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Chapter 856: Beaten

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At first, Feng Yu wanted to endure it and let it go. These people could not stand Lin Yin, and she was Lin Yin’s roommate, so they took it out on her.

However, she did not expect these people to be so overboard and humiliate her directly.

Feng Yu did not respond angrily. Her family was poor, and she was indeed greedy for money. After all, a single cent could stump a hero, let alone a useless person like her.

Feng Yu tried her best to pull her hair out, but Yue Ning pulled her hard and she staggered against the wall.

Mu Ning quickly locked the door of the washroom and persuaded, “There are so many guests outside. Can you let this girl go on account of me?”

“Ah Ning, if you’re afraid, step aside. It’s fine,” Yue Ning said with a smile.

Gong Yue also chimed in, “That’s right, Ah Ning. A soft personality like yours won’t do. You’ll be bullied. Today, we’ll teach you how to deal with someone you hate.”

“She’s just a waiter. There’s no need for you to do anything, right?” Mu Ning said, but she was hoping Yue Ning and the others would quickly make a move.

Lin Yin’s roommate. Hmph, she couldn’t stand anything and anyone related to Lin Yin.

Yue Ning pulled Mu Ning aside.

Gong Yue pulled Feng Yu’s hair fiercely and said evilly, “You weren’t willing to lick the toilet bowl. You weren’t willing to tell me if Lin Yin went to meet a man at night. Why? Do you think we’re easy to fool?”

“I’m just a poor student who came out to work part-time. Why are you making things difficult for me?” Feng Yu questioned loudly with red eyes.

“Why? Because you’re roommates with that lowly person, Lin Yin. Because you were born cheap, we can’t stand you. Why? Are you unhappy?” Lu Yue sneered. “Are you unhappy? Then remember to open your eyes and be born in a rich and good family when you reincarnate in your next life.”

Feng Yu was so angry that her eyes turned red, but Gong Yue slapped her hard.

Gong Yue mocked, “Who do you think you are? How dare you glare at me? You’re just like Lin Yin. It’s annoying to look at you.”

Feng Yu hated these so-called daughters of rich families to the core. It was an undeserved calamity for her to suffer such humiliation today.

These people didn’t dare to bully Lin Yin, so they tried to bully her, but she couldn’t do anything.

She didn’t want to offend Lin Yin or these people, but these people just had to humiliate her like this. This made Feng Yu want to drag these people down with her to die so that she and her family wouldn’t suffer such humiliation.

Lu Yue smiled and said, ‘You’re so insistent on not saying where Lin Yin went

at night. Is it because Lin Yin brought you along when she went out to work at night? That’s true. Lin Yin has been in the slums for more than ten years, and you’ve also been in a poor family for more than ten years. I think the two of you are quite compatible. It’s normal for you to do some unpresentable work together, right? Your parents probably support you in selling yourself right.”

At this moment, there seemed to be movement on the lock of the bathroom door. Mu Ning was shocked and quickly went forward to pretend to be affectionate. “Alright, let’s go out, okay? She’s just a waiter. It’s not easy for her. ”

The next second, the door was pushed open.

Everyone in the washroom turned to look at the door of the washroom and saw that Lin Yin had already entered with Lu Yan and Wei Ji.

“If you’re so interested in what I went to do tonight, why didn’t you ask me yourself? She’s just my roommate, not a worm in my stomach. How could she know my whereabouts so clearly?” Lin Yin said coldly.

Knowing that she was in the wrong, Gong Yue let go of Feng Yu’s hair. Feng Yu immediately stood up and ran behind Lin Yin.

Lu Yue only cleared her throat and smiled. “Lin Yin, what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand? We’re just playing with this waiter. Why? Can’t

Lu Yue planned to play dumb.

Lu Yan snorted coldly and revealed Feng Yu’s face. She questioned, “Play? Cousin, how is it playing when there’s such an obvious? What game can make your face become so red and swollen from being slapped? If you’re bullying me, so be it. If you say it directly, I can still think highly of you! You’re hiding it.. It’s disgusting! “

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