He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 2002: Gu Nian could only smile apologetically

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Chapter 2002: Gu Nian could only smile apologetically


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The students ‘parents had all come to pick them up. At this time, the capital city Airport could be said to be a gathering of big shots.

Gu Nian was stuck in the middle as she held onto Guan Ling’s hand and walked down the stairs. Shen Zhaozheng had remained on the plane the entire time and would only get off after they had left.

As soon as Gu Nian got down the ramp, she ran to her mother and hugged her. “It’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t worry.”

Gu Yanzhi reached out and ruffled her hair. Gu Nian, I heard that you escaped in your own car. That’s impressive.

Song ran glared at him. what’s there to be proud of? ” The Northwest is really an ominous place. When I went there in the past, I didn’t encounter any good things. In the future, you’re not allowed to go to that place of trouble, understand?”

I’m not going! Gu Nian quickly agreed. I’m not going even if I’m beaten to death.

Song ran checked her up and down carefully. After making sure that she was fine, the whole family gathered around her. Shen Zhaozheng sat by the window and looked at her. He could not help but smile.ll Qiao, he also felt happy to see her being cared for.

you don’t know how worried everyone in the family is. Your brother and your father really want to fly to the border to save you.

Gu Nian glanced at her brother and smiled. “Gu Yanzhi is so kind?”

Gu Yanzhi pushed her head. you’re not an adopted child. As your brother, how can I not be anxious? ”

mother, look at him. I’ve escaped death. What’s with his att.i.tude? ” Gu Nian pouted.

Song ran tapped her on the head. your brother is right. How can you doubt his concern for you? ”

“Alright, I know, I know.”

She looked back and could vaguely see the face by the window. It was a little tall and a little far. She vaguely felt that Shen Zhaozheng’s expression was envious.

Song ran held her hand tightly and followed her line of sight. “What are you looking at?”

Gu Nian quickly wrapped her arms around her mother’s neck. nothing much. Let’s go back. Let’s go back to grandpa’s place and celebrate my escape from death. We’ll have a big meal at grandpa’s house tonight.

After the eight students were taken away by their parents, Shen Zhaozheng slowly walked down from the plane, leaving only the staff. He got into the car, and Yu Bin drove the car out of the airport.

The Gu family and the Tang family went to the vice president’s public house. It was not even as lively as it was during the new year. Gu Nian had repeated the same words at least 800 times. How lucky she was, how she was lucky because of her mother, and how she escaped with her car. She was so tired of talking about it.

However, everyone loved to hear it. The elders praised her for her courage as they listened. Gu Nian could only smile apologetically.

Finally, Gu Nian found some time to go to the washroom. Standing there, she called Shen Zhaozheng and said in a low voice, ” brother zhaohan, I should be staying over at my grandfather’s place tonight. My parents and relatives will probably leave tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, so I won’t be able to go over to your place for the next two days. “Alright, let me know when you can come.”


After hanging up the phone, Gu Nian pretended to wash her hands. When she opened the door, she was so shocked that she almost screamed.

“Mom, you need to go to the toilet too?”

Song ran glared at her and pushed her into the bathroom before closing the door.

I think I saw Zhenzhen, Shen Zhaozheng, on the plane just now? ”

Gu Nian’s heart skipped a beat. Her mother had sharp eyes. Even though the porthole was so small and far away, her mother could still see it.

You …Il As expected of mother.ll Mother..

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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 2002: Gu Nian could only smile apologetically summary

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