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Chapter 934 - 934 Still Not Enough

934 Still Not Enough

Xue Fanxin left the laughing First Elder alone in the forest to fend for himself. Then, she went to do her own thing. She comforted the demonic beasts that were still unstable and let them return to their nests. After finis.h.i.+ng, she returned to the bamboo house.

Ye Jiushang had been sitting in the courtyard doing his own thing all day. When he saw that Xue Fanxin had returned, he looked up and smiled gently. “Did you have fun?”

“It was alright. Ah Jiu, the disciples who escaped from the Heavenly Spirit Sect will definitely come again, especially Yu Shuangshuang and Qin Yang. This time, they called some First Elder over. Next time, it’s very likely that they will call the Sect Master of the Heavenly Spirit Sect or those old fellows over. At that time, it’ll be quite troublesome if there are too many people.” Xue Fanxin sat opposite Ye Jiushang. Although she said that she was very troubled, she had an indifferent expression.

Based on her understanding of Ah Jiu, even if the entire Heavenly Spirit Sect was mobilized, they would not be his match.

But if the silence here was destroyed, how could she train?


She had gained a lot from her training recently. She still wanted to continue training!

“It’s okay. If they come, they can give you some practice.” Ye Jiushang did not care about this at all. He put down the book in his hand and his expression became a little serious. “When you fought with the First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect today, you attacked too slowly. Your lower body was unstable. If that First Elder wanted to kill you, you would have been heavily injured even if you didn’t die.”

Xue Fanxin knew that she had only been lucky to defeat the First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. Therefore, she had nothing to say when Ye Jiushang pointed out her weakness.

Although there was a huge difference between her and the First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, this could not be used as an excuse to hide her shortcomings.

“Ah Jiu, I’ll continue to work hard. I’ll definitely make up for my shortcomings.”

Ye Jiushang really could not be too strict with Xue Fanxin. He shook his head helplessly. “You’ve already done very well. If it were anyone else, they would not be able to do what you did.”

“But I’m still not strong enough. The third stage of training will begin tomorrow. I’ll continue to work hard.”

“Alright.” Ye Jiushang stroked Xue Fanxin’s head and did not talk to her about those heavy topics. He suddenly thought of something, so he said to her, “By the way, I should tell you something. Those two Five-colored Elks have already left the Moon Burial Ridge with their little elk. As for where they went, I didn’t notice. If you want to know, I can help you investigate.”

“There’s no need. Let them leave if they want to. This is their choice. I won’t disturb their lives anymore.” Xue Fanxin did not feel much about the Five-colored Elks’ departure, or even feel anything.

The last time she went to remove the st.i.tches for the female elk, she had sensed their alienation and wariness towards her. Since they did not like her, why should she force them?

However, these Five-colored Elks left quite a lot of trouble.

The people from the Heavenly Spirit Sect had already come twice because of the Five-colored Elks. It was very likely that they would come again later.

But now that the Five-colored Elks had already left, the trouble left could only be borne by other demonic beasts.

Thinking of this, Xue Fanxin was a little displeased with the Five-colored Elks, but she could not blame them. After all, leaving was their right.

Forget it. She would take it one step at a time.

But tonight, quite a few demonic beasts could not sleep. This was because the laughter in the forest kept coming. The laughter was even more tragic than crying.

Bad people deserved such an outcome.

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The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World Chapter 934 - 934 Still Not Enough summary

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