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Chapter 1575 Descension of the Main Battle Avatar!

Lin Feng looked at the two Three-star Supremacies. He already knew why the two of them had such complicated expressions.

How could the two dignified Three-star Supremacies bear to give away the secret and opportunity they had guarded for a few epochs?

Naturally, they would reveal such a complicated expression.

However, they had made the right choice. Otherwise, Lin Feng would not have let the Anarchy Chiliocosm and these two Three-star Supremacies off so easily.

The seven Three-star Supremacies had joined forces to deal with Lin Feng. Although the seven Three-star Supremacies were already dead, Lin Feng would not let the matter go so easily. Once it was investigated, these two Three-star Supremacies would definitely be involved. After all, they were all Three-star Supremacies of the Anarchy Chiliocosm. Who would believe that they were not involved?

"Take me to the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce. If there's really a Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce, I'll let bygones be bygones!"

"Yes, Your Majesty, we will be certain to bring Your Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign to the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce."

Joy appeared on the faces of the two Three-star Supremacies. They had finally pa.s.sed. They knew very well how terrifying Lin Feng, a "demi-Chiliocosm Sovereign", was. As a quasi-Chiliocosm Sovereign, as long as the Epochal Cataclysm in his internal chiliocosm domain did not erupt, he was almost invincible.

It was almost comparable to the combat power of the main battle avatar of a Chiliocosm Sovereign. Such power was truly invincible in a small chiliocosm! Just look at the outcome of the seven Three-star Supremacies. Originally, they had hoped that Supremacy Skymond could force Lin Feng to his limit, or trigger the Epochal Cataclysm in Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain, thus dealing with this invincible Supremacy once and for all.

However, who would have thought that Lin Feng's internal chiliocosm domain was incomparably stable? At least, seven Three-star Supremacies were far from enough to force the Epochal Cataclysm to erupt in Lin Feng's chiliocosm domain.

Since force would not work, the two Three-star Supremacies could only give in and submit. They still wanted to live. Only by living could there be hope.

No matter how precious the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce was, it was far less precious than their own lives.

"Dark Domain Supremacy, will there be a problem with these two? I've never heard of this Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce."

Seeing that Lin Feng seemed to have been persuaded by two unfamiliar Three-star Supremacies with a few words, Supremacy Epoch was a little worried. He was born in the first epoch and lived until the ninth epoch, and had seen many things, but he had never heard of anything called the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce.

However, Lin Feng smiled and said indifferently, "Don't worry, they wouldn't dare to lie to me. In this small chiliocosm, if I want to kill someone, no one can stop me!"

Lin Feng told Supremacy Epoch not to worry, and his tone was filled with dominance. In his current state, he could indeed kill anyone he wanted. Forget about two mere Three-star Supremacies, even if there were a few more Three-star Supremacies, Lin Feng was more than capable of killing them.

Moreover, Lin Feng knew the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce himself very well. This was a secret. Many Chiliocosm Sovereigns would not casually mention the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce. Only those very ancient and top-notch Three-star Supremacies could know this secret.

Lin Feng had never heard of the secret, but he was a true Chiliocosm Sovereign in terms of realm. Naturally, he could sense the existence of the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce. It was just that he could not enter it.

"Alliance Leader, you can return to the Epoch Alliance first. Without you presiding over the Epoch Alliance, I'd also be worried," Lin Feng said to Supremacy Epoch.

Even two Three-star Supremacies could not enter this Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce, let alone Supremacy Epoch. Letting Supremacy Epoch return to the Epoch Alliance to preside over it could also avoid some unnecessary trouble.

"All right, Elder Lin, take care. If you need anything, inform the Epoch Alliance and me at any time."

Supremacy Epoch looked deeply at Lin Feng. He also knew that even though he was the Alliance Leader of the Epoch Alliance, and was once an invincible Two-star Supremacy, there was nothing he could do before Lin Feng and those Three-star Supremacies.

At this moment, as long as he did not cause trouble for Lin Feng and stabilized the Epoch Alliance, it would be of help to Lin Feng.

After Supremacy Epoch left, Lin Feng said to the two Three-star Supremacies, "Let's go to the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce!"

The two Three-star Supremacies nodded, then led the way towards the depths of the Anarchy Chiliocosm.

With the speed of Three-star Supremacies, no matter how far the distance was, it was nothing. Moreover, the location of the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce did not seem far.

In an abandoned chiliocosm domain corridor, Lin Feng and the two Three-star Supremacies both stopped.

"Your Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign, that's the place. Through that vortex is the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce!"

The two Three-star Supremacies pointed at a pitch-black vortex in front of them.

Actually, even without their guidance, Lin Feng had already sensed it. He sensed that the core of the entire Anarchy Chiliocosm seemed to be here.

Strands of familiar and unfamiliar aura of rules spread out of the vortex. There was a faint and vast power that seemed to intend to close or repair this vortex, but it never succeeded.

This was because there was some special power there that was incompatible with the Anarchy Chiliocosm. It even gave Lin Feng a familiar feeling. After careful thought, he understood. It's because it was the power of the Chiliocosm Sovereign!

"A Chiliocosm Sovereign's main battle avatar once descended to the Anarchy Chiliocosm. Perhaps that's the power left behind by the Chiliocosm Sovereign's main battle avatar."

Lin Feng's heart skipped a beat, as if he had guessed the reason.

"Your Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign, this is as far as we can take you. We cannot enter the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce," the two Three-star Supremacies said.

Lin Feng nodded and looked at the huge vortex, his eyes burning with fervor.

The Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce. This was a genuine Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce, the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce that even Chiliocosm Sovereigns could not forcefully enter. However, through this strange manner, an entrance was left behind by a freak combination of factors.

Even the Chiliocosm Sovereign who had sent down a main battle avatar back then probably did not expect a pa.s.sage to be broken through in the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce.

However, Lin Feng still had to go in and take a look to know what the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce was like.

Moreover, Lin Feng had a vague feeling that entering the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce this time would be crucial to him.


Lin Feng took a step forward, and his figure transformed into a stream of light that flew into the Chiliocosm Core s.p.a.ce.

In the palace of the Sky Horn Alliance in the medium chiliocosm…


Suddenly, a terrifying aura erupted with a bang. Sensing this aura, the Three-star Supremacies in the palace trembled all over, and their expressions changed drastically.

"This… This is His Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign's main battle avatar!"

"Your Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign, don't act rashly. It's really not worth it to send down your main battle avatar for a mere small chiliocosm."

"Other Chiliocosm Sovereigns are still targeting us. Once this main battle avatar is damaged, we probably won't be able to enter other small chiliocosms for billions of years."

"Your Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign, please reconsider."

In the hall, the Three-star Supremacies were already kneeling. The great and powerful Chiliocosm Sovereign of the Sky Horn Alliance sat high on the throne. In front of him was a figure with a terrifying aura that was only inferior to his aura.

That was his main battle avatar, an avatar that consumed his acc.u.mulated power over billions of years to cultivate successfully!

"I've already made up my mind. You don't have to persuade me anymore! Go down and make preparations. I want to make the lowly and pitiful worms of the lower chiliocosm tremble. I want to personally capture that worm Lin Feng and let him experience the supreme authority of the Chiliocosm Sovereign!"

There was a trace of anger in the Chiliocosm Sovereign's tone.

The dignified Chiliocosm Sovereign was truly infuriated!

Even if it was not for the mystery of time, the Chiliocosm Sovereign would definitely make Lin Feng pay a heavy price. That lowly cultivator who dared to look down on him and ruin his plans time and time again must die!

Seeing this, the other Three-star Supremacies already knew that His Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign was determined to send a main battle avatar. They stopped persuading him and began to make preparations.

"Everything is ready, Your Majesty the Chiliocosm Sovereign!"

Soon, the descension array had been set up. The Chiliocosm Sovereign of the Sky Horn Alliance personally presided over it. Then, a vast power was infused into the descension array.


A huge pillar of light instantly enveloped the Chiliocosm Sovereign's main battle avatar.

"Go and capture Lin Feng. If you can't, destroy the entire small chiliocosm, destroy everything, and just bring back the origin of the three small chiliocosms!"

As soon as the Chiliocosm Sovereign finished speaking, the pillar of light shook violently. Then, it enveloped the main battle avatar and quickly disappeared.

At the same time, in an unknown void in the small chiliocosm…


An unprecedentedly terrifying pillar of light suddenly appeared, shaking the entire small chiliocosm.

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