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Chapter 588: “Where’s My Husky” Broadcast

Thirteenth Fragrance realized that “Frederick” seemed to have fallen asleep on the table.

My neck hurt a bit, and my forehead is uncomfortable. My arms are sore and numb. I can feel the throbbing sensation when the blood just flowed to my fingertips.

…But I miss this pose.

During Thirteenth Fragrance’s college days, sometimes he would play games or rush a.s.signments the night before. If it was an all-nighter, he would do the same in the lecture on the next day, sleeping in the lecture hall for two lectures.

After Thirteenth Fragrance got to work, he seldom slept on the table like this—he worked overtime until 11 p.m. at most. It could be a little later when there were occasional games. After getting off work, the director would take them to eat something delicious.

Although Husky was sidelined by others on TV, Thirteenth Fragrance had been treated well by others. Even after he left, he was able to rely on his previous contacts to start a business.

Since then, Thirteenth Fragrance seldom stayed up late, which made him sleepy the next day.

Moreover, there was a dedicated staff lounge, which was soundproof, quiet, and had quilts.

There was no need to sleep at the workstation.

Firstly, it was bad for health. Secondly, it had poor sleep quality… Lastly, it was to prevent someone from snoring and affecting other people.

Reminiscing the school days brought Thirteenth Fragrance some nostalgia.

Thirteenth Fragrance raised his head and rubbed his eyes. The first thing he did was to look around slowly, recording everything he saw through the live broadcast window.

There seemed to be some kind of library here.

Its area was quite large.

At least it was much bigger than a university library, almost at the level of a library.

Thirteenth Fragrance saw 17 people in his field of view, including 4 girls. All of them were young people in their teens and twenties. The youngest was only 12 years old, at the age of graduating from elementary school, while the oldest was approaching graduation from college.

Is this some kind of building similar to a transcender school?

“Freder? You’re awake!”

A crisp girl’s voice sounded from Thirteenth Fragrance’s side.

It was a girl with long dark blue hair. She had no makeup, looked beautiful, and had a sunny smile.

To Thirteenth Fragrance’s surprise…

… This girl’s voice and appearance were similar to Ah Dian.

The Delicious Wind Goose outside the nightmare also looked at Ah Dian in astonishment.

Ah Dian was also taken aback when she saw the girl.

Her appearance was based on her real appearance as a template, and there were hardly any major changes.

It was a bizarre coincidence.

Seeing Delicious Wind Goose’s strange gaze, Ah Dian stomped her feet uncomfortably and shouted dissatisfiedly, “It’s only a coincidence!”

“What a coincidence!” Annan sighed.

Annan had little contact with Ah Dian, so he didn’t realize when he was in the nightmare. It was only when he saw Delicious Wind Goose suddenly looking at Ah Dian that he realized that Ah Dian’s voice was similar to Ingrid’s.

In that case, it seemed that the three of them had formed a subtle “similarity” and symmetry with the trio in the nightmare.

The nightmare was a story of three people.

However, only two had names.

“Ingrid” and “Ah Dian” could only watch from the sidelines.

Thinking of this, Annan’s expression became serious.

Destiny was the Wheel of Divine Transporter. As a subsidiary product of the Book of Divine Transporter, the player should not be affected by the power of fate.

However, this similarity made people think of the word “fate”.

After all, how high could this probability be?

It just so happened that the three of them entered the Mist Continent at the same time, and it just so happened that Husky and Thirteenth Fragrance entered this nightmare, replacing the ident.i.ties of the two old friends. “Ingrid” and “Ah Dian” could only watch from outside.

Could it be that Tragedy Writer did this?

The goal was to create that similarity, but it shouldn’t be either.

This would undoubtedly consume His power.

Even if other Books of Truth were used to counter Annan’s Book of Truth, the “Book of Divine Transporter” had an innate ability to restrain the “fate” attribute. Negating this restraint would cost a huge price.

Also, the Tragedy Write would get nothing from it.

Not just because the player was unkillable, but even the nightmare itself could not kill.

Dying from this nightmare did not even increase the erosion rate. Coupled with its high difficulty, this was also the reason why no one had purified it.

Through prophecy and divine art, this nightmare was identified as harmless. Its key was rare, and the difficulty was extremely high. Everything was set up to prevent others from purifying this nightmare early.

However, according to Annan’s a.n.a.lysis, this nightmare was the ritual used by “Dream Eater” Trisino to steal the Man in the Mirror’s power. His attempt to steal this power could only be because he intended to betray Tragedy Writer and hold an ascendancy ritual.

Tragedy Writer would not help the pope, who was about to betray Him.

The only exception would be the Tragedy Writer was particularly interested in the fun.

After all, He was seeking chaos and fun.

It was possible for Him of doing such a thing.

While Annan was thinking outside the dungeon instance, the plot in the nightmare was still going on simultaneously.

For some reason, Husky’s screen remained black.

It wasn’t until just now that the Husky side suddenly lit up.

On the Thirteenth Fragrance side, it happened to also hear a sunny voice full of vigor.


He followed the sound and looked over.

He found that the person calling him was a young man about 17 years old, with a somewhat rebellious haircut like a mohawk.

The young man stepped forward and happily patted Thirteenth Fragrance on the shoulder, “I knew you b.a.s.t.a.r.d is fine!”

“…Ah, yes.” Thirteenth Fragrance smiled and nodded reluctantly.

However, there was a chill creeping behind him.

Sweat unknowingly soaked through the close-fitting clothing.

The problem was serious, and panicking was useless.

This time, it was worse than the previous nightmare level. Back then, at least it was just Husk couldn’t find anyone.

However, the character was replaced here.

The cheerful, smiling youth wasn’t Husky at all.

Thirteenth Fragrance knew Husky all too well, more than Husky’s parents.

There was no way that Husky would greet him with such a cheerful tone and a sunny smile.

Husky had a silly smile, and he would spout nonsense from the TV shows

f.u.c.k you.

Where is my dog?

Why is Husky gone again?

Thirteen Fragrances felt a sense of nervousness as her plan was being disrupted, as well as a sense of worry that the Husky had disappeared.

Thirteenth Fragrance’s side was alright.

However, there could be problems on Husky’s side.

On the other side, Annan’s split-screen live broadcast finally showed Husky’s vision.

That was exactly what Husky saw.

After Husky opened his eyes, he found that he was also in the library. He looked around for a while. When he saw the young version of “Frederick” rubbing his eyes and waking up, he smirked. Before he pa.s.sed, a new introduction plot and main mission appeared in Husky’s eyes.

[—Justice successfully arrived in the past.]

[This is the autumn when he is 17 years old. It’s the node where his fate is changed.]

[The power from the Man in the Mirror gives him a chance to return to that day.]

[This is the only and last chance to save his best friend, Frederick Melvin.]

[Main mission: Fate]

[Luring Ingrid to Speckled Bone Forest.]

[Guarantee that Frederick is always within Justice’s field of vision.]

[Confirmation of Ingrid’s death.]

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