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Chapter 1127: Already Panicking


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“It’s a waste of time and troublesome. I don’t have the time,” Fu Sinian replied coldly.

Song Ning choked, unable to continue the conversation.

However, after changing the topic, she felt a little more relaxed.

After eating with Fu Sinian, he went to the company. Song Ning was at a loss and couldn’t help but go to see Arthur.

“Mr. Arthur, how are your arrangements for the last time we spoke?”

Arthur stroked the cracked ice porcelain in his hand and smiled slightly.

“You were behind what happened at the jewelry banquet, right?”

Song Ning’s expression turned cold. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. It was so dangerous last night. If I hadn’t been lucky, I might have been the one who was injured!”

Arthur smiled and put down the porcelain.

“Do you think that Fu Sinian hasn’t been keeping a close eye on me after I’ve been here for so long? It’s not easy to bring a living person out from under Fu Sinian’s nose. After all, this is China.”

“Since it’s so troublesome, why did you still promise me?” Song Ning was a little angry.

“I didn’t promise you that I would definitely succeed. If I succeed, I’ll get the benefits, and you’ll get the person.”

Song Ning choked.

“Mr. Arthur, I’m here today because I have something else to talk to you about.” “President Song, why don’t you just say it?”

“Fu Sinian wants to bring me to Country F to discuss cooperation. Through this matter, I’ve concluded that the situation in Country F has already been controlled by him. This should be very disadvantageous to you, right?” “Disadvantageous to me? President Song, you’re thinking too much. Country F’s matters have nothing to do with me.”

“Then who was sent by Duke Bliss to Country F?”

“Su Ruoqing.”

“Her? What abilities does she have?”

“President Song just said that Fu Sinian is preparing to bring you along. Isn’t that very normal? What are you worried about, President Song?”

“I keep feeling that this matter isn’t that simple! Fu Sinian is too scheming. I can’t see through him.”

Arthur suddenly smiled. “Once bitten twice shy. You’re already so wary after suffering a loss from Fu Sinian.”

“A loss? Is that considered a loss?” Song Ning sneered.

“President Song, just go. He won’t touch you in Country F! After all, the cooperation of Huatian Technology is still very important to him. As for his intentions, won’t you know when you go? You have too much worries.”

Song Ning choked.

She indeed felt a little guilty.

Actually, she did not have to be afraid at all.

She did not instruct Su Youwei to do anything. Su Youwei had done those things herself.

She did not keep Su Youwei because she wanted to avoid future trouble.

If Fu Sinian found out about Su Youwei, the clues would not lead to anyone. Even if he found the person who had touched the equipment, it would definitely not implicate her!

She had also done it very secretly to fetch Su Youwei out of prison.

It seemed that this time, she was the one who had panicked.

When Fu Sinian returned to the office, Rong Zhan was waiting for him.

“Is Old Master’s injury serious?” Rong Zhan asked worriedly.

“It’s not serious.”

“That’s good. Did you find out who did it?”

“It must be related to Su Youwei. Now, there’s an electrician on the run. We should be able to catch him soon. However, Su Youwei is dead. We can only find clues from that electrician.”

“From what you’re saying, someone else is behind Su Youwei?”

“I suspect it’s Song Ning.”

“Song Ning? She really doesn’t stop!”

Suddenly, Fu Sinian’s phone rang..

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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night! Chapter 1127: Already Panicking summary

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