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Chapter 1297: Can It Enter Your s.p.a.ce?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“To be honest, the Soul of the Divination Jade is useless to me and my husband. I took it because it can harm people. If you want it, I can give it to you.

However, you have to stay by my side and serve me in the future,” she said.

“Jiuyue, are you taking it in?” Qian Jiyun approached her and protected her in his embrace.

This beastman exuded a very hostile aura. It might turn against them if they were not careful. He was worried about letting this beastman remain by An Jiuyue’s side.

“You don’t like me?” Before An Jiuyue could say anything, the beastman spoke to Qian Jiyun.

Qian Jiyun and An Jiuyue were speechless.

No one would like a beastman with such a terrifying appearance, right?

Did it not see how Young Master Nie and the others had been forced to retreat far away and were still trembling? Maybe it should drag one of them here and ask if they liked it?

“Jiyun, listen to me.” An Jiuyue placed a hand on Qian Jiyun’s arm and explained calmly, “Actually, it’s not a complete beastman. It still has a chance to become a normal human. The hostile aura it has is not something it desires.”

“The Soul of the Divination Jade?”

Qian Jiyun had long suspected that this beastman’s transformation into a true human was dependent on the Soul of the Divination Jade.

That would explain why the beastman was so agitated when it saw the Divination Jade Tree disappear. It did not even care about unleas.h.i.+ng a lethal blow and ran towards the mountain peak.

“That’s right. If it consumes the Soul of the Divination Jade, it can turn into a real human. It’ll be even more effective if the Soul of the Divination Jade is refined into medicinal pills.”

An Jiuyue nodded and glanced at the beastman.

“The Soul of the Divination Jade is really useless to me. I might as well find a

use for it once it has ripened.”

It was also compensation for this beastman. After all, it had guarded the Divination Jade Tree painstakingly for so long, but she had taken it away.

“If you think it’s feasible, then let’s do it.”

Instead of stopping her, Qian Jiyun decided to follow her plans. However, he glanced at the beastman hesitantly and could not help but look at her again.

“It’s neither human nor beast. Can it enter your s.p.a.ce?” he asked.

An Jiuyue was quiet. This was a problem. She did not know if this guy could enter her s.p.a.ce.

“It can. It can,” Wei Na quickly said when he heard Qian Jiyun’s question.

He had been hoping for this for a long time. Finally, there was a living being—not a demonic beast or poultry—in the s.p.a.ce. One that could speak, think, and even occasionally listen to his chattering!

How could he give this up? He had to trick that beastman into accompanying him in the s.p.a.ce.

He had no idea when the Soul of Divination Jade would ripen. It might take another three to five decades! He could talk to the beastman to pa.s.s the time when he was bored, right?

“Wei Na said it could,” An Jiuyue replied.

Qian Jiyun nodded and looked at the beastman coldly.

“It will be easy for the two of us to handle you. You know that, so you should refrain from entertaining any unnecessary thoughts,” he warned.

“I know,” the beastman replied.

It did not have any ulterior motives. Its only desire was to obtain the Soul of the Divination Jade and use the poison to become a human..

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