!"

"I didn't attack them."

"f.u.c.k off!"

Klaus unleashed a frightening attack, and Reynolds's figure shot into his army.

The eyes of the Elders changed when they saw what happened on Klaus's end, the second they saw Reynolds's body heading in their direction, they didn't dare to stay in the same position, they retreated, not wanting to be in the same area as Reynolds since Klaus was chasing after him.

The warriors were a little slower, and anyone Reynolds's figure got close to turned into a block of ice.

The Elders sucked in a deep breath when they saw this scene, the fact that just the aftershock of Klaus's attack that was on Reynolds's body could cause such an effect showed just how strong the duo were. Reynolds crashed into an Elder, and just when he wanted to defend against the ice, he felt an electric shock flow through his body, it was only within a second, but that was all it took for the ice to turn him into a block of ice.

A look of confusion was on his face as his frozen body shattered on the ground. He didn't understand why the Fifth Prince's personal guard would attack him, but there was no way he could ask the question since he had been silenced by Klaus's attack. In the end, he died under Klaus's attack, even though he would've been able to dodge it.

Reynolds picked himself up and looked at the scene before him. At least, around twenty warriors or so turned into ice. He looked at Klaus, exuding unbridled killing intent. Without hesitation, he attacked, but this time, Klaus took it to the sky, away from the warriors.

If he stayed there for their next exchange, he knew more warriors would die, and this would arouse suspicion from some people since he shouldn't be fighting in the midst of those Venerables in the first place.

The duo disappeared from the view of everyone, but they could still hear the impact of their attacks, and the sky would flash with a bolt of lightning from time to time.

The warriors all heaved a sigh of relief, both those from the Fourth and Fifth Prince's camp. They knew that if the duo continued fighting there, they would've killed all of them accidentally, while not even actively trying to attack them.

They soon came back to their senses, and when they looked at each other, they gave out a war cry and started fighting each other. They were afraid of Reynolds and Klaus, but without them getting involved here, they didn't fear their opponents.

Reynolds and Klaus sat comfortably in the sky as they watched them fight.

Klaus waved his hand and snow fell, releasing icy winds to the ground, while Reynolds's Elemental Warrior flashed through the sky.

The duo exchanged glances and chuckled, not bothering with what was happening on the ground. With the bunny leader with them, they didn't have to worry about anyone flying here to check on them. The entire s.p.a.ce was sealed by it.


While the battle started once again.

The Second Prince quickly got to where Grey and the Seventh Prince were resting. Alice was also there, but she didn't come out to receive the Second Prince when he arrived.

It was common knowledge that Grey was the one who usually stands beside the Seventh Prince whenever he's out, so the Second Prince didn't think too much about it.

"Do you have a hand in his death?" The Second Prince didn't beat around the bush and went straight to the point.

"Who's death?" The Seventh Prince raised a brow curiously.

"Waylan is dead, and he's kingdom is not too far from here." The Second Prince didn't directly accuse the Seventh Prince, but his words pointed in that direction.

"I can't be bothered by a piece of c.r.a.p that will never amount to anything in life." The Seventh Prince looked at the Second Prince, "Waylan is dead because he's a coward. I don't think there's anything wrong with cowards getting killed. I didn't kill him, but if I do find who did, I'll reward them."

"I'll make my investigations, I hope you're not involved in this." The Second Prince looked at his brother.

He knew the Seventh Prince was an intelligent fellow, but from what he knew about him, he didn't think he would kill the Sixth Prince.

"One of our brothers is dead, we have to come together to ensure the safety of the rest." He said after a while.

"You're not wrong. Whoever has the guts to kill Waylan wouldn't think twice before killing me, or you, if they can." The Seventh Prince said, finally being on the same side as his brother.

"I need to head over to visit our other brother, we should head out together." He stood up and invited the Seventh Prince to follow him.

"I don't have any interest in seeing that guy, you can go with him." The Seventh Prince pointed at Grey.

"And your safety?" The Second Prince was taken aback, but he was a little happy the Seventh Prince gave Grey to him for this trip.

"He has three more by his side. They will be able to keep me safe from whatever that may come." The Seventh Prince shrugged.

The Second Prince thought about it, and recalling Grey's abilities, he knew the others wouldn't be far off. So he didn't ask any more questions, he left with Grey.

Grey didn't speak all through the time they were there together, listening to what they were saying.

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