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Chapter 954 Unaware Of The Opportunist Coming From Behind, Breaking Through

This scepter that flickered with lightning seemed to be formed from lightning energy. Light flowed over its surface, making it look extremely shocking.

"It's just like in the ancient texts. There really is a Thunder G.o.d Scepter hidden here."

The black-armored man's face revealed an "I knew it" expression and his eyes flashed with greed.

Because of this scepter, he had searched through all kinds of ancient books before finally finding the records of this Thunder G.o.d Scepter. If he had not accidentally found the ancient book regarding the origins of the Thunderstorm Sea, he would not have known that there was such a sacred cave within its depths.

According to the records, this cave belonged to a master from the Ancient Zenith Civilization who had built it out on the Infinite Sea.

How the Thunderstorm Sea was formed was also related to this cave. It contained a large amount of thunder energy, which constantly overflowed. Over time, it formed the endless thunder energy situation of the Thunderstorm Sea.

Now, this cave was about to fall into his hands. At that time, even if he didn't have the Deep Sea Crocodiles behind him, he would still have his own place within the Infinite Sea.

"The Heavens are smiling upon me!" The black-armored man laughed.

He formed a huge iron claw and smashed the barrier around the Thunder G.o.d Scepter. When he tried to take it, a figure suddenly rushed over with lightning speed.

The black-armored man immediately felt that something was wrong, but it was too late. The figure was faster than he had antic.i.p.ated. It caught up with him in an instant and shoved the Thunder G.o.d Scepter into its bag.

The figure was too fast. So fast that he didn't even have time to react before everything was already over.


When the figure touched the scepter, a terrifying power burst out from it. The scepter instinctively began to fight back. Endless thunder glowed from within it and spread in all directions.

This caused the figure to come to a halt, allowing the black-armored man to see the person clearly. It was a human male in black clothes.

Yes. A human male.

The aura on his body was apparent and he did not bother to hide it.

"D*mn it!"

The black-armored man was enraged. There had been someone following behind them.

And this person was none other than Chu Yunfan. When he saw the Thunder G.o.d Scepter, he knew that the core of the cave was within it.

The scepter was the key to controlling the entire cave.

Naturally, he couldn't let it fall into the hands of the marine folks. Therefore, he took the initiative to attack. But the moment he touched the scepter, a terrifying force backfired on him.

Chu Yunfan felt a stream of pure thunder energy surge into his body. It was different from the thunder energy outside which contained a lot of impurities.

This pure thunder energy was extremely pure. It was many times purer than the thunder energy outside. Even just a small part of it was a huge amount for Chu Yunfan.

He felt as if he was about to explode from this force. However, since things had already come to this, he had no other choice but to accept it.

The black-armored man clearly realized the problem Chu Yunfan was facing. He immediately laughed out loud, "You're toast!"

A ferocious expression appeared on the man's face. He wanted to see Chu Yunfan explode from the energy, so he didn't make a move.

But suddenly, Chu Yunfan opened the Mountain River Diagram and dove in.

In the blink of an eye, the black-armored man saw Chu Yunfan disappear.


The black-armored man let out a deafening b.e.s.t.i.a.l roar when he saw that Chu Yunfan had escaped.

"A spatial treasure!"

He never thought that Chu Yunfan would possess such a treasure. Although spatial treasures were rare, it was not the first time a Divine had been seen with one.

However, he had never seen a spatial treasure that could store a person. Generally speaking, it could only store inanimate objects such as weapons that could be taken out when needed.

Spatial treasure that could store living things was very rare even among many spatial treasures. This grade was not something he could come into contact with at the moment.

"I refuse to believe you'll never come out!"

The black-armored man was extremely angry, but he recalled that Chu Yunfan had been bombarded with the scepter's energy. It would be useless even if he hid in his spatial treasure.

Although he felt that Chu Yunfan was likely to die in the pocket dimension created by the spatial treasure, he was still unwilling to give up just like that.

As long as Chu Yunfan came out, he would not hold back. He could have made a move earlier, but because of that moment of hesitation, he missed out on a lot of things.

"I don't care who you are, you're dead!" the black-armored man said word by word, his killing intent boiling.

Chu Yunfan entered the Mountain River Diagram. At this time, Tang Siyu already knew what was happening outside. If Chu Yunfan willed it, those inside the diagram could see the situation outside of it.

"Are you okay?" Tang Siyu asked hurriedly.

"I have to focus on digesting the energy in my body!"

Chu Yunfan could feel the energy wreaking havoc in his body. This terrifying power was the most powerful and violent of thunder energy. If he hadn't cultivated the Imperial Physique, he would have exploded a long time ago.

He could feel that this powerful thunder energy was constantly destroying his body. What was even more terrifying was that it formed an extremely huge and ancient symbol in his body. This symbol was extremely ancient, but Chu Yunfan instantly recognized the word—thunder.

This was an extremely ancient and simple language. It was even different from the ancient languages that were taught in schools.

Those were extremely ancient characters that were extremely close to the source of the great Dao. Only the various Emperors of the Ancient Zenith Civilization could decipher them, and Chu Yunfan just happened to have received the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, so there was naturally no problem in deciphering these characters.

These words, just by being written, held great power.

The symbol flowed with pure energy as if it was going to pour out all the energy that it had acc.u.mulated over the years.

"Let's do it!"

Chu Yunfan immediately made a decision. Now that things had come to this, he could only take a gamble and use this thunder energy to break through.

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