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Chapter 0776 – Duel with Li Tong

Hearing the thunderous laughter from afar, the fifth division's faces turned red with anger. The Dark Blood Banner's jeers were outrageous!

Nevertheless, Li Luo looked into the depths of the mountains with great interest, only to see thousands of shadows standing around in scattered positions. Despite them seeming disorganized at first glance, there was a special regularity to their positioning.

There was a thick lake of energy rippling above the heads of this group, and at the center of that majestic swirl of energy was a burly figure floating in the air.

He was grasping a broadsword with a gilded ring handle, and its blade was engraved with mysterious seals. There seemed to be faint, golden lines adorning the sword, and an unusually fierce glow condensed on the tip of the blade. Meanwhile, there seemed to be a silhouette of a blood-red wolf howling into the sky within the glow.

This individual should be the Sub Leader of Dark Blood Banner's third division, Li Tong.

At this point, Li Luo recalled the information shared about Li Tong earlier. While he was a Gold Fiend, just like Zhong Ling, his resonant power was definitely one notch higher. Perhaps it was like what Li s.h.i.+ had shared, Li Tong had been training to break into the Fiend Finisher Tier after failing at his attempt to become a Gla.s.s Fiend. 

As Li Luo was gauging Li Tong's strength, a fierce gaze locked onto him and a sinister laughter cackled. "Are you Li Luo?" Li Luo nodded in response as he concentrated his mind and lifted himself into the air with the energy gathered from the fifth division.

"Sub Leader Li Ton, you sure are kind—you helped us clean up the Fiendish Devil Leader. And it seems you have lost quite a number of your members, am I right?" Li Luo said as his gaze scanned across the third division, noticing some casualties on the right side. Clearly, they had paid a price in order to defeat the Fiendish Devil Leader quickly.

Hearing this, Li Tong retorted angrily, "Screw you! Are you even worthy of using me as free labor?"

"Li Tong, watch your words," Li s.h.i.+ replied coldly from the side.

Li Tong glared at Li s.h.i.+ for a moment before sneering back. "Li s.h.i.+, didn't you say that the Sub Leader position for the Green Nether Banner's fifth division would be yours sooner or later? Why are you the subordinate of someone at the Lesser Fiend Palace Tier now? What happened to your arrogance from before? Or perhaps it was always a farce, considering that a Lesser Fiend Palace rat managed to tame you? If that is the case, then there was no need to act so high and mighty when you dealt with me in the past! Ps.h.!.+"

At this point, Li s.h.i.+ was fuming with anger, but before he opened his mouse to retaliate, Li Luo stretched out his hand to stop him.

"There is no need to argue with such a person. As long as you bash him into the ground, his mouth will naturally be sealed tight," Li Luo replied with a laugh.

As for Li Tong in the distance, his gaze flickered fiercely as he replied with a cold smirk, "Your skills are nothing compared to Li Taixuan’s, but I can see that you picked up on his arrogant att.i.tude. So be it. Your father has ridden roughshod on the Dragon's Blood Lineage for many years. Today, I'll collect some interest from his son!"

When he finished his words, he let out a long roar, and the pool of energy around him rose up like clouds and mist. He lifted his gilded ring broadsword and swung it down forcefully. 

In the next moment, several sword lights that were hundreds of feet long slashed down from the sky. Wrapped in an extremely aggressive and domineering aura, they headed straight in the direction of the fifth division.

Each and every sword light boasted the might of a Heavenly Resonance Stage opponent.

Faced with this, Li Luo's face remained calm as he raised his palm, and the powerful energy gathered from the fifth division immediately blazed into action. As his mind visualized it, a huge mirror of water and light was formed in the air in front of him.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

The mirror was dazzling, as if it could reflect everything in the world.

The sword lights flew straight into it. However, similar sword lights came out of the mirror at the moment of collision and clashed with them. 


The s.p.a.ce around them vibrated fiercely as the sword lights raged on.

With this encounter, Li Luo gained a sense of his opponent's strength. The state of Harmony achieved by the Dark Blood Banner's third division, coupled with Li Tong's individual power, was comparable to the strength of a middle stage Greater Heavenly Resonance cultivator. 

Meanwhile, on Li Luo's side, they were on the level of an early stage Greater Heavenly Resonance at best. He understood this well after using Harmony over the past two days.

Despite their power difference, Li Luo still possessed the Nine Revolutions Draconic Breath Fiend Art to help bridge the gap. 

The banner members mainly provided their energy during Harmony, and it was ultimately up to the Sub Leader's capability to utilize it adeptly.

"The Nine Revolutions Draconic Breath Fiend Art is really something, but there is a big gap in strength between you and me. Even the Nine Revolutions Draconic Breath Fiend Art can't save you!" Li Tong sneered when he saw Li Luo blocking his first strike.

Once again, he clenched the gilded ring broadsword tightly in his fist and took a step out, causing the void under his feet to tremble. Above his blade, strands of light shadows arose as if a giant, blood-red wolf had bared its sharp fangs ferociously.

"Dragon-general resonance art, Blood Wolf Fang!" Li Tong cried out as he slashed his blade once more. This time, the world appeared to turn dark red, and a gigantic, blood-red sword light cut through the sky.

The blood wolf dashed forward with its fangs bared, fusing with the sword light.

With one slash, a one hundred-foot-long area of the forest was torn apart.

Although Li Tong had an arrogant and fiery personality, his strength was indeed not bad.

Over at the fifth division, Zhao Yanzhi, Li s.h.i.+, and Mu Bi’s faces changed upon seeing this.

Li Luo could tell from the bloodthirsty attack that Li Tong was trying to crush the fifth division's morale and end the battle instantly. 

"Too naive." Li Luo laughed. This battle was the perfect chance for the fifth division to show its strength to others and gain self-confidence. The third division of the Dark Blood Banner was the perfect opponent for this. 

If they could defeat the third division, their status among the banners would rise tremendously. 

Even the other banners would look at the fifth division of the Green Nether Banner differently when they succeeded.

With that, Li Luo clapped his hands together, and the Golden-Jade Onyx-Elephant Blade appeared. 

"Level Two Divine Elephant Power!

"Thunderpeal avatar, Two Sonic Pulse!"

After Li Luo whispered those words, the Golden-Jade Onyx-Elephant Blade started buzzing and vibrating. In the next moment, a majestic and tyrannical force came forth like an ancient, giant elephant, surging directly into Li Luo's arms and inflating them. The veins in his arms swelled and writhed like earthworms upon this change.


At the same time, two peals of thunder echoed within his body. His flesh and blood seemed to ignite, and his body was rapidly strengthened.

Li Luo was now able to tolerate Level Two Divine Elephant Power without catastrophic side effects. 

He took a deep breath as he studied his stronger physical self. It seemed like he could better utilize the power of Harmony now. 

He stared at the incoming blood wolf sword light calmly. The bloodthirst was so intense that it seemed to dye the sky crimson.

Forming a hand seal with a single hand, the resonant power drained rapidly from his body, and a black dragon banner emerged on his blade. 

He then swung the Onyx-Elephant Blade.

Instantly, the void split apart with a dark trace. The next moment, billowing, dark water gushed out, and a lifelike, enormous, black dragon swam out of the water. Clothed in a strong, domineering aura, it charged towards the incoming blood wolf sword light head-on.

The s.p.a.ce beneath its dragon claw appeared to have distorted.

The faces of the third division were the ones that changed this time around.

Li Luo's counterattack was more terrifying than they had expected! 

"Sub Leader, that is a Duke Art!" one of the banner members shouted.

"Nonsense, of course I know that!" Li Tong replied gloomily. The dominant aura of the Underworld River's Black Dragon far exceeded that of a normal dragon-general resonance art. Li Luo was truly capable, possessing both the Nine Revolutions Draconic Breath Fiend Art as well as a Duke Art!

However, he was not completely unprepared for it.

Li Tong took a deep breath and told the third division with his gloomy voice, "Prepare to execute the secret art! Strengthen the Dragon Wolf!"

Hearing this, many banner members turned serious and formed their respective hand seals immediately. Resonant power condensed in their bodies and then, turned into wisps of dark-red air rising into the sky.

Li Tong took another deep breath. The multiple wisps of dark-red force gathered together into a blood-red ball of light. He grabbed the ball, and with a forward push of his hand, it vanished and reappeared in front of the blood wolf sword light. The blood wolf opened its large mouth and swallowed it in one gulp.


As the blood wolf swallowed the blood-red ball of light, its original body of about a hundred feet rapidly grew in size. This time, blood-red dragon scales started to sprout out of the wolf's body and the wolf's claws turned sharper.

After just a short while, the blood wolf had transformed into a monstrous dragon wolf. At this time, the black dragon that was surfing the waves of the black river utilized the water to suppress it, and the blood-red dragon wolf seemed to have lost its special sense of dominance. As the two seemingly sentient beasts roared and clashed in the shuddering skies, the banner members from both sides watched on nervously.

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