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Chapter 2345: Chapter 2345-liquid fire, a counterattack


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The three of them followed the pa.s.sageway and advanced forward. After about a thousand meters, they crossed the pa.s.sageway and came to a cave.

This cave was very large, and it was completely red. The temperature was even more astonis.h.i.+ng, and it was like a furnace.

If it weren’t for their profound cultivation, ordinary people definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand it.


As soon as they entered, their eyes were attracted to a small pool in the middle of the cave.

There was a red liquid in the pool. The terrifying temperature was coming from the red liquid.

This wasn’t lava, because there was an extremely dense essence inside.

“This is … Liquid fire!”

Lu Ming muttered.

Wu Xiu and Wu Bo’s eyes also lit up.


Flames were usually like gas. They could be seen but not touched.

However, in places with extremely rich flame energy, after hundreds of millions of years of evolution, a strange treasure would be formed, and that was liquid fire.

Liquid fire was an extremely rare treasure that contained a huge amount of fire essence. It was extremely valuable to cultivators.

Most importantly, it would be useful no matter which path he cultivated.

Those who cultivated the nomological system could be used to temper their world power and condense small worlds.

Those who cultivated the primordial diabolism and the primordial demonic path could also be used to temper their unique power.

Ancient body cultivators could use it to temper their bodies.

In fact, the evil G.o.d tribe could even use it for cultivation.

No matter which one it was, the effect was shocking.

No wonder the five members of the evil G.o.d tribe had wanted to rush into this place while the Dragon-shaped strange beast had been unwilling to leave.

The eyes of the three people became fiery.

“This pool of liquid fire is quite a lot. I low about the three of us split it equally?”

Wu Xiu’s eyes flickered as he looked at Lu Ming.

“I have no objections!”

Lu Ming said.

“I’ll collect some first!”

Said Wu Bo. He then waved his hand, and a Jade bottle appeared.

Wu Bo controlled the Jade bottle to fly toward the small pond. He wanted to scoop up some of the liquid flame, but when the liquid flame entered the Jade bottle, the Jade bottle immediately burned up and turned into ashes, disappearing without a trace.

“Such a high temperature!”

The few of them were shocked.

“I don’t believe it!”

Wu Bo waved his hand again, and a box appeared in the air.

The box was made of metal and was engraved with runes. The aura it exuded was also extremely astonis.h.i.+ng.

This is a true Emperor weapon!

Lu Ming’s heart stirred.

Wu Bo controlled the box and flew over, trying to put the liquid fire into the box.

However, when the liquid fire flew into the box, the box immediately let out a sizzling sound, and within a few seconds, the box burst into flames. A few minutes later, the box followed in the footsteps of the Jade bottle, turning into ashes and dissipating.

The few of them looked at each other. The temperature of the liquid fire was too shocking. Even true Emperor weapons were burned to ashes.

“Are we going to use an Emperor weapon?”

Wu Bo gritted his teeth.

“I’ll do it!”

Wu Xiu said as he took out a monarch weapon.

This monarch weapon was truly a monarch weapon, it was like an alms bowl.

However, when the liquid fire was put into the alms bowl, it still made a sizzling sound and a light smoke drifted out of it.

Wu Xiu’s expression changed greatly, and he hurriedly poured out the liquid fire. Then, he looked at the alms bowl, and saw that there were already a few pits in it.

Wu Xiu’s heart ached. In just a short while, his Emperor-level weapon had been damaged. If he had delayed any longer, his Emperor-level weapon would have been burned through.

“We can’t take it away!”

Wu Xiu sighed, somewhat speechless.

The liquid fire couldn’t be taken away at all. The temperature was so high that it could even damage Emperor weapons.

Could it be that he needed a Celestial Emperor weapon?

However, Celestial Emperor weapons were extremely precious and rare. Many celestial emperors didn’t have Celestial Emperor weapons, so it was naturally impossible for them to have one.

Since he couldn’t take it away, he could only refine it here slowly. However, there were many experts from the heaven realm and the evil G.o.d race who had entered the void G.o.d Island. This place might be discovered by other experts at any time. It was extremely dangerous to stay here and refine it.

“I’ll try!”

Lu Ming said. Then, his glabella glowed and a huge cauldron appeared.

This was the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron!

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was a weapon with Nine Dragons. It was extremely powerful and st.u.r.dy. Lu Ming speculated that it was definitely a celestial Thearch weapon.

Even if it couldn’t exert its power now, the material was there, so the liquid fire shouldn’t be able to do anything to the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

Lu Ming controlled the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron to fly out and into the small pool. Then, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron emitted a powerful suction force and sucked the liquid fire into the divine cauldron.

There was no problem at all. The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron did not have any abnormalities.

He took the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron back to take a look and found nothing unusual. It was just like an ordinary liquid that had been put into a water tank.


Wu Xiu and Wu Bo were both ecstatic.

Lu Ming was relieved. He continued to control the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron to absorb the liquid fire.

Soon, a small pool of liquid fire was sucked into the divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron flew back and was put away by Lu Ming.

“Let’s find a secret place, divide it equally among the three of us, and then slowly refine it, how about it?”

Lu Ming’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to Wu Xiu and Wu Bo.

alright, it’s all thanks to brother Lu Ming this time. Let’s leave this place quickly!

Wu Xiu’s face was filled with smiles, and so was Wu Bo.

“Let’s go!”

Lu Ming nodded and turned to leave.

However, just as Lu Ming turned around, Wu Xiu and Wu Bo suddenly launched an attack. Their palms turned transparent as they charged towards Lu Ming with shocking power.

This turn of events was extremely sudden.

“You guys…”

Lu Ming sensed the danger and roared in anger. Nine types of laws emanated from his body and covered his entire body.

Lu Ming only had time to react before Wu Xiu and Wu Bo’s attacks landed on him.


Lu Ming’s body was sent flying and he crashed heavily into the wall of the cave.

Everything on void G.o.d Island was under that terrifying pressure at all times. Therefore, it became extremely st.u.r.dy. However, now that Lu Ming had crashed into the wall, the entire cave shook violently. The wall exploded and a huge pit appeared.

Lu Ming lay in the deep pit, spitting out large mouthfuls of blood. His face was pale and his aura was weak.

“You guys … Why are you doing this?”

Lu Ming shouted, extremely furious.

“Why? Hahaha, who asked you to have so many treasures on you!”

Wu Xiu laughed.

“That’s right. That puppet from before could even kill three star great emperors and four star great emperors. I low powerful would it be if it fell into the hands of us brothers?”

“Also, the cauldron in your hands can even contain liquid fire. It’s definitely extraordinary. The number one prodigy of the heaven realm is indeed extraordinary. Lu Ming, I’m afraid that you have more treasures than this. If we get it, we’ll definitely soar to the sky. Hehehe!”

Wu Bo laughed coldly, his eyes filled with greed.

Lu Ming had too many treasures on him. Moreover, he was the number one prodigy of the heaven realm. He must have had many fortuitous encounters. If they could take all of Lu Ming’s fortuitous encounters, the two brothers would definitely rise up against the heavens.

It was not impossible for him to become a peak expert of the heaven realm in the future..

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