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Chapter 772 - 772: Detention

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Yin put away those people’s things and handed them to Wei Ji. ‘You don’t have to undergo military training. Help me carry them.”

Wei Ji nodded. Afraid that the things inside would fall, he specially took off the jacket of his military training uniform and carefully wrapped it around the things.

Seeing that their things were being protected so carefully, the fans were a little touched and thanked Lin Yin and Wei Ji.

Feng Yu looked at Lin Yin’s faint smile and sighed with emotion. Fortunately, she did not provoke Lin Yin. She was glad that she had always been careful.

Otherwise, with Lin Yin’s family background alone, even if she wiped out her and her family all at once, she would have no one to turn to.

Fortunately, Lin Yin did not look like an unreasonable person. As long as she did not offend Lin Yin and her friends, she would not be targeted by Lin Yin.

As she thought about it, Feng Yu felt a little jealous.

She had a powerful family background, three outstanding brothers, and such a powerful family. Humans really had to believe in fate.

She came here to attend university so that she could lead a better life with her family in the future. It would be best if she could buy a house in the capital and bring her parents over to live a good life together.

And some people had these since they were born, and they had more than one house.

Thinking of Lin Yin’s ten properties, Feng Yu smiled self-deprecatingly. What was she thinking? Since she didn’t choose well when she was reincarnated, all she could do was establish herself now and make good use of Capital University’s educational platform to climb up!

When Hou Ning returned, she looked at Lin Yin indifferently and asked everyone to gather and start the afternoon training.

At this moment, Xiluo and the others had already been interrogated by the police. All of them confessed to everything. They were facing detention for at least ten days and had it recorded in her files.

Xiluo immediately panicked. This kind of record would follow her for the rest of her life. She had thought that she would only be locked up for a few days. She could tolerate it.

But she really could not carry such a criminal record for the rest of her life.

Xiluo begged the lawyer, “Can you help me ask Mu Ran? Is he really going to treat me like this? I’ve been a big fan of his for several years. I’ve loved him for several years and I’ve sacrificed everything for him, including my family. He can’t treat me like this.”

The lavvyer did not take it to heart. Instead, he said professionally and seriously, “Everyone has to pay the price for their actions.”

With that, the lawyer left. Xiluo could only sit on the chair in despair because she was still a student. Presumably, the police would inform her family through the school soon.

Xiluo stayed in the police station for the night. Everyone else had gotten into contact with their parents, except for Xiluo.

Facing this situation, Xiluo said sadly, “My parents moved overseas because I chased after celebrities, so you don’t have to contact my parents anymore. Officer, I’m already an adult. I can take responsibility for anything. There’s no need to inform my family. They won’t come.”

The police officer shook his head and sighed- The children nowadays were

really obsessed with celebrities, their parents can’t even control them anymore. No wonder they don’t want to care for them anymore.

At night, Lin Yin, who had ended the military training cla.s.s, brought what Mu Ran’s fans wanted to say to Mu Ran and invited him to the apartment beside the school.

Throughout the entire process, Lin Yin did not speak. She just watched quietly as Mu Ran unfolded the notes and cloth strips one by one.

In the end, Mu Ran sighed and said, “Yinyin, I know what you want to say, but I’ve made up my mind. Moreover, Big Brother asked me to choose my own position in the Corporation today. I’m already choosing seriously. Help me thank them for their company all these years. I’m very happy and cherish it. It’s just that all good things must come to an end. We still have to part.”

After Mu Ran finished speaking, he even replied to the girls one by one. The beautiful letter paper was even sprayed with pleasant perfume and he even picked out small gifts for them.

Lin Yin suddenly realized why those fans were loyal to Mu Ran.

Mu Ran was really a very considerate and gentle boy.

When Lin Yin sent these things to the girls, the next second, she heard the unwilling sobs of the girls. Lin Yin was so frightened that she quickly danced and said, “Um, don’t cry here anymore.. Instructor Hou is already here!”

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