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Chapter 906: Sweetcake’s Side Story (2)


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When MO Yunnian heard this, his eyes were filled with joy as she hugged Yun Ran. “Mother, thank you! I’m so happy!”

“Then I’ll pack up and leave tomorrow.”

Yun Ran and MO Beiyuan thought that she wanted to go to the Five Nations to play.

However, they did not know that she had another motive for going to the Five Nations. That was to find someone.

She wanted to look for Yan Qi!

That person had suddenly disappeared. He had clearly agreed to grow up with her.

However, when she was kidnapped in her younger days, he left without saying goodbye.

MO Yunnian wanted to find Little Brother Yan Qi and ask him why he had left without saying goodbye.

His precious daughter wanted to travel alone. As her father, MO Beiyuan was still a little worried and wanted to send someone to follow her.

Yun Ran was much calmer than he was. “Your worries are completely unnecessary. Not to mention the Five Countries, even on the clouds, you can’t find many who can hurt her. The few you find can’t hurt her.”

To put it bluntly, the ones with higher cultivation levels than her Sweetcake were her family members.

Naturally, he could not hurt her.

“When she was three years old, she was already the most powerful cultivator in the Five Nations… Have you forgotten?”

Her Sweetcake had indeed been amazing since she was young.

Mo Beiyuan felt much more at ease after hearing her persuasion.

He allowed his youngest daughter to go out to see the world and train.

MO Yunnian bade farewell to her family and jumped onto Cang Luan’s back. It flew in the direction of the Five Nations.

Currently, the barrier between the Five Nations and the clouds was still the same. It had not been repaired.

However, without divine artifacts and extremely high cultivation, it was impossible for the people of the Five Nations to enter the clouds.

The divine artifact in MO Yunnian’s hand was obtained from an ancient immortal mountain when she was eight years old. It was said to be the treasure of an immortal master from an immortal sect more than ten thousand years ago.

It was a bone flute. It could tame beasts and could also be used as a weapon for self-defense,

It could also create a barrier to protect her from bad weather.

Therefore, she did not suffer at all on her way to the Five Nations.

Cang Luan’s cultivation had also improved a lot over the years. After advancing, it could change its size at will.

Sweetcake and Cang Luan went in the market of the Northern Han Imperial

City. No one could discover that they had come up from the legendary clouds.

MO Yunnian first went to the Northern Han Imperial Palace to meet Third Granduncle’s family.

That’s right, Bai Xuan was not only the Imperial Preceptor of the Northern

Han, but also the husband of the Empress of the Northern Han, Yuwen Zhi. The two of them were now managing the Northern Han together, and they also had a pair of children.

They were all very happy to see Sweetcake.

They kept her in the palace for a few days.

MO Yunnian thought about the purpose of her trip to the Five Nations and did not stay any longer.

Bai Xuan did not ask her to stay, so he could only let her be.

“If you encounter any difficulties in the Five Nations, you must inform Third


Because he had doted on her since she was young, Bai Xuan still couldn’t change his habit of doting on her like a little girl.

Nio Yunnian left the Northern Han Imperial Palace on the back of Cang Luan.

She did not know where to look for Yan Qi. Then, she went to the East Continent Imperial Palace to look for her granduncle, Bai Ze, who was now the Emperor of the East Continent.

She wanted to see if she could get any useful information from the secret guards of the twelve divisions.

Bai Ze was naturally very happy and surprised to see her.

When he heard that she wanted to look for that young brat Yan Qi, his face turned cold.

“Who knows where he has been all these years? I think he’s probably not alive anymore.. If he was still alive, he would have returned long ago!’

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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful Chapter 906: Sweetcake's Side Story (2) summary

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