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Chapter 1785 1785. A Greeting from the Devils

John was observing the map via the projection on the war table. He was on the roof of the keep inside the mobile fortress. The war tables from the other countries were also there, including Sangrod's one. Country leaders and guild leaders were there with him.

"Judging from our speed, we should arrive at World Throne in half a day," Horatio said. He was standing next to John and was also observing the map projection.

"That's right," John said. "We will stop right in front of their headquarters and make camp. I don't think any trick they prepare will be able to save them from us, but we should be prudent. We will spend one night observing their surroundings and see if there are any traps. We will attack the next day."

"Such a bother. Let's just charge right in and be done with this," Thelgrun said.

"I concur with Royal Advisor John. Seeing our ma.s.sive armies stationed at their doorstep might cause our enemies to panic and reveal their hands," Horatio added.

"I don't think our opponent is the type to easily scare into a panic, but we can hope for that," John said.

At that time, the sky ahead of them turned red.

"What the h.e.l.l…?" Thelgrun said when he saw the red sky on the horizon. It was still noon, so seeing that kind of red sky was not common.

"Could they be using an enchantment to bolster their defense?" Jeanny guessed. She turned to the fairy floating next to Leavemealone and asked, "Carnelia, do you know any guild enchantment that causes that kind of phenomenon?"

Carnelia shook her head. "No, I'm not aware of one."

"Yo, this world's creator is here. Why asked from a second-rated source?" Spring Crown pointed at Wilted Tree next to him. Carnelia glared at him for being called second-rated.

"There shouldn't be any enchantment that causes that kind of…" Wilted abruptly stopped speaking for a couple of seconds before muttering, "No…, No…, It can't be."

She ran to where John was and looked at the map projection, almost cras.h.i.+ng into John in the process.

"Whoa… Lady, what's the rush?" John asked.

"The direction of that red sky," Wilted said as she estimated its position on the projected map. Her finger traced the map and pointed at a location slightly between them and World Throne.

"No, it can't be!" Wilted said again, louder this time.

"Lady, I believe only I in this group is allowed to speak in riddles," John said to her.

Wilted didn't respond to him. Her eyes were fixed on the red sky ahead. When she saw the red sky was slowly spreading, she told John, "Stop the march!"

"Stop the march? Why?" John asked.

"Just stop the G.o.dd.a.m.ned march!!" Wilted yelled and slammed her hands on the war table.

"Fine! Geez… Some ladies just can't accept men to be the ones giving commands," John remarked and issued the stop command via the war table.

"Don't make too many remarks, or I will slap you," Jeanny threatened John. She then went to Wilted who had run back to the keep's parapet.

"What's wrong?" Jeanny asked Wilted.

"I need to make sure my fear is right. I'm sending a command to my people to go scout the area ahead," Wilted answered.

"Tell me what you are looking for. I will send my guild members to scout as well," Jeanny offered.

"We are looking… Oh, no… It is real…," Wilted said as she pointed ahead with a trembling hand.

When Jeanny turned in the direction Wilted pointed. She saw a blotch in the sky, but then she noticed this blotch was growing. It was moving. As the blotch grew, she realized then that this blotch was a living creature.

"What… What kind of a creature can be that large…?" Jeanny uttered.

The creature coming to them was several times larger than a true dragon. As it drew nearer, its features became clearer. The creature was unlike anything they had ever seen.

The closest description they could compare to was probably a crocodile, but it had a wider frame. It didn't have legged limbs but it had eight fins on both sides of its body and one large dorsal fin on its back. Dark armor plates covered its entire body. From the way they looked, two layers of these armors were stacked on top of each other. Its tail ended with sharp spikes. Its unusually large mouth was filled with sharp fangs.

"It is Leviathan…," Wilted informed everyone of the creature's name.

"The sea monster?" Spring Crown asked.

"No. Leviathan is one of the seven devils of the underworld!" Wilted exclaimed. "That red sky and Leviathan indicate that the main underworld portal has opened. The force of h.e.l.l has come to this world!"

"The what, now?" Thelgrun asked. He couldn't understand what was being discussed.

Before anyone could explain anything to him, a deafening roar was heard. The roar caused their bodies to tremble. Not because they felt fear or anything but because they felt something invisible was shaking them. It was as if the s.p.a.ce itself was vibrating. Some of the soldiers fell due to this airquake. If John hadn't stopped the march, the entire army would have tumbled over.

Following the roar was a thundering voice, "Hahaha! It appears that the outworlder wasn't lying. An army of fools is indeed here to receive our greetings."

"The… The monster spoke," Thelgrun remarked.

"That is not a monster. It is a native of the underworld. A devil! It is one of the underworld's rulers," Wilted informed.

"Horatio, Four Winds, can you summon your country guardians?" John asked.

"The cooldown is still half a day away," The two answered.

"They won't win. If Leviathan is here, most likely the other devils are here as well. We need to retreat!" Wilted exclaimed.

A different voice was heard then. Everyone felt as if the temperature had abruptly dropped when they heard the voice. They were now s.h.i.+vering for a different reason.

"You are wise, little outworlder. We are indeed here, and no one will be leaving without our permission."

Five figures shot out from Leviathan's back. Because of its colossal figure, no one noticed anything was riding on its back. The Five figures landed before the armies. Each of them was the size of a true dragon, and each of them had demonic features. The lead one was the most imposing. It had a fiery halo above its crowned horns.

"Greetings, outworlder!" The lead devil spoke. "My name is Satan, and I'm here to bring you d.a.m.nation."

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