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Chapter 2173: Chapter 2172-strength increase

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In the yuan continent, Lu Ming had killed many strong enemies, especially in the ancient Moon sanctuary, where he had destroyed five powerful forces, including the Wind Clan.

Each of these forces had been pa.s.sed down for countless years. They had deep foundations and abundant resources.

Lu Ming had obtained a large number of resources.

Pills, treasures, Saint weapons, monarch weapons, skills, and many more.

There were all kinds of divine power techniques of various laws. Lu Ming found a divine power Technique that was suitable for fatty and pa.s.sed it to him.

Fatty was overjoyed and received it happily.

Then, Lu Ming took out an axe. It was a great holy weapon and he handed it to the fatty.

Fatty was even more ecstatic.

Although the world had changed, it was only because of the rich origin Qi and the various sacred medicines that made it easier for him to break through. However, there were still very few divine abilities and weapons.

After many people’s cultivation increased, they did not have a suitable weapon at all.

After the fatty received it, his eyes narrowed with a smile. He happily ran to the side and started cultivating.

As for Zhuang Xiaoshan and Zhuang xiaorou, they were looking at Lu Ming eagerly.

there are many sacred elixirs refined in your bodies, but most of the medicinal effects have been deposited in your bodies and have not been refined. This will be a great obstacle to your future cultivation. Enter the pill furnace, and I will help you refine them. At the same time, it will also increase the grade of your spirit bodies!

Lu Ming said.

The two siblings were shocked. Even the level of a spirit body could be increased?

Finally, Zhuang Xiaoshan entered the Dayan elixir furnace first.


Lu Ming controlled the law of alchemy and used the alchemy fire to temper Zhuang Xiaoshan’s physical body.

Now that Lu Ming’s cultivation level had increased and he could control the alchemy Dao laws and the Dayan elixir furnace, he was more adept at it. The function of the Dayan elixir furnace was many times stronger than before.

Not long after, the remaining medicinal power in Zhuang Xiaoshan’s body had been completely refined by the alchemy fire.

After that, Lu Ming threw sacred elixirs into it and used the medicinal power of the sacred elixirs to refine and upgrade Zhuang Xiaoshan’s spirit body level.

This process was extremely painful, but Zhuang Xiaoshan gritted his teeth and endured it.

He could feel that his spirit body was constantly improving.

He was originally just an ordinary spirit body, but now, he was improving at a crazy speed.

A day later, his spiritual body had been upgraded to a low-grade earth spiritual body.

However, it was not over yet. The improvement continued.

After a few days, his spiritual body had been upgraded to a superior earth spiritual body.

At this moment, Lu Ming released Zhuang Xiaoshan.

One time, not too long, or it would be harmful.

“My spirit body…”

Zhuang Xiaoshan sensed carefully and found that the power of his spirit body had increased dramatically, and his combat power was several times stronger than before.

“Xiao Rou, go in!”

Lu Ming looked at Zhuang xiaorou.

Zhuang xiaorou also entered the Dayan elixir furnace. Lu Ming did the same. A few days later, Zhuang xiaorou’s spiritual body was elevated to a superior-grade earth spiritual body.

Then, he let Zhuang Xiaoshan in.

After more than 20 days, their spiritual bodies had reached the low-tier heaven spiritual body.

Lu Ming sighed. After all, the siblings ‘talents were limited. The low-grade heavenly spiritual body was their limit. It was difficult for them to improve further unless they had a heaven-defying opportunity.

However, their cultivation had not ended yet.

This was because the Dayan elixir furnace had another wonderful use.

Using laws to refine pills.

It could also use the laws to temper people, allowing them to comprehend the laws faster.

As for Zhuang Xiaoshan and Zhuang xiaorou, they had not broken through to the martial Saint realm yet. They had only comprehended the realm, so it was even easier.

In the past, Lu Ming had not been able to use the Dayan elixir furnace to its fullest potential. However, now that he had mastered the alchemy Dao laws, he was completely capable of it.

Then, he had the two siblings take turns to enter the Dayan elixir furnace and channel the power of the laws of heaven and earth into the elixir furnace.

The brother and sister’s comprehension of the corresponding domain improved by leaps and bounds.

Their cultivations had also improved by leaps and bounds.

During this period, Lu Ming also let Kong Jin enter the Dayan elixir furnace to temper Kong Jin’s spirit body and increase the level of his spirit body.

Kong Jin’s talent was very high. His spiritual body had only reached its limit when it was upgraded to a medium grade heaven spiritual body.

Time flew by, and three months pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

In the past three months, Kong Jin, Zhuang Xiaoshan, and Zhuang xiaorou’s cultivation had soared.

Kong Jin’s cultivation level was at the initial bright Saint realm, but his spiritual body had reached the mid-tier earth spiritual body. He had also cultivated a divine power Technique, so his strength had increased by many times.

Zhuang xiaorou and Zhuang Xiaoshan’s cultivation had risen from Lv 8 martial Royal realm to the peak of the first stage of the half-Saint realm. With their inferior celestial spiritual bodies, their combat strength was enough to crush an ordinary second stage half-Saint and even defeat a third stage half-Saint.

The three of them were very confident.

At this moment, the three forces of the yuan continent began to fight for territory.

During this period of time, the demonic sky sovereign had gone out to investigate and had obtained a lot of information.

The sovereign race, divine ox Palace, and manlong Palace would have a compet.i.tion after they had divided the territories.

And this contest was mainly between the divine wilderness continent’s native elites.

The strongest one could occupy the entire Eastern barren territory.

The environment in the eastern barren territory was undoubtedly the best.

This time, it was in Dragon Emperor City.

This news had already spread across the country. Over this period, numerous people were heading for Dragon Emperor City to attend this Grand meeting.

Lu Ming bade farewell to Li Ping and Lu Yuntian. He then led Kong Jin, Zhuang Xiaoshan, and Zhuang xiaorou on their way to the Imperial Dragon City.

With Lu Ming’s speed, he arrived at the Imperial Dragon City in no time.

The Imperial Dragon City was even more majestic than before. Obviously, the Imperial Dragon City had been expanded in recent years.

There was originally a statue of Lu Ming standing in front of the Imperial Dragon City, but it had been removed a long time ago.

“The people from the sovereign race really deserve to die. They actually took down master’s statue!”

Zhuang Xiaoshan was furious.

Zhuang xiaorou and Kong Jin’s eyes were also filled with anger.

Lu Ming was calm and smiled.

This time, he would take back the Imperial Dragon City, and it was time to solve the problem of sakra.

Around the Imperial Dragon City, countless figures flew toward the Imperial Dragon city’s Gate.

Lu Ming’s group of four followed the crowd and entered the Imperial Dragon City.

After they entered the Imperial Dragon City, they found an Inn to stay in.

The compet.i.tion between the three major forces of the yuan continent would start tomorrow.

The four of them waited in the inn.

Meanwhile, in a mansion in the depths of the Imperial Dragon City.

The words ‘Hua Fu’ were written on the gate of the mansion.

The people who lived here were Hua Chi and his clansmen.

Back then, the Hua family was considered a big family because of Lu Ming. After the World changed, many people in the Hua family rose and many experts were born. They had a pivotal position in the Dragon Alliance. However, when sakra di came, the Hua family was also controlled by the sovereign family.

There were many experts guarding the palace, and they were all from the sovereign race.

Right now, a guest had arrived at the palace. It was the number one genius of the divine wilderness continent, Ren qianxing.

Ren qianxing was the disciple of sakra. Hua Chi led his men to receive him in the main hall of Hua Fu.

“Young master Ren, may 1 know why you’ve come to my Palace?”

Hua Chi asked.

“Hua Chi, you’re asking the obvious!”

Ren qianxing spoke indifferently as he fiddled with the jade cup in his hands..

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