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Chapter 2344: Chapter 2344-Oriole behind


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The Dragon-shaped beast launched its final attack and severely injured one of the evil G.o.d tribe members. However, it was still like a lamp running out of oil. It fell to the ground and stopped breathing.


you! the severely injured evil G.o.d tribe member was furious. He chopped off the head of the Dragon-shaped beast with his axe and dug out a fist-sized crystal.

Then, the two members of the evil G.o.d tribe looked at the cave with a fiery gaze.

In the distance, Lu Ming, Wu Xiu, and Wu Bo exchanged glances.


Wu Xiu muttered.

Lu Ming and Wu Bo nodded.

Right now, there were only two people left from the evil G.o.d tribe. Although both of them were two star great emperors and were on par with Wu Xiu and Wu Bo, one of them was already injured and his combat strength had weakened. Lu Ming and the other two were still confident that they would be able to defeat him.

Without any hesitation, the three of them charged out at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.


“Heaven realm human!”

The moment the three of them charged out, two of the evil G.o.d race’s members discovered them and immediately roared in anger.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The two members of the evil G.o.d race immediately launched their attacks. A destructive light shot out from their third eye. One of them turned into three combat swords, while the other turned into a ferocious Tiger. They pounced towards the three of them.

The infinite Dragon Spear was formed in Lu Ming s hands. It contained nine types of laws and was thrust forward.


The long spear struck one of the combat swords, causing a loud boom. The combat sword was sent flying, but Lu Ming’s long spear continued to shake and buzz.

“What powerful strength!”

Lu Ming felt his arm go numb.

Two star great emperor was indeed powerful.

If Lu Ming did not use the fallen star bow now, he would be able to suppress an ordinary one star great emperor with his own combat strength. However, he would still be slightly weaker when he encountered a two star great emperor.

“Air shattering palm!”

On the other side, the twin brothers, Wu Xiu and Wu Bo, also used their special abilities.

The sacred art they used was exactly the same. Both of their palms became transparent, but there was a shocking aura flowing around.

The two of them struck out with their palms.

Wu Xiu attacked the ferocious Tiger.

Wu Bo attacked the remaining two swords.

BOOM! boom!

With a violent boom, the Tiger and the two combat swords were destroyed by the two.

“What a powerful force!”

Lu Ming narrowed his eyes slightly.

After breaking through the obstruction of the evil G.o.d tribe’s attacks, the three of them did not stop and quickly approached the two members of the evil G.o.d tribe.

“I’ll deal with the uninjured one. You guys work together to kill rhe injured one, and then come help me!”

Wu Xiu sent a voice transmission to Lu Ming and Wu Bo. Then, he charged toward the uninjured member of the evil G.o.d tribe. The two of them started fighting.

Lu Ming and Wu Bo charged toward the injured evil G.o.d tribe member.

BOOM! boom!

Wu Bo’s palm seemed to be transparent. It was as if it was made of a pair of transparent crystals. The power of the attack was shocking.

Wherever his palm pa.s.sed, the s.p.a.ce would explode and shatter.

“Human, kill!”

die! the evil G.o.d tribe members roared as they wielded their battle axes and slashed toward Wu Bo.

Clang! Clang!

Wu Bo’s palm collided with the evil G.o.d tribe1 s battle-ax, creating a violent boom that sounded like metal clas.h.i.+ng.

After a few violent tremors, Wu Bo’s body swayed, while the evil G.o.d tribe member’s burly body was forced to retreat.

The evil G.o.d tribe member had been severely injured by the counterattack of the Dragon-shaped beast before it died. Its combat strength had been greatly reduced, and it was no match for Wu Bo in a head-on clash.

At this moment, Lu Ming also launched an attack.

Lu Ming immediately took out the fallen star bow.

Although his opponent was injured, he was still a two-star great emperor. If he fought to the death, he would still be very powerful, and the fallen star bow was the most effective way to kill him.


The bowstring vibrated, and a nine-colored arrow shot toward the other party.

The terrifying power caused the other party’s expression to change, and he could only try his best to resist.


The other party slashed out with his axe, blocking the nine-colored arrow. However, his body was still retreating, and this affected his injuries, worsening them.

How could Wu Bo let go of such an opportunity? he launched a storm-like attack on his opponent.

The evil G.o.d tribe member was already injured and was not a match for Wu Bo. With the threat of the fallen star bow, he was naturally no match for Wu Bo.

Within a few moves, the opponent was. .h.i.t by Wu Bo.


Wu Bo’s palm landed on the other party’s body. That spot had already been pierced through by rhe Dragon-shaped beast earlier. Now that it was struck, it immediately exploded, sending blood and flesh flying.

The evil G.o.d tribe member let out a blood-curdling screech as his body was sent flying like a broken sandbag, and his aura was extremely weak.

Lu Ming seized the opportunity and shot an arrow.


The arrow pierced through the head of the other party. The other party roared and stopped breathing.

With Lu Ming and Wu Bo working together, the injured evil G.o.d tribe member was easily dealt with by the two of them.

As for the last member of the evil G.o.d race, when he saw this, his face turned pale with fright. He unleashed a few more attacks at Wu Xiu before turning around and running.

He understood that he would definitely die if he were to face Lu Ming and the other two alone.

“Stop him!”

Wu Xiu shouted as he chased after the other party.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

At this moment, Lu Ming drew the fallen star bow continuously. Two nine-colored arrows flew out and drew a semi-circular arc in the air. They ran to the front of the evil G.o.d tribe and shot toward them.

The evil G.o.d tribe member could only wave his Mace to block. Although he managed to block the nine-colored arrow, his body was also blocked.

Wu Xiu quickly arrived, his palm continuously bombarding out.

Meanwhile, Wu Bo had also quickly arrived and joined the battle.

The two brothers joined forces, and their combat strength increased explosively. The evil G.o.d tribe could no longer break out of the encirclement and could only try their best to resist.

As for Lu Ming, he appeared not far away with the fallen star bow in his hand. This caused the evil G.o.d tribe member to be even more fl.u.s.tered, and he had to divert his attention to Lu Ming.

Lu Ming took out a pile of raw gemstones and began to devour the original Qi in them to restore his World Energy.

At the same time, an arrow was shot our.

Every time Lu Ming shot an arrow, he would find an opening to shoot it, catching the other party off guard.

The other party was distracted, so how could he block the attacks of the two brothers, Wu Xiu and Wu Bo? his body was struck repeatedly, and purple scales flew in all directions while his bones were broken.

The evil G.o.d tribe member roared in rage. However, the outcome was already decided. After a few more moves, the evil G.o.d tribe member’s head was pierced through by Wu Xiu s attack, and he was completely dead.

All five members of the evil G.o.d tribe had fallen, and the three of them looked toward the cave.

It was obvious that this cave was the cave abode of the Dragon-shaped strange beast from before. The five members of the evil G.o.d tribe had their eyes on this place, and there was definitely a rare treasure inside.

The three of them landed in front of rhe cave.

let’s go in together. Be careful. Although rhe Dragon-shaped strange beast in the cave has been killed, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be other dangers!

Wu Xiu said cautiously.

Lu Ming and Wu Bo nodded. Then, the three of them carefully headed toward the cave.

As soon as they entered rhe cave, they felt a scorching heat Rush over. The three of them felt like their bodies were about to burn.

Lu Ming activated the power of rhe world and the nine types of laws to cover his entire body to resist the temperature in the cave.

it was a huge pa.s.sage, dozens of meters high and wide, in the depths of the cave, a fiery red radiance spread out..

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