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Chapter 935 - 935 Too Difficult

935 Too Difficult

The next day, Xue Fanxin woke up early as usual. After was.h.i.+ng up, she came out for breakfast. As she ate, she asked, “Ah Jiu, can you tell me what the third stage of training is now?”

“The third stage of training is not simple, so you have to be mentally prepared.” Ye Jiushang took a sip of tea before continuing speaking, “There are countless wooden stakes along the edge of the barrier. The third stage of training is to run five laps a day on the wooden stakes.”

“Is it that simple?”

“You’ll know whether it’s simple after you’ve tried it.”

Xue Fanxin looked at Ye Jiushang’s evil smile and had an ominous feeling. She felt that she would be in a terrible state today.


However, it did not matter. No matter how tragic it was, it would not be as tragic as running those ten laps on the first day.

Just as Xue Fanxin thought that she could completely deal with the third stage of training, when she arrived at the scene, came to the starting point, and saw the wooden stakes, her confidence disappeared.

“How… how can I run?”

Along the edge of the barrier, where she had been running, had already been invaded by wooden stakes. The distance between each wooden stake was different. Some were a meter apart, some were half a meter apart, and some were two meters apart.

Every wooden stake only had room for one foot.

The wooden stakes were each a meter tall. Falling from them would not hurt too much, but it would not be too good either.

In other words, her third stage of training was to stand on those wooden stakes and run five laps.

Wasn’t this a little too difficult?

No matter how difficult it was, she had to run.

Xue Fanxin warmed up a little first, then jumped onto the wooden stake at the starting point. She stood on one foot and tried her best to maintain her balance, trying her best not to fall. Then, she jumped towards the wooden stake in front of her.

If it was a wooden stake one and a half meters apart, it would be fine. She could easily jump over it. However, if she encountered one that was two meters away, she had no choice but to use her lightness skill. But even this way, she could barely jump the distance and stand firm. However, this was only the effect in the early stages. When her stamina ran out later, she could not stand steadily on the wooden stake at all. After swaying a few times, she fell from it.


The little fellows in the forest ran and hopped with Xue Fanxin as usual, but they did not understand why it was different today. What was going on with those wooden stakes?

Why was that human standing on wooden stakes and jumping?

Humans were really strange!

Although every time she fell from the one meter tall wooden stakes, it did not hurt very much, but falling too many times was also very painful.

She had already fallen 184 times today. Her entire body hurt badly now, so she had no choice but to rest by the side and rub the places that hurt from the fall. If it was serious, she would apply some medicine.

The little fellows surrounded her and swayed their heads as they watched Xue Fanxin apply the medicine for herself. Although they did not understand what was going on, they knew that Xue Fanxin was injured, so they looked at her with heartache.

Some little guys knew some healing herbs, so they went to look for medicine for Xue Fanxin.

For some reason, one of the little fellows s.n.a.t.c.hed the herbs of the Heavenly Spirit Sect’s First Elder and was chased by him.

“That’s my herb. Quickly return it to me. Hahaha… Quickly return my herb, haha…”

The First Elder chased after the little guy who had s.n.a.t.c.hed his herbs. As he ran, he laughed. That scene was very strange.

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