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Chapter 2172: Fatty becomes a Saint

Translator: 549690339

In the valley, in front of the wooden house, everyone was gathered around a stone table. Fatty took out a large amount of fine wine and delicacies, and everyone ate and talked.

Lu Ming understood that the demonic Sky King was used to living in seclusion in the mountains. When he joined the Dragon Alliance, he did not stay in the Imperial Dragon City but in the mountains.

After the World changed, he brought Kong Jin with him and obtained a large number of sacred medicines and mutant fruits. His bloodline evolved, and his cultivation improved by leaps and bounds.

Therefore, when the monarch race arrived, he was not in Dragon Emperor City. Therefore, he was not controlled by the monarch race.

As for those with weaker cultivation bases, the monarch race did not care much about them, such as Li Ping and Lu Yuntian.

“Lu Ming, what’s your cultivation realm now?”

The devil-Sky King looked at Lu Ming.

This was because he realized that he could not see through Lu Ming’s cultivation level at all. At the same time, he could not see through Qiu Yue’s cultivation level at all. He could not help but ask.


Lu Ming did not hide anything and spoke frankly.

The demonic sky sovereign, Li Ping, Lu Yuntian, and the others were all silent for a moment before they were overjoyed.

Lu Ming had actually reached the Emperor-to-be realm. To them, this was unimaginable.

Hmph, that Li Ke actually said that master is not as good as them. They really don’t even deserve to carry master’s shoes!

Zhuang Xiaoshan said.

“Lu Ming, the gap between us is really getting bigger and bigger!”

Kong Jin’s face was bitter, as if he had suffered a great blow.

“Qiuyue has already become an Emperor!”

Lu Ming suddenly said.

Then, he saw Kong Jin’s entire body freeze on the spot. His mouth was wide open and his small eyes were staring at Qiu Yue.

The others were not any better. They looked at Qiu Yue in shock.

Qiu Yue had actually become an Emperor.

This was simply unimaginable.

In their eyes, martial sovereigns were supreme beings. However, someone was sitting right beside them.

“I don’t want to live anymore …”

The fatty wailed.

“Qiuyue, you … Did I really become a saint Emperor?”

Li Ping held Qiu Yue’s hand in excitement.

Now that the world was changing and all living things were recovering, the cultivation level of the divine wilderness continent had increased by several levels.

Although Li Ping was born unable to cultivate, she had also reached the spirit ocean tier by now with the acc.u.mulation of countless resources.

On the other hand, Lu Yuntian’s cultivation base was at the spiritual G.o.d Realm. Therefore, they had a great understanding of the cultivation realms of martial arts. Naturally, they knew what a martial Supreme represented.

Qiu Yue’s face turned red and she said in a small voice,” “Although I’ve become a saint Emperor, I’m still far from young master’s strength!”

sigh, I’m old, I’m really old. The world will belong to you young people in the future!

The devil Sky sovereign sighed.

Everyone drank and chatted, and a few hours quickly pa.s.sed.

In the next few days, Lu Ming would take time to accompany Lu Yuntian and Li Ping and chat with the two elders.

A few days later, Lu Ming called for Zhuang Xiaoshan and Zhuang xiaorou to come to a nearby mountain peak.

“I heard that in less than three months, there will be a battle between the three continents. Xiao Shan, Xiao Rou, I’ve said before that in three months, I’ll let you defeat Li Ke with your own hands. Are you confident?”

Lu Ming said.

“This … ‘This …’ Master, Li Ke is at the first stage of the half-Saint realm, while we’re at the LV 8 martial Royal realm. It’ll be difficult for us to catch up with him in three months!”

Zhuang Xiaoshan whispered.

He was still being tactful.

His and Zhuang xiaorou’s talents were average. Although they had eaten mutant fruits and their bloodlines had evolved, they were only at the seventh level of divine level bloodlines.

Over the years, they had refined a lot of spiritual and sacred herbs to improve their cultivation to this level. However, it was impossible to defeat Li Ke in three months.

“With me here, do you think you can’t catch up with Li Ke?”

Lu Ming’s eyes widened. He took out a Jade bottle and threw it to Zhuang Xiaoshan. there are top-grade Nirvana elixirs in here. You and Xiao Rou can refine them separately. One of them is enough to raise the grade of your bloodline to G.o.d grade level 9!

“Many thanks, master!”

The two siblings were overjoyed and knelt down before Lu Ming.

Naturally, they were overjoyed. Lu Ming had given them a peerless treasure pill. Although there were many mutant fruits in the world now, some of which could evolve one’s bloodline, the number of such mutant fruits was too small.

And now, Lu Ming had taken out an entire bottle.

“Lu Ming, you … You … Do you have any spirit pills that are suitable for me?”

The fatty was extremely envious. He rubbed his chubby hands and looked at Lu Ming with eager eyes.

Back then, his bloodline had been at the eighth level of the divine level. After consuming the mutant fruit, it had already reached the ninth level of the divine level. There was no need for him to increase the level of his bloodline.

fatty, I will let you break through to the martial Saint realm in a few days!

Lu Ming smiled.

“To break through to the martial Saint realm in a few days? Is that true?”

Fatty’s eyes began to s.h.i.+ne.

of course it’s true, but it’s a little painful. Let’s see if you can bear it!

Lu Ming smiled.

“Of course I can. Who am I? Master Kong Jin…”

The fat man patted his chest, and his fat trembled like water.


Lu Ming waved his hand and the Dayan elixir furnace appeared on the ground. He said,”Let’s go in.”

“All? Into the pill furnace?”

Fatty was dumbfounded.

that’s right. If you enter, you will be able to break through to the martial Saint realm in a few days!

Lu Ming said.

“It’s so magical, here I come!”

The fatty leaped into the furnace and Lu Ming began to activate the furnace. The alchemy fire spread out and enveloped the Fatty’s entire body.

Then, a shrill scream like a pig being slaughtered came from the furnace.

Fatty kept on shouting.

Lu Ming continued to put sacred elixirs into the alchemy furnace. There were also two Sacred Spirit fruits. The sacred Spirit fruits could increase the success rate of breaking through to the Saint realm and make it easier for one to condense a Saint heart.

fatty, stop shouting. Focus on absorbing energy and prepare to break through!

Lu Ming said.

Fatty endured the pain and began to cultivate.

Zhuang Xiaoshan and Zhuang xiaorou also ran to the side, swallowed a Nirvana elixir each, and began to refine the elixir.

Three days later, Zhuang Xiaoshan and Zhuang xiaorou’s bloodlines had successfully evolved under the medicinal power of the Nirvana elixir, reaching divine level level nine.

On his return this time, Lu Ming bought a large number of Nirvana pills, all of which were top-notch.

Naturally, it would allow their bloodlines to evolve to the peak.

Nirvana elixir was an extremely cheap elixir in the yuan continent. However, in the divine wilderness continent, it was a treasure.

At the same time, Fatty’s cultivation had reached a critical point.


A powerful aura came out of the DA yan elixir furnace. Then, the fatty rushed out of the elixir furnace and floated in the air, his aura exploding wildly.

“Hahaha, I’ve broken through, I’ve finally broken through, I’ve become a saint!”

Fatty laughed continuously, he was so excited that he could die.

“Isn’t that number one genius Ren qianxing very arrogant? the next time I see him, I’m going to chop him up with my axe!”

The fatty continued to laugh, as if he was invincible.

“You’ve become a saint?”

Zhuang Xiaoshan and Zhuang xiaorou were also shocked.

Then, he admired Lu Ming even more.

After a long while, fatty calmed down and concealed his aura.

fatty, there’s a Divine Art here that’s suitable for your laws. Take it and cultivate!

Then, Lu Ming threw a jade talisman to the fatty..

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