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Chapter 693  Wolves

Strangely enough, the scientists didn't contact anyone after hearing Khan's demands. They held a private meeting in the corner of the warehouse to whisper among themselves, but the tests started right afterward.

The event inevitably startled Khan and fueled his paranoia, making his brain wander among various hypotheses. Usually, only the higher-ups could modify and approve such important negotiations, but the scientists had moved forward without contacting any Lord, adding a new layer to the matter.

Khan's senses confirmed the scientists' honesty, so he never doubted their intentions. He knew they would respect his demands, but his thoughts couldn't stop there. He also crossed off Raymond since his influence there couldn't be so great, but that didn't necessarily rea.s.sure him.

The conclusion was almost obvious. The scientists had been ready for Khan's additional demand and had even received orders to accept them. Yet, the reasons and limits remained a mystery that kept Khan thinking during the long process that followed.

The scientists took samples of Khan's blood, hair, saliva, and more. They put him through multiple scanners and machines and even seized small pieces of his flesh from his arms, legs, and scar, leaving him naked for most of the procedure.

Lengthy inspections handled by machines followed each test, and results always appeared on the connected screens. Khan couldn't understand most of those runes but worry never arrived. He knew the scientists had to review all of that to reach a diagnosis. Besides, his attention wasn't on his surroundings.

'I've been played,' Khan couldn't help but think during the long and dull process.

Nothing confirmed that idea, but Khan knew. For a moment, he had believed to have the upper hand in the negotiations, but the Thilku were probably ready to accept harsher terms.

Still, Khan didn't sell himself short, and the rewards were the sole consolation for that potential misstep. The Empire's records were priceless, and getting rid of his fear of pa.s.sing down his mutations would solve many of his worries. The paranoia was the only big problem.

'Raymond can't have so much pressure on the Empire,' Khan thought as the tests continued. 'Is the party backing him up so strong? No, the Empire wouldn't cave.'

The more Khan thought about it, the surer he felt everything had started from the Empire. Raymond and his party were probably only reaping side benefits, so the main doubt remained.

'Am I that special?' Khan wondered. 'It can't be. It has to be the Nak.'

Khan wanted to believe that, but there was a limit to how much he could underestimate himself. Truth be told, his recent endeavors had involved figures at the very peak of the Global Army, and many of them on top of that. He was also stupidly strong, wielding training methods and arts that an entire species would dream of owning. In a way, his figure alone could be a valuable trading p.a.w.n.

Even when disregarding greater conspiracies, Khan could still understand the Empire's interest in him. His rising fame among the Thilku soldiers, his feats on Cegnore, and the recent show of power during the festival could have been too much for such a proud species. He could see Lord Rsi wanting to know everything about him to uncover his secrets and surpa.s.s him.

As always, Khan didn't linger on those topics to find answers. He didn't regret his decision either. He simply wanted to be ready for anything that could come his way. Still, the environment was getting too complicated. Also, Khan felt to have given away a lot this time around.

The scientists patched Khan up after completing all the tests, but the wounds were so small that barely any bandage was needed. However, they conveyed a predictable announcement when it came to sticking to their side of the deal.

"[It will take time to sort out these results and open the records]," The female scientist explained while Khan was putting back his clothes. "[We will forward everything as soon as they are ready]."

"[I imagine you want me to return to the Harbor in the meantime]," Khan exclaimed without bothering to glance at the scientist.

"[It's the appropriate procedure]," The scientist stated, "[And the safest]."

The scientist was hinting at the possible problematic ramifications of Khan's prolonged presence on Xiotov. After all, he had flown there for a simple tour, so turning that trip into a multiple-day holiday would stir suspicion. Yet, he was past caring at that point.

"[I won't leave the planet until I receive my end of the deal]," Khan calmly declared while b.u.t.toning his military uniform. "[Prepare lodgings for my stay. I expect unlimited food, booze, and an appropriate training ground]."

The scientist opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out, and Khan wasn't to blame now. He wasn't doing anything. He wasn't even looking at her, but that reaction told him that the Thilku had been ready for a similar request.

"[The training ground]," The scientist eventually found the guts to speak. "[Could you be more specific]?"

"[No cameras nor scanners]," Khan explained, "[And give me something st.u.r.dy. I tend to destroy them]."

"[The Thilku's technology is naturally st.u.r.dier than humans']," The scientist proudly claimed.

"[And I'm stronger than the Thilku]," Khan declared. "[Give me something good, or it will blow up]."

Those demands and statements usually stirred anger and similar emotions inside the Thilku, but the scientists remained silent and calm. Even Amox didn't say anything. Politics and pride had no place inside the warehouse, so everyone could agree with Khan's claim. He was one of a kind, and there was no shame in admitting that in private s.p.a.ces.

"[Amox, will you continue escorting me]?" Khan asked, although his tone had lost part of its previous friendliness.

"[Ah]!" Amox exclaimed. "[Who else should]?"

Amox tried to remain friendly, even showing an honest smile, but Khan and he knew things were off. Their friends.h.i.+p still existed but couldn't come out after Amox's species had used Khan as a guinea pig. It was time for respectful silence, and that was exactly what happened.

Xiotov's had guest rooms, and Amox escorted Khan into one. The salute that followed was slightly awkward but nothing that could delay the arrival of some privacy.

The room was sized for Thilku, so everything was too big for Khan. The bed, the bathroom, and even the wardrobe weren't something meant for humans. Still, Khan found no problem adjusting. Actually, he appreciated the wider s.p.a.ces.

Of course, that appreciation couldn't take over Khan's mind. He didn't feel too good about the deal, and waiting was his only option now. He was still in enemy territory, too, so he couldn't drop his guard.

The building's nature allowed Khan to switch the room's settings. The Thilku had already replaced the red runes with the Global Army's blue menus, but he changed them back to keep studying.

Besides, having the Global Army's menus wouldn't bring any advantage to Khan. He had no problem reading the Thilku's runes, and his options were limited inside the building. His phone was useless unless the Empire's higher-ups enabled some form of connection, which was unlikely for multiple reasons.

Khan was so sure about the imminent undisturbed privacy that he threw his phone on the vast bed and went looking for something to drink, but a familiar buzzing noise soon resounded. He couldn't believe his ears at the event, but looking in the direction of his device cleared any doubt.

Khan slowly approached his phone and picked it up, staring at the unknown contact on the screen. Someone was calling him, which shouldn't be possible in that environment and without connecting the device to the room. Yet, his eyes didn't lie.

"[Who is this]?" Khan said in the Thilku's language after answering the call. His mind had already thought of possible culprits, but his disbelief prevented him from showing his usual firmness.

"You actually did it," Raymond's voice resounded in Khan's ear. "Call me surprised."

The call didn't sound stable. Raymond's voice was m.u.f.fled and slightly robotic, hinting at a bad connection. It seemed even he couldn't retain high standards when dealing with different domains. Still, the feat remained incredible.

"Isn't that what you wanted?" Khan asked.

"I'm afraid we must keep this short, Captain," Raymond said, his voice occasionally breaking. "What you have taken is an important step, and those decisions always involve important parties."

"Don't tell me you are warning me," Khan scoffed. "It almost sounds like you are worried about me."

"I obviously am," Raymond claimed. "We are on the same side of history, whether you want to or not."

Khan didn't expect such a direct answer. He couldn't hear Raymond very well, but his tone sounded honest. That wasn't enough to make him believe him, but the event still stirred his interest.

"What do you want?" Khan questioned.

"Your waves have reached the critical point," Raymond explained. "The wolves will soon come out to hunt you, and I won't be able to protect you. The bomb will explode this time."

The cryptic statement left Khan speechless, and hearing the call ending right afterward enhanced that feeling. Silence reigned as he lowered his phone. His eyes lingered on the screen, and strangely enough, his mind went quiet.

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