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Chapter 2001: No one will find out


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Shen Zhaozheng ruffled her hair again. “Indeed, you can’t be with irresponsible people. This can be considered a lesson for you.”

Ever since she escaped, Shen Zhaozheng had not had a good time with her. Looking at her bright red lips, he could not help but want to kiss her. He wanted to kiss her and feel her presence.

Inspector Shen had just bowed his head when an insensible air stewardess walked over from the aisle. “May I know what kind of drink you would like?”

Gu Nian was so shocked that she quickly pushed Shen Zhaozheng away. Shen Zhaozheng looked at the stewardess awkwardly and said, ” “I’ll have a hot coffee.”

The air stewardess poured two for the two of them. Then, she took a closer look and immediately said excitedly, ” “You must be director Shen,


Director Shen’s reputation in the three major Academies was no less than those popular celebrities. The girls who pursued him in the academies were countless.

Shen Zhaozheng lowered his cap again and put his index finger to his mouth, gesturing for her to not speak. The stewardess immediately nodded with a red face and slowly pushed the dining cart forward.

Gu Nian took a sip of her coffee before gently poking his chest. “The

Superintendent is very popular.”

Shen Zhaozheng grabbed” He held her hand and pulled out a magazine. He lowered his head and read the magazine to hide his panic from failing to steal a kiss.

“Are you the most popular celebrity among the three major Academies?” Gu Nian asked.

Shen Zhaozheng placed the magazine in front of her. Gu Nian saw that the cover page was of her director.

“You’re indeed a big star in the Academy of Sciences.”

Shen Zhaozheng smiled and Gu Nian grabbed his arm. but, the superstar has already fallen under my skirt. As long as I’m not dead, those women who covet you can only look at you and sigh.

Shen Zhaozheng looked at her smug face and couldn’t help but hold the back of her head and seal her mouth.

The sunlight shone through the small window of the plane. There was the smell of sunlight, coffee, and even her.

He let go of her and Gu Nian’s face turned red. She then punched him in the chest. “You’re truly audacious.”

He looked up and said in a low voice, ” “No one will find out,”

During the two-hour journey, the two of them continued to chat and play.

At the Northwest border, Shen hanzhi had already seen the plane at the Academy of Sciences ‘airport fly high. He stood in the courtyard and watched the plane fly further and further away before he turned around and returned to his office.

There was still one and a half years left. He only hoped that niannian would not get married in this one and a half years. That way, he still had a glimmer of hope.

She was still in college, so it was impossible for her to get married in a year and a half.

The plane slowly arrived at the airport in the capital city. The capital city was not one of the three major Academies, so there was no dedicated airport. It was parked at a civilian airport.

Gu Nian looked out the window and her heart skipped a beat. “Brother zhaohan, we can’t get off the plane together.”

“What’s wrong?”

“My grandfather, my parents, and my brother are all here! Oh my, there’s also my Grandpa song, my aunt’s family, and my second uncle’s family. It’s so lively, so lively.”

When they found out that Gu Nian had been held hostage, everyone in the family was worried and could not wait to see for themselves if she was safe.

Shen Zhaozheng was happy for her, but at the same time, he couldn’t help but envy her big and warm family.

A group of students and professors slowly stepped onto the ramp and went

down one by one..

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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 2001: No one will find out summary

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