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Chapter 991 - 991 Sealed with the Divine Array

991 Sealed with the Divine Array

“Perfected Lords, where did you come from? Why are you here in Skywood Continent?”

The three Perfected Lords were very cautious. They were even sending a message to the headquarters of the Prime Sky Chamber of Commerce on the Skywood Continent.

“Attendants, there is a major accident. A fight broke out between Perfected Lords. They seem to have cultivated divine abilities. We’ll try our best to stall them…”

While wearing smiles, the three Perfected Lords were transmitting a message at the same time.

Lin Feng and Perfected Lord Long both concealed their ident.i.ties and auras, making it impossible to detect them. At this moment, they were naturally unwilling to expose the secret at the bottom of the river. Instead, they said calmly, “It seems our fight against personal enemies alerted your chamber of commerce. However, our enemies have already been sent to reincarnation now. It’s not a big deal.”


“Is that so?”

The three Perfected Lords were a little suspicious, but no one would actually believe such a tale.

“Perfected Lord Black Mirror, look at the bottom of the river below. It seems a little unusual.”

“The bottom of the river?”

The three Perfected Lords looked down. It turned out that the river had already been broken by the battle between Lin Feng and the other two. The three of them had not held back at all just now. How powerful was the collision of divine abilities? Forget about a mere river, even the entire Chaotic continent could be broken.

Fortunately, the Skywood Continent was protected by a divine array. Without the divine array, just the battle between the three of them just now could have completely destroyed the Skywood Continent.

Hence, the surging river no longer existed, revealing the riverbed below, and the rich Chaotic aura emitted from it.

How could the three Perfected Lords of the Prime Sky Chamber of Commerce not know what such a rich Chaotic aura meant?

“An ore vein, a Chaotic prime crystal ore vein! And it’s definitely not small. You actually covet the ore vein of our Prime Sky Chamber of Commerce.”

The expressions of the three Perfected Lords changed drastically. They immediately understood why there was a huge battle just now. It was clearly due to uneven distribution of the spoils, or because some people all wanted to fight for this Chaotic prime crystal mine.

However, the moment these three Perfected Lords called out about the ore vein, they regretted it.

This was no joke. The aura of divine abilities was still lingering here. The three of them were not even top-notch Perfected Lords. Were they forcing the other party to send them to reincarnation?

“Kill them!”

“Ennead Wind Flame Divine Ability!”

Lin Feng and Perfected Lord Long attacked immediately as well. They all used their divine abilities, instantly drowning out the figures of the three Perfected Lords. With Lin Feng and Perfected Lord Long’s strength, dealing with those Perfected Lords who did not have Chaotic spirit treasures and had not even comprehended the Chaotic Rules, killing them was a piece of cake.

After the divine abilities pa.s.sed, the void returned to calm. However, both of them wore very somber expressions, and they did not feel relaxed at all.

“We’ve already been exposed. In that case, we can only resist them head-on! Let’s begin mining. We must mine this Chaotic prime crystal mine in the shortest time possible, and at all costs. We only have one month!” Perfected Lord Long said solemnly.

Actually, mining top-grade Chaotic prime crystals was very troublesome. With their strength, destroying the Chaotic continent was a piece of cake. However, if they wanted to mine the top-grade Chaotic prime crystals in the Chaotic prime crystal mine, they could not use divine abilities.

“We don’t have enough manpower.”

Perfected Lord Long frowned. Just now, he had torn opened the ore vein on the riverbed, and found a large amount of medium-grade and high-grade Chaotic prime crystals. However, he did not find any top-grade Chaotic prime crystals.

If the two of them would not be disturbed, it would be fine. They could mine slowly. However, time was limited. People from the Prime Sky Chamber of Commerce would definitely come later. Then, they would have serious trouble.

“Manpower? I have it! 3,000 Universe Daemons, I summon you!”

Lin Feng did not use the power of the internal universe. Instead, he transferred the 3,000 Universe Daemons out of the internal universe directly, ensuring that they would not emit any fluctuations of the cosmic power, let alone allow the internal universe to come into contact with the Chaos. This was to avoid being discovered by the Supreme Rule.

“Greetings, Father Deity!”

When the 3,000 Universe Daemons appeared, even Perfected Lord Long was very surprised. These 3,000 Universe Daemons were all Chaotic lifeforms. They surprised even a top-notch Perfected Lord like him.

What surprised him even more was how Lin Feng had hidden these 3,000 Chaotic lifeforms on him.

Without a doubt, Lin Feng might really have a spatial Chaotic spirit treasure that could accommodate life. Apart from spatial Chaotic spirit treasures, there might be some other treasures, such as the world lotus seed, and other miraculous items. Perfected Lord Long could not be certain either.

However, be they Chaotic spirit treasures or miraculous items, they were definitely priceless.

In the past, Perfected Lord Long had always thought that Lin Feng was very mysterious. But now, as he learned more about Lin Feng, he realized that Lin Feng was even more mysterious than he thought. He seemed to be completely unfathomable.

“Go, mine all the top-grade Chaotic prime crystals at the bottom of the river below. Do it as quickly as possible.”

“Yes, Father Deity!”

Lin Feng waved his hand, and the 3,000 Universe Daemons quickly arrived at the bottom of the river. They began to use their innate abilities to mine top-grade Chaotic prime crystals. They were all Chaotic lifeforms. As the universe in Lin Feng’s body expanded, their strength also increased rapidly.

Pan had even become a peak Chaotic lifeform. The speed at which he improved was simply incredible. This was the first batch of lifeforms in Lin Feng’s internal universe. Their providence was closely related to the universe. If the universe was powerful, the 3,000 Universe Daemons would also be powerful.

Lin Feng even had a vague guess. If his universe expanded further to a certain extent, would there be Universe Daemons who could cultivate a perfected spirit, and become ent.i.ties similar to Perfected Lords?

Lin Feng himself did not know either. This was just his hypothesis. His internal universe was very special to begin with. After coming to the holy city of Chaos this time and earning enough top-grade Chaotic prime crystals, he would read through some ancient texts properly to see if there were any cultivators who could transform into a universe like him.

The 3,000 Universe Daemons only mined for a moment before digging up a top-grade Chaotic prime crystal.

Looking at the top-grade Chaotic prime crystal emitting rich Chaotic aura, Lin Feng and Perfected Lord Long looked at each other. Both of them were smiling. As long as the first top-grade Chaotic prime crystal could be found, there would definitely be more. Taking the risk this time was worth it.

As expected, as time pa.s.sed, the second, third, fourth, fifth…

Many top-grade Chaotic prime crystals were mined one after another. The rich Chaotic aura emitted by the top-grade Chaotic prime crystals simply soared into the sky.

In addition, the ore vein was mined on a large scale, so such a rich Chaotic aura naturally could not be concealed. For a time, many cultivators on the Skywood Continent noticed the commotion here.

“What’s going on? There’s so much Chaotic aura. Could there be a Chaotic prime crystal mine?”

“I thought the Prime Sky Chamber of Commerce has almost finished mining all the Chaotic prime crystal mines on the Skywood Continent? Why are there still mines?”

“Let’s go and take a look.”

Many cultivators were tempted. Some were even rus.h.i.+ng directly towards the location covered in rich Chaotic aura.

The Prime Sky Chamber of Commerce was the hegemon of the Skywood Continent, and its true ruling faction. Its current First Attendant, Perfected Lord Cold Spring, was one of the three peak Perfected Lords of the Skywood Continent.

At this moment, he crushed the communication stone.

“How dare you! Activate the divine array of the Skywood Continent immediately and seal it! Hmph, you actually dare to covet the Chaotic prime crystal mine of the Skywood Continent. You’re courting death! Report the situation here to His Majesty the Perfected Deity immediately. An ore mine that might contain dozens or even hundreds of top-grade Chaotic prime crystals has appeared. It’s suspected that two top-notch Perfected Lords who have cultivated divine abilities are mining the ore mine. Requesting reinforcements from the Chamber of Commerce Headquarters!”

Perfected Lord Cold Spring’s tone was chilly, but there was a trace of fervor in his eyes. With the discovery of a new ore vein, as an attendant presiding over the Skywood Continent, he would also get a share of the loot. This was a great thing.

Of course, the prerequisite was that they could stop those two audacious and mysterious Perfected Lords!

“Perfected Lord, what should we do now?”

Perfected Lord Cold Spring was also the top Perfected Lord of the Skywood Continent, so he was naturally the one making the call. Two Perfected Lords who had cultivated divine abilities were not that easy to deal with.

“Heh, what else? Our Prime Sky Chamber of Commerce has set up a divine array on the Skywood Continent. They can forget about escaping! There’s no need to make any moves. We’ll just have to wait here slowly. Once we go over, there might even be casualties among us. When the experts deployed by the headquarters arrive, no matter how many top-grade Chaotic prime crystals they mine, they’ll have to leave them for us!”

Perfected Lord Cold Spring’s words made the eyes of many Perfected Lords light up.

Indeed, the divine array enveloped the Skywood Continent. Apart from Perfected Deities, no one could break it!

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