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Chapter 525 Group Date

A team of waiters wearing suits welcomed Khan, Monica, Lucy, and Mark when they stepped out of the cab. The vehicle had flown the group to the top of one of the tallest buildings in the Harbor, and the attendants soon led them into the isolated room that would hold their dinner.

The Kingsize's flashy luxury and the past dinners had made Khan used to high-end restaurants, but he could still appreciate the beauty of the place. The waiters had led his group into a vast room featuring two giant windows that granted a perfect view of the district. The ceiling was also transparent, allowing the guests to see the universe past the dome.

"We'll take it from here," Mark announced, nodding at the waiters to send them away. Only the four students remained in the room, and Mark took it upon himself to lead the way toward the short table in the corner.

"It's lucky that we could plan something so quickly," Mark exclaimed, reaching one of the armchairs to stand behind it. "I thought you would be swamped after the recent events."

"I am swamped," Khan revealed, imitating Mark, "But I can't go around breaking promises. I'm glad Pandora found us a good place with such short notice."

"Don't be surprised," Lucy stated, pulling back an empty armchair beside Mark and accepting his hand to take her seat. "You are too famous to ignore. Pandora craves your presence."

Khan imitated Mark once again, letting Monica pull back her armchair before taking her hand. The couple exchanged a knowing smile at that poised gesture and relied on their eyes to convey their thoughts.

"I suppose you also wanted to see Monica in a dress," Lucy teased before clearing her throat and lifting her chin to attract Mark's attention while pretending to ignore him.

"You are beautiful tonight, Miss Saurac," Mark promptly exclaimed, lowering his head toward Lucy in respect.

"Thank you, Mister Bonnelli," Lucy used a pleased tone, lowering her chin to show a cute smile. "You are quite charming yourself."

"I didn't forget you like green," Mark remarked, adjusting his dark-green waistcoat while taking his seat.

Everyone had worn elegant clothes that night. Lucy was almost blinding with her one-shoulder golden dress, and her lips and eyelids matched its color. Monica had gone easier on the makeup, but her red halter dress could capture anyone's gaze, and her exposed back was bound to trap it there forever.

Instead, Mark and Khan had gone for a less flashy option. Mark had a black s.h.i.+rt under his waistcoat, while Khan had a blue blazer and a dark jumper that matched his pants.

Mark and Lucy noticed how Khan and Monica didn't break eye contact while the former took his seat. They seemed able to communicate with looks alone, and the intensity of those gestures told a story their friends could read.

"The flight clearly wasn't enough for Khan," Lucy giggled, "Or Monica."

"Oh, Monica does spoil my eyes very often," Khan revealed, stretching his arm over the table.

"He just didn't see this one until the last minute," Monica added, gently placing her hand in Khan's palm. "We would have been late otherwise."

"We can always postpone," Mark jokingly suggested.

"It's fine," Khan rea.s.sured, finally looking at his friends but keeping Monica's hand in his palm. "We are just happy."

"This is quite new to us," Monica continued. "I admit I couldn't wait for us to date properly."

"It must have been a real struggle," Lucy commented, noticing how Khan rubbed Monica's fingers with his thumb.

"It had its ups and downs," Khan explained. "It still has them, but that's how relations.h.i.+ps are, especially when they involve wealthy women."

"I knew he could take it," Monica praised. "I knew I could trust him with one look."

"Did you?" Khan teased, peeking at Monica.

Monica didn't reply. She supported her head with her other hand and let her tempting eyes reveal her thoughts. Happiness seemed on the verge of exploding out of her figure, but her expression never lost its elegance.

"I might be a bit jealous of them," Lucy commented.

"Why don't we order something in the meantime?" Mark suggested.

"I completely agree," Khan laughed, and the group used the table's menus to decide the kind of treatment the restaurant would provide.

It didn't take long for a notification to appear on the table, and waiters entered the room when Mark touched it. The attendants delivered drinks, and Khan and Monica made sure to hold their hands openly during the process.

Once the waiters left, Khan and Monica abandoned that public display of affection to focus on their friends. As much as they liked their new situation, they still had to build on that, which involved social obligations and some effort.

"So," Khan was the first to speak after everyone got a taste of their drinks. "Monica tried her best to explain your situation, but I'm afraid I don't get it yet. Are you engaged or not?"

"Khan, it's embarra.s.sing," Lucy complained, but her giggle added a joking vibe. "You shouldn't ask such things so bluntly."

"It must be hard to understand from your perspective," Mark had a calmer approach, even if a smile always occupied his expression. "Our families have a silent agreement, but nothing is official yet."

"Why not make it official?" Khan wondered. He was only pretending not to know the entire situation to make conversation, but part of him was still curious about Mark and Lucy's reactions.

"It's a long process," Lucy explained, "And our families are still waiting to see who can gain the most out of this union."

"You would," Monica exclaimed, "Both families would focus on you at that point."

"You must consider our financial standpoint," Mark mentioned.

"You have a s.p.a.ce station," Khan pointed out.

"That's not nearly enough," Mark revealed. "Besides, the s.p.a.ce station comes from my father. It's mine only in name."

"But you should have plans, right?" Monica asked.

"Maybe after the Harbor," Lucy guessed, showing some rare shyness. "I'll start working more with my family, claiming a few businesses along the way."

"Same here," Mark added. "I have a financial plan ready. I just don't know how easy it will be to implement it."

"How much of your family opposes your union?" Monica asked Mark.

"A good chunk," Mark revealed. "Those factions know they won't get the chance to oppose me once I obtain the Saurac family's support. That's why they are delaying things."

"I'm equally stuck," Lucy continued, "And if I…. Well, if I happen to lower my value, my family would push me away."

"And my family would play hard to get to claim more benefits," Mark uttered.

Lucy and Mark weren't speaking too openly, but Khan could read between the lines. Basically, Lucy couldn't date since s.e.x was a risk, and that would hurt her political position, which Mark's family could exploit.

"Wow," Khan exclaimed. "That sounds annoying."

"It's normal for us," Mark explained. "If we both reach the right political and financial influence, our families will give the okay."

"You two are the anomaly here," Lucy teased. "Monica, how did it really go? Even with Khan's charm, it must have taken a lot of courage to, you know."

The more Khan learnt about descendants, the more his surprise intensified. Monica had truly taken a considerable risk on Milia 222 and had barely made Khan experience its weight. She had even let him hang around with Jenna while she knew about all the problems that could fall on her.

"I wanted it," Monica proudly claimed. "A Solodrey doesn't need other reasons."

Khan couldn't give clues about his partial ignorance, so he limited his gestures to loving glances at Monica. She pretended to miss some of them, but her smile always broadened at that attention.

"What about you, Khan?" Lucy retained her teasing tone. "Monica must have left quite the mark for you to fight so hard to keep her."

"Marks are my weakness," Khan stated, "Especially when they come from her."

"Khan," Monica pretended to complain but covered her mouth to hide her smile. "That's between you and me."

"I'm not giving any details," Khan rea.s.sured. "I'd get jealous if someone knew."

"That's good," Monica nodded, "Because they belong only to you."

Mark and Lucy didn't know how to react when Monica and Khan fell into an intense stare again. They would feel bad for getting in their way, but something told them it was better to interrupt them.

"By the way," Mark announced, "Congratulations are in order. I heard you gained the Solodrey family's protection."

"It's not even a day since that," Khan sighed, facing his friends again, "But yes. There shouldn't be any more Mister Alstair scenarios in the next period."

"How is the training going?" Lucy wondered. "It must be hard for you, considering what happened."

"That's the easy part," Khan revealed. "My charm will also defeat her mother sooner or later. However, her father is a tough one."

"What are you going to do with my mother?" Monica almost snapped.

"Oh my," Lucy gasped. "He is bold indeed."

"I wish I could sell my boldness," Khan cursed. "Mark, you excel in many businesses. Do you know an easy way to make a few billion Credits?"

"If it's money you need," Mark's eyes lit up, "You just have to ask. I can make you partner with many of the Bonnelli family's businesses. How much can you put upfront?"

"Not much?" Khan wondered.

"Why don't we start with a loan, then?" Mark suggested. "I can set you up with a barely noticeable interest rate."

"Mark, stop thinking about money," Lucy complained. "Excuse him. It's a side effect of his education."

"Don't worry," Monica rea.s.sured. "We are actually grateful for his offer, but Khan can easily ask my family too."

pàпdá-ňᴏνêι.сóМ "That would increase his debt with the Solodrey family," Mark pointed out. "If I understood correctly, that's what Khan wants to avoid."

"We won't get a debt with another family," Monica refused. "We don't need it to be together."

"She is using we a lot," Lucy commented.

"She likes when she can speak for both of us," Khan explained.

"I would almost say she has a bossy character," Lucy continued, "But I've seen how she acts around you."

"It's my duty to look out for my man," Monica declared.

"Still," Mark exclaimed, "Involving the Ra.s.sec family was a bold move. I had no idea you had such a connection."

"My life before the Harbor wasn't useless in the end," Khan chuckled.

"You did the Global Army multiple honorable services," Lucy praised, "And seeing you redeem all those favors for Monica was quite inspiring."

"I wish he didn't," Monica sighed. "I'm so ashamed of the happiness I feel."

"Hey," Khan called, leaning to his right to reach for Monica's hand. "You being happy gives value to all my efforts."

"Marcia would have loved to see this," Lucy gasped as the couple fell into another loving stare. "Khan sure is a hopeless romantic."

"Things worked out in the end," Mark added. "Even our families are pressing us to get closer to him. He will acc.u.mulate new favors in no time."

"Madam Solodrey is also pus.h.i.+ng me to deepen my relations.h.i.+p with you all," Khan revealed, letting Monica go. "Though I admit I'm not a fan of shallow friends.h.i.+ps. I wonder if we could avoid that part altogether."

"Anything you wish," Lucy stated. "I am quite curious about your true faces too."

"Honestly, Khan," Mark smiled, "We can't really refuse you anymore. I also feel we owe you an apology for how our interviews ended up being."

"That's for the best," Khan rea.s.sured. "They will keep you stuck with me, which is what I need."

"And I'll make sure none of you get any strange idea," Monica almost threatened. "Khan might not have my family name yet, but I expect the same respect you show me."

"No offense, Monica," Mark laughed. "We might have to show him more respect than that."

"It's no offense at all," Monica uttered. "It would actually please me a lot."

"Don't tell me I'll also be like this if things become official," Lucy teased.

"I wonder," Khan exclaimed. "Why don't you just date anyway? I can give you tips if you need them. I'm something of an expert in secret relations.h.i.+ps."

"I'm afraid I can't afford the risk," Mark immediately refused. "Miss Saurac is beautiful, and I'd be lucky to have her as my fiancée, but I must look out for my family first."

"You'll make me blush, Mark," Lucy politely replied, nodding at Khan. "I don't mean any disrespect, but what you did was truly dangerous. I can't risk making my family lose face."

Khan expected a more human reaction from the two descendants, but their firm stance told a different story. They liked each other. Their mana confirmed that. Still, their loyalty toward their families and the political environment was too strong to follow their feelings.

Khan acknowledged that different perspective, but his feelings didn't allow him to understand it. He knew he could never be like Mark and Lucy. The scene actually saddened him enough to avoid the topic for the rest of the dinner.

The conversations during the dinner covered different topics but remained superficial. Mark disclosed more of the financial world, and Lucy talked about her plans, but no deals happened. The group simply focused on getting to know each other to lay the foundation for eventual cooperation.

The dinner ended with the two couples staring at the district from the room's huge windows. They all had drinks in their hands, but their stances revealed the different nature of their relations.h.i.+ps.

Mark and Lucy faced the left window, standing side by side without falling into any affectionate gesture. Their elbows touched from time to time, but the two always split afterward, tainting the symphony with their helplessness.

Meanwhile, Khan and Monica were in a far more loving position on the right window. Khan had his palm glued to Monica's bare back while she rested her head on his shoulder. The two swayed a bit as if on the verge of dancing, and the beautiful scenery in their eyes barely distracted them from their respective warmth.

The dinner wasn't the date's climax. After eating and drinking, the four took another cab to fly to the shopping district. It was pretty late already, and the Headmistress' security measures made the streets even emptier, allowing the two couples to wander in complete safety.

The different stances remained during the slow walks. Lucy clung to Mark's elbow, but the two didn't dare to break the limits of their political personas.

Instead, Monica and Khan were an actual couple, and anyone could tell that. The two walked hand in hand into multiple shops to make the entire Harbor aware of their relations.h.i.+p. Monica's happiness even took over at some points, turning her into a simple girlfriend that claimed the entirety of Khan's arm for herself while dragging him around.

That was simple normality. Countless couples could experience it freely, and Khan had his fair share of that with Cora. Yet, the faces that Monica made told him how that was her everything.

Khan almost couldn't believe how happy Monica was. Her smiles were blinding, and her voice became the most pleasant melody Khan had ever heard. He was speechless, unable to refuse the slightest request that reached his ears. That date was Monica's everything, and her joy became his.

"What is it?" Monica eventually asked. She had noticed Khan's pensive gaze long ago but had to wait for them to enter a shop to voice her question.

Khan remained silent, looking at Monica holding his arm tightly. She was the embodiment of happiness, and Khan made sure to burn that image into his memory.

"We can have as many dates as you want," Khan promised. "I'll take you out every time."

Monica only needed a look to know that Khan's promise had deeper meanings. The urge to kiss him on the spot invaded her, but her mother had given precise guidelines. The shop was almost empty, but waiters still roamed it and peeked in their direction, preventing any form of explicit affection.

"I love you," Monica whispered to make sure no one could hear her words. "Come here a bit."

Monica led Khan toward a counter while Mark and Lucy entered the shop. The transparent desk didn't have much, but Khan could immediately spot what Monica wanted. The gla.s.s hid a series of rings, with some having large jewels.

Khan didn't understand anything about jewels but knew those rings were expensive. He was almost sure he couldn't afford some of them, but the idea of refusing Monica's whim never crossed his mind.

The waitress behind the counter widened her eyes in shock when she saw the couple inspecting the rings. She knew who Monica and Khan were. She had recognized them immediately, and doubts on whether she was authorized to sell such items to them filled her mind.

Nevertheless, Khan didn't give the waitress a chance to speak. Only Monica existed in his mind, and his question was as direct as possible. "Which one do you want?"

Monica knew Khan's financial situation better than anyone else. Besides, her family could give her all kinds of jewels with a simple request. Flashy rings didn't interest her. She only wanted something that told everyone that she belonged to Khan.

"That one," Monica said, pointing at a simple blue ring partially hidden by the other flashy jewels. "I want to try it."

"S-size?" The waitress stammered.

"Five," Khan replied before Monica could say anything. Needless to say, his knowledge generated a few gasps among the onlookers, and even Lucy didn't hold back her excitement.

The waitress could only comply. She crouched behind the counter before standing up to place a ring on the transparent surface. Khan knew what Monica wanted him to do, so he seized the item and let his fingers memorize its texture.

The ring was quite plain. It was nothing more than a round piece of metal carrying a shade similar to Khan's hair. Some would even call it cheap compared to the other jewels under the counter, but Khan knew Monica had already made up her mind.

When Khan glanced to his right, Monica let go of his arm and faced him. Eagerness built up inside her when she lifted her left hand, and a tremor ran through her when Khan seized it.


Khan didn't waste time in ceremonies. He slipped the ring on Monica's fourth finger before kissing the back of her hand. Monica threatened to jump on him as soon as he let her go, and it took the entirety of her self-restraint to limit herself to a hug.

"I love you," Khan whispered while partially immersing his face in Monica's curls. He didn't kiss her, but her hug tightened anyway. She seemed ready to squish his torso to a pulp, which made him happier.

"Are more congratulations in order?" Lucy teased as she and Mark approached the counter.

"Lucy," Monica giggled, leaving Khan to approach her friend. She didn't hesitate to show her ring to Lucy, and the two began to exchange high-pitched whispers while smiles invaded their faces.

Instead, Mark simply nodded at Khan, and he lowered his head as a sign of respect. That gesture wasn't anything official but worked as a statement that the entire Global Army was bound to understand. It could cause problems, but Khan couldn't regret his decision when Monica looked so happy.

That was almost perfection. In a life without nightmares, Khan would have given anything to make that moment last forever. He would have made Monica's happy face his entire world. However, his problems stretched deeply, and his phone never forgot to remind him about them.

Monica and Lucy didn't hear the buzzing noise. Even Mark missed it since the picture the two excited women created was too magnetic. Khan was in the same situation, and his eyes remained on Monica while he drew his phone. Still, looking at the screen brought coldness to that intense happiness.

Jenny had sent her weekly report earlier than usual to highlight one specific message. The text was anonymous, but that alone revealed the sender's ident.i.ty.

'Congratulations on your engagement,' Khan read, forcing himself to keep his head lowered to avoid acting suspicious. Madam Solodrey had told him they were always watching, so it was safe to a.s.sume that Raymond could do the same, and the proof had just reached Khan's phone.

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