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Chapter 673: Silver Brigade Are All Villains

Gorgeous, dreamlike light slowly bloomed from the dark underground of Elegy Dukedom.

A new luminous object gently floated in, pa.s.sing straight through the rock layers as if encountering no resistance.

The s.h.i.+p had a silvery-gray bubble, like a dream sparked by a matchstick. The bubble even made the s.h.i.+p “Silver” inside it appear so ethereal and fragile.

After it gradually stopped on flat ground, the bubble burst suddenly, revealing the s.h.i.+p wrapped in it.

The isolated and muted voice immediately broke through, “We have arrived.”

Celecia’s cold voice sounded from the bow, “According to the customs, shouldn’t you invite us in?”

“Captain, are you sure?” The one-eyed Elle chuckled, “I don’t mind if you want to.”

A stream of light flashed by.

Iridescent steps made entirely of rainbow lights appeared, connecting the bow of the s.h.i.+p to the ground. Standing at the forefront, besides Captain Selicia, was the pa.s.senger Elle.

The other crew members also disembarked together.

“Silver” was no ordinary s.h.i.+p — it was a living, s.h.i.+p-shaped monster. Therefore, “Silver” did not need a sailor, a first mate, a carpenter, or a navigator. It charted its course, sailed automatically, repaired itself, and never encountered adversaries.

Therefore, all crew members were essentially combatants. Their main responsibility was carrying food and water supplies onto the s.h.i.+p.

Then, it was to provide entertainment for the captain.

However, compared with the combat power of “Captain of the Stone”, these crew members didn’t play much of a role in ‘protecting the captain’s safety’. A more accurate description for them would be ‘friends’ or ‘family members’.

Of course, in Elle’s opinion, the more accurate word should be “pet”.

Orpheus Denizoya, whose upper body Elle had seen a few hours ago, was already dressed.

Elle learned he was the Sixth Prince of Denizoya, the true royal heir. After a trip, he became enamored with the pet.i.te and enchanting Celecia. He was willing to pledge his loyalty to her.

Such a move would undoubtedly devalue his status as the heir to the royal family, just like the situation Kafni faced.

Loyalty to the monarch was one thing.

However, no one would be willing to serve a puppet that was suspected to be controlled by others.

However, for Orpheus, this didn’t make him feel anything was wrong. When he served Celecia, he had voluntarily given up and withdrew from the throne.

He believed — and wanted to be sure that Celecia didn’t fall in love with him because of his status.

To solidify the foundation of their love, he gave up everything he had worked for in the first half of his life. His parents, friends, career, destiny… When he left Denizoya, he brought nothing but a golden harp.

It was a seven-stringed harp made of gold and rosewood, radiating a gentle glow.

This poet with amber pupils seemed to have forgotten all the embarra.s.sment before.

He smiled slightly at Elle, then played the harp and sang in a low voice.

It wasn’t a frivolous, lively, joyous love ballad.

It was a deep, slightly raspy tune, sounding somewhat melancholic and ancient.

Elle was in a daze for a moment.

She recognized it… It was a piece often used in the operas of the people of Denizoya people. The name of this piece was “Leaf”, and the Elegant Elder penned it. It was typically performed solo through a three-stringed instrument during parts of the story that expressed “fate”, conveying a sense of timelessness.

Orpheus reinterpreted it for a seven-stringed harp, adding an epic feel to the piece.

This was certainly not an adaptation from Orpheus.

When Elle was young, she wanted to go to Master Harold’s concert at Freezing Water Port.

These artists from Denizoya traveled from afar, crossing the entire Noah Kingdom to the northernmost Freezing Water Port, primarily drawn by the renowned genius, Amos.

It was the performance that Elle had always wanted to hear but ultimately never got the chance to before her pa.s.sing that year.

“This song is for you, Little Elle.” After the song was played, Orpheus chuckled and put away the golden harp.

“Don’t play such a pa.s.sionate song for someone, Orpheus.” A mocking voice from behind him said, “It sounded as if someone is going to die.”

The person who was speaking was a n.o.ble young man with gorgeous golden curly hair.

His skin was unnaturally pale, almost ghostly white. His pupils glowed like flowing lava, so bright that making eye contact with him was blinding, forcing one to look away.

It was a brilliant gaze that could not be looked directly at.

He wore a cloak with alternating red and white stripes. Its design resembled flowing flames or burning clouds, making it quite eye-catching.

Even though Orpheus was of the n.o.blest bloodline, being the royalty of the Denizoya, this young man appeared as if his lineage was more distinguished than Orpheus.

“Your Excellency Arthur.” Elle nodded politely to the blond youth.

Arthur Searing-Fang smiled brightly at her and put his right hand over his chest. With a bit of exaggeration, he gave Elle a bow. He politely said, “Miss Elle, I will sit this out. If you run into any tomb raiders, just hurry back to the s.h.i.+p…”

“No enemy can defeat us. Anyone who can be our enemy is not our enemy—the ‘Silver Brigade’ is invincible in this world.”

Arthur smiled, showing the charming smile of a businessman introducing a product.

Elle keenly grasped that was a sense of arrogance similar to Celecia’s but completely different.

If Celecia was the epitome of self-centeredness, bordering on narcissistic fanaticism… then Arthur Searing-Fang was the epitome of calm and composed.

Yes, it was more gentle.

For a hot-tempered, power-hungry Destruction Wizard, Arthur was a total oddball.

However, he didn’t have a good temper.

On the contrary… his temper was so bad that he didn’t take any enemy seriously, resulting in him never feeling anxious or angry.

He saw himself as a saint—tolerant of others’ mistakes, failures, offenses, and attacks. Perhaps this was because, from the beginning, he never regarded others as being on the same level as himself.

However, these men are not important…

What really matters is—

Elle looked at the lady’s cabin.

Two women came out from there.

One was a centaur with an exquisite figure and long black hair.

Her chest stood tall, and her exposed thighs were round and smooth. She seemed no different from a beautiful young girl—except she had an extra pair of legs. She appeared to be like a skipping and hopping little deer.

The other person was an adult woman with a mask and weird hair.

Her hair was a lifeless, heavy silvery-gray that flowed like mercury, with shades of pinkish-purple identical to the captain’s at the tips. And she always wore a mask on her face, concealing her true countenance from view.

Perhaps the only one who had seen her face was Captain Celecia.

“Let’s go… Lily, Lucia.”

Celecia called out, “Let Arthur watch the s.h.i.+p. We’re going down for a stroll.”

Elle looked at the masked woman.

She already knew the name, but she smelled a lie in it.

It was instinctive for Elle.

She noticed…

That woman with a mask is not Lily Rasputin at all.

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