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Chapter 773 - 773: Punishment

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the end, when the girls heard Lin Yin’s words, they cried even harder, angering Hou Ning, who had just arrived.

“What are you crying for? Shut up, all of you!” Hou Ning scolded loudly, but it was useless.

These girls were already immersed in their extreme sadness. After all, he was their idol who had accompanied them for several years. Moreover, their idol had replied to them so gently. How could they not be sad?

Hence, the group of people cried even harder!

Hou Ning shouted a few times, but no one paid attention.

A student at the side said, “Instructor Hou, they’re currently in the sorrow of losing someone important. It’s useless for you to do this.”

Hou Ning did not know what had happened and asked in confusion, “Important person? There’s so many of them, is the important person the same?”

The cla.s.smate nodded. “Yes, their idol, Mu Ran, is really leaving the industry, so they’re crying.”

Hou Ning could not understand these celebrities. It was just that the celebrities they liked no longer appeared in the entertainment industry. They were not dead. Did they have to cry like they were mourning?

Most importantly, among the entire freshmen, only the students in her cla.s.s cried the most. They even cried especially loudly. How embarra.s.sing was this!

Hou Ning took out the gun in her hand and fired at the sky. The girls who were still crying immediately stopped crying. Even the cla.s.s beside her looked at Hou Ning in surprise.

“If anyone cries again, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Hou Ning warned with an imposing tone.

The instructor beside her quickly ran over and explained, “Students, don’t be afraid. This is an empty gun. There are no bullets.”

As soon as the instructor finished speaking, a small black thing fell from the sky.

The instructor smiled awkwardly and said, “It’s not bullets inside. Don’t worry, everyone. This gun is part of our military training today. It’s just some paint that won’t hurt anyone.”

As if confirming the instructor’s words, the bird that had fallen down just now fluttered on the ground twice before flying away again.

There were still tears at the corners of Su Su’s eyes. She said in a daze, “Did that bird fall out of fright?”

Feng Yu shook his head in shock. “I don’t know either, but I know that if you continue to cry like this, our cla.s.s will probably be finished.”

The students, including Su Su, immediately did not dare to cry.

Lin Yin looked at Hou Ning’s gun curiously. Guns were prohibited. Only personnel of a certain level could have a gun.

Even prop guns had to undergo tests and pa.s.s before they could be used.

Therefore, Lin Yin was also very curious if Hou Ning’s gun was a real gun.

Hou Ning looked around at the crowd that had finally quietened down. The corners of her lips curled up slightly. “Are you curious if I’m holding a real gun?”

Seeing that everyone’s curious gazes were finally focused on her, Hou Ning said in satisfaction, “Don’t worry, it’s not a real gun, but it’s still very useful to scare birds and this group of noisy brats.”

“Come, gather everyone!” Hou Ning shouted.

Everyone obediently listened to Hou Ning’s orders and immediately organized the team.

“Originally, we were going to give everyone an indoor ordnance cla.s.s today. However, just now, someone ignored the rules, so everyone has to stand in military posture for an hour, do 30 frog jumps and run 20 laps around the field.” With every word Hou Ning said, everyone’s hearts sank and they quickly wailed.

However, no matter how much these people wailed, they could not escape these punishments. After being punished for an hour, everyone was chased to frog jump by Hou Ning before they could drink water.

Lu Ming, who had been watching the freshmen’s military training at the entrance of the field, looked at Lin Yin worriedly. He did not know if Lin Yin’s ribs had healed.

Subconsciously, Lu Ming walked to the field. Hou Ning approached Lu Ming and smiled. “Why? You’re interested in the freshmen’s military training?”

“Why? You’re the only one who’s allowed to be interested, but I’m not allowed to be?” Lu Ming asked.

“I officially accepted Wei’s employment, and you relied on my connections to come in to maintain the order of the military training for these students. Therefore, I can ask you, but you can’t ask me,” Hou Ning joked..

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