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Chapter 857: Threat

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Yue’s expression was indifferent. She even said fearlessly, “Lu Yan, don’t spout nonsense to frame someone. We’re just here to use the toilet. Who knows who hit this woman? Don’t blame it on us. She might have made a mistake when she was working just now and was beaten up by someone else or herself.”

Mu Ning quickly came out and said, “This is a misunderstanding. How about this? I’ll apologize to this waiter. After all, this is the Mu Family. I’m also the master of the Mu Family. I have to be responsible for the waiter being beaten up under my watch.”

Mu Ning looked in Feng Yu’s direction and said apologetically, “Miss, I’m really sorry for letting you suffer such a thing in the Mu Family. Although you’re only here for a part-time job, since you’re working for our Mu Family, I have to be responsible for you. I’ll accompany you to the hospital now. I’ll pay for the compensation later. How about that?”

Mu Ning wanted Feng Yu to shut up and use money to settle the matter. Feng Yu was struggling in her heart. She did not know if she should swallow the humiliation she had suffered this time.

“Mu Ning, don’t be hypocritical here. You should compensate me and apologize. Don’t humiliate me with some lousy money. It’s simply disgusting,” Lu Yan said bluntly.

“Lu Yan, what you said is wrong, right? We didn’t hit anyone,” Yue Ning denied.

At this moment, Lin Yin played a recording on her phone. Lu Yue and the others’ expressions changed drastically. The voice was clearly what they had just said to Feng Yu.

“Lin Yin, are you a pervert? You actually installed a voice recording device in the washroom. Isn’t that disgusting?” Gong Yue said angrily.

Mu Ning also said with disapproval, “Sister, isn’t it too much to install such things in the washroom?”

“I didn’t install a voice recording device,” Lin Yin said with a shake of her head. Then, her smile was evil. “I installed surveillance cameras!”

The group of people opposite her was instantly dumbfounded. Mu Ning’s heart skipped a beat. Although she did not do anything inappropriate just now, her expression was very bad just now. She could even imagine the viciousness of her ferocious expression.

“Sister, how can you do this? Why are you doing this? It’s against the law to invade privacy!” Mu Ning reprimanded.

“Then what should we do? I’ve already recorded it? Are you going to report me?” Lin Yin looked fearless and arrogant.

“Lin Yin, hand over the video. Otherwise, I won’t let you off!” Lu Yue threatened.

“I can give it to you. Bow and apologize to the staff of our Mu Family. The person who slapped Feng Yu should slap themselves and compensate for the mental damage done.” Lin Yin crossed her arms and looked at the person opposite her calmly.

“Lin Yin, don’t go overboard. You want us to apologize to a waiter? Who are you looking down on?” Lu Yue said indignantly. Then, she picked up her phone and was about to contact Lu Xiao to support her.

Lu Yan said coldly from the side, “Cousin, let me advise you. Are you still going to call for help? If you call her over and the matter blows up, guess who will suffer today? You guys bullied the Mu Family’s waiter and slandered Yinyin in the Mu Family’s territory. What do you think will happen to you if Uncle finds out?”

Lu Yue’s hand froze in midair. Although Lu Yan hated it, what she said was right. If Lu Ming found out about what happened to her today, she would probably be unable to bear the consequences of failure when she returned.

Not to mention the Mu Family. When the time came, things would really blow up.

Lu Yan snorted. “Cousin, he who understands the times is a wise man. A smart person knows what to do, right?”

“Lu Yan, don’t be too arrogant!” Lu Yue gritted her teeth and said.

Lu Yan shook her cute little head and said even more arrogantly, “Am I very arrogant? No, I’m not as arrogant as you were when you bullied me just now. I still have to learn more from you and strive to be even more arrogant next time.”

“Have you thought it through? Today is my birthday banquet. I can’t be out for too long. I’ll neglect the guests. I’ll give you ten seconds to think. If you don’t apologize and compensate me in ten seconds, I’ll send the video group to everyone present. I’ll let your elders and everyone’s elders see what you’re like in private. How about that?” Lin Yin’s eyes were calm, but they were extremely threatening..

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