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Chapter 1321: And So What If I Didn’t?

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In that case, he could also lead a life of being served by others. He would not be bullied by stronger people if he went to the higher planes.

“You’re truly capable to have made it here. I was thinking that Zhan Beiye wouldn’t be capable of burning down my granary. It was you, wasn’t it?”

He was furious at the thought of this and wanted to kill Qian Jiyun even more.

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They dared to burn his granary and put him in a predicament. If it were not for the fact that he wanted Qian Jiyun’s possessions, he would have ordered someone to crush him and his wife and feed them to the dogs!

“So you’ve finally pieced it together,” Qian Jiyun said with a smile.

But it was not like everything Ming Fucheng said was right. Was Zhan Beiye incapable of it? He was undeniably competent!

However, contemplation often bred hesitation and timidity.

And this was Zhan Beiye’s current situation. He had to consider the entire military camp behind him, so he hesitated and was less efficient.

“So what if I did? And so what if I didn’t?” Ming Fucheng sneered and sized up Qian Jiyun and An Jiuyue.

He wondered if Qian Jiyun would surrender if he captured this woman. After all, Qian Jiyun was a skilled fighter.

Fortunately, he knew Qian Jiyun doted on this woman. He had searched for her tirelessly over the years and kept her by his side once he found her, never allowing her to be alone.

The secret guards looked up at the woman protected by Qian Jiyun. Was Ming Fucheng a little stupid? This woman was obviously no pushover!

It might be possible if they take her down together.

However, Qian Jiyun was protecting her. How were they supposed to capture her? Some of them would have to restrain Qian Jiyun first, right?

Hence, it was uncertain if they could capture An Jiuyue.

“Your Highness…”

The leader of the shadow guards wanted to say something, but he swallowed his words when Ming Fucheng glared at him.

“Master, is that guy crazy? He even wants to capture you to threaten Qian Jiyun. What is his thinking? Did they get hit in the head or kicked by a donkey?” Wei Na, who had heard everything clearly, could not help but remark.

With a master like that, it was no wonder the soldiers of Yueming Empire could not do anything to Zhan Beiye. He was less of a human and more of a pig.

“Maybe he wasn’t kicked by a donkey,” An Jiuyue replied softly as she looked at Ming Fucheng.

“Huh?” Wei Na was puzzled. “Then what kicked him?”

“A pig,” An Jiuyue replied. A pig kicked him, so he was infected by the pig’s stupidity.

Wei Na was speechless.

Only someone with true talent could get kicked by a pig’s trotter.

“Regardless of whether a donkey or a pig kicked him, he’s not very smart. Master, what should we do now? Leave?” he asked.

“Of course. Why stay? Are we waiting for Ming Fucheng to treat us to a feast?” An Jiuyue replied matter-of-factly.. Why should they stay and reminisce with Ming Fucheng?

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