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Chapter 771 Not Interfering

"Coward, I dare to think about it. If my parents are from generational wealth, a big brother that's a finance tyc.o.o.n, a second brother that's a medical genius, and a third brother that's an international superstar, I would dare to do whatever I want, even in my dreams.

"Then, since Lin Yin is a child of the Mu family, why did the previous news keep saying that Lin Yin was an orphan who grew up in the slums? She was even a daughter of the Su Family before?"

"I just asked around. It's said that the Mu Family lost a daughter before and they couldn't find her, so Lin Yin grew up in the slums. Later on, Lin Yin was brought back by the Su Family as their daughter, but they realized that she wasn't their biological daughter either. It was only now that Lin Yin was discovered by the Mu Family, so they brought her back to the Mu Family."

Su Su listened to the discussions around her distractedly. Now, she only wanted Lin Yin to walk into cla.s.s quickly so that she could ask Lin Yin about Mu Ran.

Lin Yin returned to her cla.s.s in a low mood. Su Su immediately moved to Lin Yin's side and looked at her sadly. "Yinyin, you're Mu Ran's sister. Can you tell Mu Ran not to leave the industry?"

Su Su's words immediately attracted everyone's attention to Lin Yin.

Mu Ran had many fans. Many of the students in this cla.s.s were probably Mu Ran's fans, so they were also looking forward to Lin Yin's answer. They did not want Mu Ran to leave the industry.

In the entertainment industry, at least they could get some news about Mu Ran from time to time and see him on the screen.

If Mu Ran really left the industry, it would be harder than ascending to the heavens for them to see him in the future. Perhaps in this life, they could only look through Mu Ran's previous works to remember their days of chasing after celebrities.

Although Lin Yin was also very reluctant for Mu Ran to give up his acting career because of this matter, she could not interfere with Mu Ran's decision, so she could only say apologetically, "I'm sorry, I can't help you with this matter. I can't interfere with my brother's decision, even if I'm his sister."

Lin Yin's words made many fans who were present feel guilty. Even Mu Ran's sister did not dare to interfere with Mu Ran's decision, and some of their fans were actually domineering enough to interfere with Mu Ran's private life and make Mu Ran live, work, and find a girlfriend according to their satisfaction. It was simply too much.

Mu Ran's fans lowered their heads in disappointment. A girl said, "I understand. We'll respect Brother Ran's decisions. It's just that Lin Yin, can you help us pa.s.s on some words to Brother Ran? I have been Brother Ran's fan since junior high. At that time, I wasn't good at my studies and was always criticized. Later, it was Brother Ran's positive words that encouraged me to work hard step by step. So don't worry, I won't spout nonsense. I'm just saying something from the bottom of my heart."

Lin Yin nodded. "I can do that."

These people were all Mu Ran's fans. It could be said that they were the people who grew up with Mu Ran.

Lin Yin did not mind helping these real fans.

Of course, she also wanted Mu Ran to know that not all the fans in this world were as selfish and domineering as Xiluo and the others.

The girl smiled happily, then took out a tissue and wrote on it what she wanted to say to Mu Ran.

The other girls also asked for Lin Yin's agreement and followed suit.

Su Su looked at Lin Yin awkwardly and said with an embarra.s.sed expression, "Lin Yin, can you help me take care of it too? Don't worry, I'm not an extreme fan. I won't talk nonsense."

Su Su knew what Lin Yin was worried about.

Mu Ran's heart was broken by his fans this time. Anyone would be disappointed if their fans attacked their family.

Therefore, she knew that Lin Yin must be afraid that some bad fans would scold Mu Ran in their letters.

Just like how Xiluo and the others said that Mu Ran was an ungrateful ingrate.

Lin Yin looked into Su Su's yearning and pleading eyes and finally agreed.

Feng Yu muttered softly, "Lin Yin looks cold, but she's actually quite soft-hearted."

Feng Yu believed that if such a thing happened to her, she would definitely not help Su Su.

Lin Yin received a large pile of letters. Some were written on tissues, some were written on paper packaging, and some even tore off their clothes to write.

These things looked cheap and ugly when put together, but they were all these people's true feelings for Mu Ran.

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