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Chapter 1820 1820. Guild Level 7

It was three days before Jack's human age increased. After drinking the Thousand-Year Wine, his age added fifteen days and became 23 months. At this age, his Limitless Potential increased to rank 15. This rank gave him HP +5000, Stamina/MP +420, and all attributes except luck +15.

After coming out of the Ice Throne Legacy Dungeon, John asked Jack, "What is your plan for tomorrow? I will be holding a meeting with the league faction leaders regarding their mobilization."

"Uh… Do I have to be there?" Jack asked.

"Not really," John answered.

Jack heaved a sigh of relief. He said, "Good then. I want to use tomorrow to do the league faction challenges before we depart the day after tomorrow."

"Some king you are, but I have expected this," John said. "Okay, I will just send those leaders your regards. Grace, you are joining the meeting since your man isn't."

"Oh, all right," Grace replied. She wasn't given the chance to say no.

It was rather late already, so Jack spent the rest of the day in the guild headquarters. He first visited the guild hall. Tip was there.

"How is it? Have we decided on our fourth guild guardian?" Jack asked.

Their guild level had increased to level 7 after gaining lots of reputation points from partic.i.p.ating in the war. At level 7, their member limit increased to 50,000 members. Many players applied when they heard there were vacancies in Everlasting Heavenly Legends.

Some players from other guilds even quit their guilds to have the chance of applying. A player could not be in a guild if they wished to apply to a new guild. They had to quit their current guild first. They took the risk of offending their former guilds just for a chance to join Everlasting Heavenly Legends. This showed how prestigious Everlasting Heavenly Legends had become.

Many new facilities and facility upgrades were available after the level-up. Their headquarters was enlarged to provide the s.p.a.ce to support the new facilities. Their headquarters could be considered a town already.

At level 7, they could recruit another guild guardian. A fourth guardian, which would also be their last. A guild couldn't have more than four guild guardians. As for Guild Hero, three heroes were the limit.

"I don't think we can get another guild guardian with everyone so busy," Tip said. "Unless we want to settle with a middling quality of guild guardian, we don't have the manpower to capture a strong monster."

"Yeah. The others and I will depart two days from now. We won't be able to help," Jack said.

"I know. Many of our veteran members are still at the front line, preparing the defenses before the main underworld forces cross Liguritudum's border one month from now. The ones available here are mostly recruits. I need to send these recruits on guild tasks to get the resources to grow our guild army, so almost no one is available to handle the guild guardian."

"I understand. There is no need to push it. We will leave it to luck," Jack said.

"Talking about luck, one of our members acquired a special quest that might award us a guild hero token. I've formed a team with Warpath as the leader to tackle that quest."

"Guild hero? But our guild hero slots are full already," Jack said.

"That's true, but you have to admit Uruk is rather lacking at this stage. He might not even survive if we summon the guild army when we clash with the underworld forces."

Uruk was a rare elite. Although he was still considered above average, it was true that his survival chance wasn't that high. It was even more so since leaders would be targeted first in a battle. Taking out a guild hero would strip the pa.s.sive bonuses it had on the guild army.

"Uruk is our first guild hero. It will be a shame to let him go, but I guess we can't afford to be sentimental. Let me know when Warpath gets the hero token. Hopefully, we will already return by then."

"Yes. Considering your luck stat, we will not let anyone use that token other than you," Tip said.

After chatting with Tip, Jack went to the guild's blacksmith workshop. After the level-up, the workshop had become much larger. It had more worktables to accommodate more players.

Jack went into the workshop and saw that most of the worktables were occupied despite the workshop being enlarged. He saw two natives whom he knew. Kirsi and Guila. After doing some quests for Guila, Jeanny extended an invitation for her to join the guild. She responded by giving the guild a difficult quest. The guild completed the quest and she formally joined the guild.

Furthermore, the same quest also improved his blacksmith ability. She could now craft armor for medium-sized pets. Hence, every Everlasting Heavenly Legends member with pets could now craft pet armor for free, provided they supplied the needed materials.

After joining the guild, Guila was reunited with Whitebeard. The two old friends were very happy they could be together again.

Jack greeted the two blacksmith natives. Learning that Jack came here to use a worktable, one of them lent the one they used to him.

Jack didn't refuse. He only needed the worktable for a short time. He used the worktable to etch his G.o.d of Courage's Divine Armor set. After he was done, he embedded the Orb of Taranis onto his chest armor, and the Orb of Amun onto his boots. Their defense values increased then. The pa.s.sive abilities from the orbs were also available to him again.

With the addition of the two orbs, his total defense rose to 9918 for his physical defense and 8770 for his magical defense.

After saying farewell to Kirsi and Guila, Jack left and went to the s.p.a.ce-time Chamber. He trained his martial arts and rested inside. He repeated the cycle until it was morning the next day. He then teleported to Thereath and went to the League of Champions building.

When he entered the building, he noticed the place was rather hectic. Normally, there were more players than natives. This time, many native members of the faction were seen.

Jack saw Gruff. He went and greeted him.

Gruff at first didn't recognize Jack since Jack no longer wore his regal outfit. With the imposing and s.h.i.+ning G.o.d of Courage's Divine Armor, Gruff thought Jack was a big-shot adventurer from somewhere. He was rather surprised to find out it was Jack.

"That is a remarkable set armor you are wearing," Gruff praised. "Please don't tell me they are legendary grades…?"

Jack gave Gruff an awkward laugh.

"Sigh… I truly admit defeat against you outworlders," Gruff said. "But at a time like this when the underworld force invades, I am grateful that your kind appeared in this world. I don't think we will be able to fight them with only us natives."

Jack was again laughing awkwardly. What if he told Gruff it was an outworlder who was responsible for opening the gate for the invasion of the underworld forces?

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