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Chapter 905: Sweetcake’s Side Story (1)


Translator: Atlas Studios    Editor: Atlas Studios

Twelve years later, on an immortal mountain on the cloud.

It looked like an ordinary celestial mountain, but only the legendary figures on the clouds lived there.

Yun Ran and MO Beiyuan no longer cared about the matters of the demons and the sects on the clouds, but be it the demons or the sects on the clouds, they were still afraid of their existence,

Therefore, for the past twelve years, it had been relatively peaceful on the clouds.

“MO Yunnian, did you take Little Peanut and Little Pumpkin out to catch demonic beasts again? Do you know that you almost caused a beast tide?”

Yun Ran looked at her grown-up daughter in front of her and her voice was stern.

Mo Beiyuan cleared his throat and said a few words for his precious daughter,

“Those two young brats must have been disobedient and kept pestering Sweetcake to bring them there. Ranran, I’ll bring those two young brats over now.”

After a while, Bai Wan and Xuanyuan Yu rushed over and persuaded, “Sweetcake has always been obedient. That beast tide should have been an accident.’

Yun Ran knew that her two mischievous children’s cultivation levels were too high. Every time they went to the Demon Beast Forest, they would scare those Demon Beasts into running around.

She had forbidden them from going to the Demon Beast Forest to play.

However, as their sister, Sweetcake probably couldn’t withstand the two young brats’ tantrums, so she brought them to play.

When those two young young brats started playing, how could they still remember the rules?

“Mother, I know I was wrong. Don’t be angry with Sweetcake.”

MO Yunnian, also known as Sweetcake, had grown into a big girl, but her mouth was still as sweet as when she was young.

At this moment, MO Beiyuan also picked up the two young brats and threw them in front of Yun Ran. “You made a mistake yourself. Yet you hid and let your sister take the rap for you. Hurry up and apologize to your mother!”

These two young brats weren’t as sensible as Bun. They had been spanked countless times since they were young.

“Mother, we were wrong. We originally wanted to hunt a snow wolf and make a big cloak for Mother. Who knew that a dignified nine-star demon beast would be so timid…

The snow wolf was frightened and ran out of the Demons Beast Forest, scaring the other Demon Beasts along the way.

In the end, a series of reactions almost triggered a beast tide.

Fortunately, the three of them reacted quickly and realized that something was wrong. They immediately used their beast taming talent to appease the berserk magical beasts and stop a beast tide.

Yun Ran glanced at them. “1 thank you for your snow wolf skin!”

Every time these two young brats got into trouble, they were afraid of being beaten up by MO Beiyuan, so they brought her out.

She knew that MO Beiyuan would always be especially tolerant when it came to matters involving her.

“Alright, alright. Don’t keep pestering Sister in the future. She’s grown up now and has her own things to do. She doesn’t have time to play with you.”

Yun Ran chased the two trouble-making young brats away before looking at her eldest daughter. The little girl was becoming more and more beautiful. She had inherited her parents’ advantages in terms of looks. Now, she was known as the number one beauty on the clouds.

Even Yun Ran had to admit that her young lady was stunningly beautiful.

“Mother and Father promised you that you would travel to the Five Nations by yourself when you turned sixteen. Now that you’re sixteen, you can travel by yourself.”

Sweetcake’s wish was agreed to by Yun Ran and MO Beiyuan when she was 13 years old.

However, at that time, the little girl was still young. Yun Ran and the others were worried, so they made an agreement with her to let her travel to the Five Nations when she turned 16..

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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful Chapter 905: Sweetcake's Side Story (1) summary

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