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Chapter 2067: That was an order


Translator: 549690339

However, he had to be separated from niannian for three months. Now, he really couldn’t leave this little girl.

After a whole day of, Gu Nian was dizzy and hungry. Only then did she walk to the cafeteria with the others.

Just as she was about to enter the canteen, someone called her from behind. She turned around and saw the setting sun s.h.i.+ning on her. He was leaning against the car, wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and black trousers. It was the simplest outfit, but it was the most eye-catching.

He was so good-looking that she wanted to keep him away and not let anyone see him.

She endured her hunger and walked up to him, smiling at him.”What are you doing here?”

“Come to my place tonight.”

He was going to the southeast Research Inst.i.tute soon. He wanted to be with her for the next few days. After that, they would be separated for a long three months.

Even though Gu Nian was starving, love still prevailed. She got into Shen Zhaozheng’s car and headed to his apartment.

In the kitchen of Twilight, he made some simple noodles because the girl had complained about hunger about 80 times.

He scooped out some tomato and egg noodles and placed them in front of her. Gu Nian then gobbled them down.

“I have something to tell you,” Shen Zhaozheng chuckled.


The setting sun slowly receded, and the light in the dining room was a little dim. Without turning on the lights, her silhouette was buried in the shadows.

“I’m going to the southeast Research Inst.i.tute on the 10th.”

“Oh, I’ll go,” she replied indifferently.

“Three months,” he added.

She paused and looked up at him. Shen Zhaozheng was staring at her, thinking that she was going to act coquettishly and ask him not to go.

However, her eyes were clear. She seemed to think for a moment, and then finally nodded.”Oh, I know.”

It wasn’t a tone of disappointment, but a statement, a statement that she knew about this.

“Don’t you have anything to say?” Shen Zhaozheng was surprised.

be good there. Don’t forget to call me, ” Gu Nian said after some thought.

“What else?”

“Eh? There’s more? What else is there?”

“Aren’t you going to make me stay?

Gu Nian’s eyes widened. that’s an order. I was born into a family like this. How could I not know that I can’t disobey such a transfer? ” Even if you were gone for three years, I wouldn’t say a word to you, let alone three months.”

Shen Zhaozheng smiled. She was Gu Nian, and she was different from others.

With that, he was relieved.

“I’ll apply to the leader over there to let you visit me.”

‘Who said I’m going to visit you? Brother zhaohan, don’t think too highly of yourself, okay?”

“You’re not going?”

Gu Nian shrugged and said,’I’m very busy too, okay? I have to prepare for the college entrance exam, work part-time at the magazine agency, and attend to the debate club. I’m also busy with my studies. I don’t have the time to visit you.”

Shen Zhaozheng squinted at her and instantly compromised. “Then, can you ask me to apply for a family visit leave and come back to visit you?”

“Suit yourself then.” Gu Nian shrugged.

After dinner, Gu Nian continued to read for a while before the two of them sat on the sofa to watch television.

Gu Nian grabbed Lin Yiqian’s phone and scrolled through it.

Superintendent Shen obviously had a generation gap with her. “Is a cell phone that nice to look at?”

Gu nianwei raised her eyebrows. I’ve been looking at the chat logs of our cla.s.s group. They all said that after the second year, they’ll be opening an elective course on macro control. There’ll be one cla.s.s A week, and we’ll be taught about the science, economy, and cultural development of various countries at home and abroad. I heard that the University is contacting some big shots in scientific research to be visiting professors.

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