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Chapter 1448: Become a Spectator


Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

They were not sent by Shang Ningshen, but by the old Emperor. Although Qian Jiyun had entered the palace, the old Emperor was not confident he could kill him, even if he was alone.

Hence, he had the same idea as Shang Ningshen. He decided to send people to kidnap Qian Jiyun’s wife to threaten him and make him surrender.

The masked man behind the chief raised his hand to touch his nose but only felt the black cloth covering it, so he awkwardly lowered his hand.

“Are we going in directly?”

“Are we going to wait for them to come out instead?” The chief glared at him unhappily.

“Everyone, listen up. We’ll enter the courtyard and go straight to Prince Zhan Yun’s room. Take her down,” he instructed in a low voice.

“Yes, Chief.” His subordinates behind him replied in hushed voices.

The group rushed into Qiongzhi Courtyard confidently, hoping to capture An Jiuyue in one fell swoop.

Little did they know, as soon as they entered the courtyard, they saw another group of people. They had been scattered, but they gathered immediately when they heard footsteps.

The two groups stared at each other for a long time.

Eventually, although neither knew who made the first move, the two masked groups in black started fighting in the courtyard.

When An Jiuyue heard the commotion and came out to see what was happening, many were already dead or injured.

“What’s going on?” She was confused and puzzled.

She had expected someone to capture her and make her their guardian deity. However, she did not expect the two groups to into each other so coincidentally, leaving her, the lone individual, with no opportunity to intervene and fight.

“Why are there two groups of people? Who sent the other group?”

Why did it seem like she was in high demand? She had just returned to the capital, but someone was already thinking about her?

She had not been back for long and was unaware that Shang Ningshen had been hiding in the palace. Hence, she thought that the old Emperor had too many helpers and had all come to capture her.

“What a fierce clas.h.!.+ Master, you’re the star, but you’ve become a spectator.” Wei Na’s mouth twitched uncontrollably in the s.p.a.ce.

Indeed. People nowadays would fight over a drop of a hat… Oh, no. These two groups of people had not exchanged a single word before resorting to fighting fiercely with fists and swords.

“That’s the Princess Consort Zhan Yun!” Someone shouted, and the two groups, who were fighting fiercely, suddenly stopped.

The two groups then resumed fighting, but occasionally a few would break off from the fight and rush toward An Jiuyue.

However, they would be intercepted by members of the other group, thus resuming another life-and-death fight to prevent each other from reaching her.

After an indeterminate amount of time, neither group was able to get close to An Jiuyue, leaving her to watch them as though they were fools.

Finally, after both groups were exhausted and unable to stand, An Jiuyue walked over to them slowly.

“Tell me. Who sent you guys?” she asked, her chin resting on her hand as she looked at the two groups.

She had already figured out who the two leaders were. Unleas.h.i.+ng her whip, she tied them together before dragging them over.

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