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Chapter 858: Apologize

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Cousin, you have to think carefully. If you announce such a thing on such an occasion, you’ll be labeled as a bully with a mouth full of dirty words. The good image you’ve tried your best to maintain will collapse. When you go back, you won’t be able to avoid a punishment. If it’s more serious, your marriage will be affected in the future. At that time, you can only marry into some small families. Any family with some ability will despise you.” Lu Yan sneered.

Although Lu Yan’s words were unpleasant, it was indeed the truth. Lu Yue and the others were so angry that their faces turned green.

On Lin Yin’s side, the countdown had already begun, and the atmosphere became tense.

Lu Yue and the others looked anxious, but no one was willing to be the first to lower their heads.

However, when the countdown reached one, Wen Ying, who was a small celebrity, could not help but be the first to stand up and apologize. “I’m sorry!”

She did not dare to take the risk. If the netizens exposed her because of this, her acting career would be in trouble.

Seeing Wen Ying stand up, Yue Ninghe and Gong Yue hurriedly apologized. Only Lu Yue was still in a deadlock with an unconvinced expression.

“Looks like someone has a pretty stubborn temper. It’s fine. I’ll cover the others’ faces and show you, Lu Yue. What do you think? Don’t worry, I’ll beautify you,” Lin Yin said with a faint smile. Her posture was as if she was chatting with a friend and not threatening her!

“You!” Lu Yue was so angry that her expression darkened. Then, she shouted unwillingly, “I’m sorry!”

“Ah, I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my ears, but I didn’t hear you apologize.” As Lu Yan spoke, she turned her gaze to Lin Yin and asked in confusion, “Yinyin, did you hear that?”

“This place is so small. If you didn’t hear it, I naturally didn’t either,” Lin Yin said cooperatively.

Feng Yu carefully looked at Lu Yan and Lin Yin before shrinking even smaller. She was afraid that Lu Yan would ask her later and she wouldn’t know how to answer.

Lin Yin could be so domineering because she had the support of her family. If it were her, she wouldn’t be able to answer like this. What if these people took revenge later?

“Lu Yan, don’t go too far!” Lu Yue felt that she was so angry that sparks were about to fly from the top of her head.

“Oh! Then Cousin, you don’t want to apologize anymore? Yinyin, send me the video. I’ll censor it now and send it to everyone at the banquet to let my cousin have a good time!” Lu Yan smiled at Lu Yue.

Lu Yue was so angry that her heart hurt. She shouted angrily, “I’m sorry!”

Lin Yin turned to Mu Ning and said with a smile, “What about you? Aren’t you going to apologize?”

Mu Ning was stunned for a moment and said in confusion, “Me too? But I’ve never bullied your roommate?”

Lin Yin sneered. “You acted as a team. Why? Are you refusing to admit that you’re with them? Looks like your friends.h.i.+p is just like this. You can’t even face difficulties together?”

The people who had just apologized turned to look at Mu Ning. Although Mu

Ning had not gone overboard like them just now, they were on the same side. If Mu Ning planned to leave unscathed, they would seriously reconsider interacting with her.

Mu Ning scolded Lin Yin in her heart, but she said guiltily, “Sister, you’re right. I was wrong too. I apologize. I’m sorry!”

After the few of them apologized, Lu Yan reached out to collect the compensation. The few of them transferred 30,000 yuan to Lu Yan. The sum of what the 5 of them transferred was 150,000. Feng Yu was so shocked that she couldn’t close her mouth. These girls from big families were really rich.

Everyone could casually take out 30,000 yuan. If this money was in her family, it would be a lot of money. If she took it out and used it, she would have a family meeting.

After the few of them transferred the money, they asked Lin Yin to delete the video.

Lin Yin’s gaze landed on Gong Yue. She smiled and said, “Is there still one more slap that hasn’t been completed? I’ve already said that there’s something that hasn’t been completed. I’ll still post this video. When the pixelation is still recognized, you can’t blame me.”

Gong Yue’s face flushed red. How embarra.s.sing would it be to slap herself in front of these people?

“Gong Yue, hurry up.” Lu Yue was already a little impatient with Lin Yin. She had already apologized and compensated, so she naturally couldn’t let Gong Yue mess things up..

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